Jul 5, 2014

The Sewing Bee & Afternoon Tea by De-ann Black

Morag goes to live in a beautiful little cottage in the city. The cottage, with its lovely vintage garden, is situated in the heart of Glasgow. Morag leases it during the spring and summer, but the lease has one stipulation -- Morag must make the cottage available to the sewing bee every Wednesday afternoon.

Morag designs sewing patterns and fabrics and is happy to do this. She's been living in a flat in Glasgow and plans to enjoy the cottage garden and relax while she works on her new designs and mends her broken heart. But nothing goes according to plan when she meets handsome menswear designer Marck whose aunt Zinnia owns the cottage. Then the gorgeous vintage gardener Ruary climbs over her garden wall and into her life.

Morag's summer is set to be a scorcher of sewing, baking, romance and mischief set in Glasgow and Cornwall.


 When Morag finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her she leaves him immediately. Fortunately she's able to rent a wonderful cottage in the middle of the city. There's only one condition, she has to continue the sewing bee that takes place every Wednesday afternoon. Because Morag loves to sew and even makes patterns for a living she's delighted to do this and she can't wait to join the fun. The owner's nephew, Marck, is a good looking designer and he can't stay away from the cottage and the sewing. Then there's also Ruary, the cute gardener, who visits regularly. Because of the cottage Morag's life has changed. It's now rich, filled with wonderful people and exciting adventures. The two men bring some problems too though. She likes them both, but who will she choose?
This book is marvellous. I loved the cozy atmosphere. The sewing and baking talk made me want to start a project of my own straight away. The cover of this novella is so pretty and what's even better is that there are patterns in this book. I loved this story, it's so cute and sweet. The Sewing Bee & Afternoon Tea is a perfect feel good read. Morag is such a kind person. She's easy to like and her bright and sunny nature makes this story even more enjoyable. I can only praise this lovely novella. If you love sewing and cake this is a must read!

Lavender Loves Cocoa!

I've recently bought two cocoa skin products and fell in love with both of them. I love the vintage style of the Zoya goes pretty products. The brand is unrefined and organic which I see as a big plus. This shea & cocoa butter smells like actual cocoa and what the name describes is exactly what you get. It's butter for the skin and it works really well.

The Crema Gianduiosa is one of the many Neve products I bought. I like this brand a lot and would love to own everything they sell. Neve's main aim is that the cosmetics you use should be good for you, so they don't use nasty chemical ingredients, but they do want to give you something stylish and wonderful. This cream smells like hazelnut with a hint of chocolate. I was surprised that it worked so well. If you have dry skin this product would be absolutely perfect for you.

Jul 4, 2014

My actual birthday

Monday was kind of a boring day, but when I got up there was a surprise breakfast with three books next to it, an extra present from Calvin. He was already at work, but he made sure there was a nice surprise when I got up. He also wrote me a note to wish me luck with my exams. Exams on my birthday? It was the last thing I wanted. I couldn't study much during the weekend, but I think I was well prepared, or at least I knew enough. It was the last day of exams, they're finally over! And that was a really good birthday gift. I'm so glad they're over. Studying while working full time has been very hard and I had a tough time getting everything done. The whole class went to the pub afterwards to celebrate. Everyone wished me a happy birthday and I didn't have to pay for my drinks.
When I came home there was a lovely meal on the table. Calvin had made a large quiche with a lot of vegetables and two different types of cheese. He knows how much I like that. Of course there was a delicious red wine as well, Calvin knows what he's doing. We had a romantic dinner for two and it was absolutely perfect. He gave me a massage after that and we stayed on the couch for hours, just snuggling and chatting. After having two busy parties that was the perfect ending of my 29th birthday. Next year I'll be 30, I'm already dreading it. It's supposed to be the year of change, at least that's what it's like among my friends and family. I wonder what this year will have in store for me.

Birthday Presents! Part 1


I love suitcases and am very happy with my vintage floral Sass and Belle present! My friends know how much I like this brand and I'm glad I could also add this fantastic, cute owl to my family. Her name is Molly. Of course I've received several books. I can't wait to read these!

Facts about Lavender

1) My latest book purchase is Ivy Lane part one by Cathy Bramley.

2) I'm easily distracted and I can't sit still. I'm a very chaotic person.

3) My latest purchase is a box with all the HibisKiss colors from Ecco Verde.

4) This is the third Custo top that my mother has given me on my birthday.

5) I often buy books that I already have by accident. I'm not good at remembering titles and usually only know what the cover looks like. That isn't a very good idea, because they change regularly.

Jul 3, 2014

My Birthday! Part 4

 My birthday clothes came from Custo Barcelona. I love their cheerful and summery shirts and my mother bought me several. They sent my present in a pink box, which made me fall in love with the brand even more. My new clothes are really amazing and I'm sure I'm going to wear them a lot. 
The party was in the barn and the backyard. My parents had invited Jim and my uncle, aunt and grandparents. Naomi and Louise were there, my book club friends came and Angie showed up. When Angie's there the party is great. She has that kind of magic and good things are always happening to her and the people around her. She started dancing and singing and all of a sudden everyone was in a merry mood. She brought Cameron, Jenna's soap star. I don't know how they've met each other, but they are a cute couple.
  I asked Rian if he wanted to come and was surprised he actually showed up. I'm glad that he had Jim to talk to. They're both authors and they talked about books the entire time. It was great. Even Franka left her restaurant for an hour to wish me a happy birthday. Aunt Giselle and uncle Peter got along very well with Edward and Victoria. Some new friendships were made at my party, that's exactly how I like it.
I had the weather gods on my side this year. It was a clear, warm day. Fortunately my parents have a lot of garden chairs. Someone had brought five cocktail shakers, so we also drank mojitos, cosmopolitans and plenty of self invented strawberry cocktails. The champagne was rose, especially for me, because I think it has something extra festive. Everyone stayed a lot longer than I expected. Fortunately my mother had counted on it and there was a lot of barbecue food. I think I've never had a birthday like this before. I did miss Jenna and Lizzy a little bit, but other than that it was perfect. 
Gina brought the twins and a girl their age named Iva. Dawn's children were there too. They could play in the garden and they jumped on the trampoline until they were completely exhausted. Calvin joined them and loved it, he couldn't stop showing off. He's like a big child with the children and he made everyone laugh with his jokes and his stupid tricks. He never tires and has unlimited patience too. He had a kind word for everyone and was definitely the star of my party.

The List of my Desires by Gregoire Delacourt

Money can buy you freedom. But what about happiness?

When Jocelyne looks at herself in the mirror, she sees a middle-aged, married woman who runs a haberdashery shop in a small provincial French town and lives a very ordinary existence. But what happened to all those dreams she had when she was 17?

Then she wins millions on the lottery and has the chance to change her life for ever. So why does she find herself reluctant to accept the money? To help her decide what to do, she begins to compile a list of her heart's desires, never suspecting for one moment that the decision might be taken out of her hands ...


 Jocelyne runs a haberdashery shop in Arras. Her good friends are the hairdressing twins from next door. She's living together with her husband Jocelyn. Her life has turned out very differently from what she had dreamed about when she was a teenager. Still, she's quite happy. She isn't the prettiest woman and her marriage isn't perfect, but she's doing well enough. When she wins a little bit over eighteen million in the lottery she doesn't know if she should be happy or not. She does go to Paris to pick up the cheque, but when she has it she doesn't know what to do with it. The money makes her think about her life and her future. The question is if cashing it would be a good idea? Until one day she doesn't have that choice anymore.
I've read The List of my Desires two times. I love this story! Jocelyne starts making a life for herself when she decides to blog about her shop and the sewing she loves so much. She's happy with the way things are, but she also starts to make lists as soon as she knows she's won the money. There are things she needs and things she would like to do and she writes them all down. She's living with a secret for so much time and then the money changes her entire life once more. Jocelyne hasn't had much luck in her earlier years, but she's created something good for herself. I like the way she thinks and how inventive and creative she is. I think this story is a beautiful example of what money can do with you. How it changes you and breaks you if you don't pay attention.

Thank you for the book!

All of these books were gifts. I either won them or I've received them as a present. This post is to say thanks to everyone who has been very generous to me in the past couple of months!

Jul 2, 2014

My Birthday! Part 3

Jada and I needed some help to transport all the food we had prepared to my family's barn. Fortunately Calvin's business partner Lee came to help us. Calvin would meet us at the barn with more food and drinks and Lee was kind enough to be our chauffeur in exchange for an invitation. I was honored that he wanted to come. He gave me my present before we left and I was surprised he found me something so nice. I got this beautiful Disaster Designs La Boutique make up bag. I love it. It has so many great details. I will be able to put enough make up in it for a holiday, but it can still go in my handbag. It's gorgeous. I was also surprised that Lee had thought about bringing me a gift.
The drive to the farm didn't take very long and when we arrived Calvin was already waiting for us. He unloaded the car together with his friend and I was ordered to stop working, because it was my party. My mother gave me a glass of my favorite bubbles and then I was told to sit down and relax. I was worried about my birthday a few days before, but I shouldn't have. Everyone went out of their way to make it a nice day for me.

Lavender versus Suzanne

Baimomo Dress Yesstyle

1) Lavender's favorite color is pink, Suzanne's is blue.

2) Lavender is extrovert while Suzanne is introvert.

3) Lavender finds new friends everywhere she goes. Suzanne has a few very good ones.

4) Lavender and Suzanne both love ice cream. Lavender's favorite flavor is strawberry while Suzanne's is lime.

5) Lavender works as a librarian while Suzanne only writes.

6) Lavender has been in a relationship for two months while Suzanne has been in one for almost eighteen years.

7) Lavender is a light and easy person while Suzanne is a bit more serious.

Own Pillow

8) Lavender collects owl pillows and Suzanne loves Japanese cute characters.

9) Lavender has an older sister and brother. Suzanne has a younger brother and no sister.

10) Lavender is living in an apartment, Suzanne is living in a house.

A Western Heart by Liz Harris + Giveaway!

 Wyoming, 1880
Rose McKinley and Will Hyde are childhood sweethearts and Rose has always assumed that one day they will wed. As a marriage will mean the merging of two successful ranches, their families certainly have no objections.
All except for Rose’s sister, Cora. At seventeen, she is fair sick of being treated like a child who doesn’t understand ‘womanly feelings’. She has plenty of womanly feelings – and she has them for Will.
When the mysterious and handsome Mr Galloway comes to town and turns Rose’s head, Cora sees an opportunity to get what she wants. Will Rose play into her sister’s plot or has her heart already been won? 


 Rose and Will have been friends since childhood. They're both living on large farms owned by their parents. There's a lot of pressure because a marriage between the two of them would unite the farms. Rose knows it's only a matter of time before Will will ask her to marry her. The only person who doesn't want to see the two of them together is her sister Cora. She wants to marry Will herself and she will do everything she can to have a chance with the man of her dreams. When the sophisticated Nate Galloway visits the farm it's the ideal moment for Cora to strike.
A Western Heart is a wonderful novella. I liked it straight away. I fell in love with the atmosphere and the setting. Life at the farms is very active and there's always something happening. It's the end of the ninetieth century and so many changes still have to take place, that made this story quite interesting. This novella is sweet and very well written. Cora's planning and plotting are giving the story a great edge. I loved the ending! A Western Heart is a terrific, romantic summer read.

Because I like this novella very much I'm going to give away two e-books via amazon.

Jul 1, 2014

My Birthday! Part 2

On Sunday afternoon Jada arrived early to help me with my food for the party. She gave me this fantastic Tri-Coastal jewellery box and the wonderful Olives and Oranges cookbook. We prepared a lot of snacks together. I wanted several mini cakes with lots of chocolate, fruit and sweet toppings. We also made savoury cupcakes, canap├ęs and a big bowl of sangria. It all looked very cheerful, which was exactly what I had in mind for my sunny summer birthday party!


My Birthday! Part 1

My birthday started with the usual breakfast with Jenna and Lizzy. They made me a birthday cake. It didn't look very good though, but it tasted amazing and that's what counts right? I blew out my candles and then it was time for presents. As my friends know how much I like make up, they bought me some Lavera and Lily Lolo products. I love my gifts! I can't wait to try them.
 There wasn't much news to share as we'd seen each other on Friday, but Jenna showed us photos of her ultrasound. They are amazing. The baby is so tiny! Jenna enjoys being pregnant very much and she's done a lot of baby shopping already. She's bought a lot of toys and cute clothes that are suitable for both a boy and a girl. She showed me photos of the furniture she's bought for the baby's room and she asked our opinion about prams.
Lizzy kept showing us her ring. I must have admired it at least twenty times, and it really is stunning. She's talking about the wedding non stop. She wants to include Jenna and me in the preparations as much as possible. That's really sweet of her. She's asked us to come dress shopping with her and we've set a date. I look forward to it maybe I can secretly check out some dresses for me as well. Calvin hasn't asked me yet, but I hope that's only a matter of time. Seeing my friends was a great beginning of my birthday! 

Birthday Books 2!

I've received some more books for my birthday! I can't wait to read them!

Shaz's Mega Summer Giveaway!

I'm taking part in Shaz's Book Blog's Mega Summer Giveaway. Each of the participants will send our favorite book to a lucky winner. Shaz is spreading summer reading fun and I'm glad I can make someone happy with a good book!

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