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May 6, 2015


Benecos mascara, 2 lip products and a pouch - Cristina P.

 Lush surprise package - Aslınur K.

 Rose Necklace - Coline T.

 Big giveaway - Tanya P.

Hidden + $15 to spend on a new release of your choice - Shelly H.

Green tea beauty giveaway - Katherin C.

Flower trio necklace - Jayne K.

Yozocraft flower items - Alexandra E

Dippy Egg and Toast bottle - Kayley F.

 Rose necklace, First Time in Forever and a book of choice worth $12 - Elena V.

 Happy Mail - Valentina B.

Blue macaron necklace - Vasiliki K.

 Red happy mail - Maly N.

 Hello Kitty stationery and stickers - Nat

Lovely Owls - Chupi D.

Beautiful Dandelion Necklace - Julianne Q.

Rose necklace - Judy T.

Necklace - Laura J.

Happy Mail - Angela C.

Cream colored happy mail - Marceline J.

L'Occitane Jolie Mains - Francesca F.

Macaron necklace - Karen R.

Cat happy mail - Michelle T.

Yellow rose necklace - Elizabeth C.

Apr 11, 2015



Jolies Mains - Soultana K.

Happy Mail - Mariam K.

L'Occitane and beauty bags - Alina P.

Eco chic necklace - Vasiliki

Two books of your choice - Marcia

April Fools  - Mai B.

Katherine Webb  - Laura C.

Ted - Chel A.

Clinique Moisture Surge - Angela C.

Dandelion Bracelet - Divya

Kawaii Package - Tanya

Pink rose necklace - Catarina P.

Filled beauty bag - Colleen B.

March New Release - Shannon

Silver pendant - Naomi L.

Lovely Happy Mail - Shyanne T.

Happy Mail - Petra K. 

Boozi - Miriam S.

Surprise gift - Sheena

Book of choice, $10 gift card and surprise gift -  Carina P.

Big beauty - Mary G.

Happy Mail - Barbara T.

Balm Balm - Sarah B.

Kawaii Shop Japan - Rachel S.

Mar 28, 2015


This week's giveaway winners are: 

Sock Monkey - MegHan

Lucky is Reading Hop - Sofia T.

Benecos - Ana Paula

Floral Happy Mail - Silver D.

Blue Rose Necklace - Amber Y.

Girls Happy Mail - Ruzaika D.

Dichroic glass necklace - Mai T.

Lisa Angel Voucher - Morgana D.

Happy Mail - Laurie M.

Behind the Scenes - Selina D.

Mar 21, 2015

Giveaway Winners!

Blue flower necklace - Elizabeth C.

La Marelle - Janine A.

Pink Rose Necklace - Lesley B.

Happy Mail - Shelly H.

L'Occitane beauty bag - Maggie N.

Pink Beauty - Tanya P.

Kawaii Stationery - Tearsa D.

Extra Happy Mail - Jassy G.

Valentine's Day Giveaway 3 - Lisa R.

Leather Pouches - Jill O.

Happy Mail - Francesca F.

Leather Purse - Anne W.

Stationery and stickers - Alexia H.

Vintage themed happy mail - Sarah B.

Happy Mail - Crystal R

Silvercrush necklace - Laura P.

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