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Jan 3, 2016

Australia Days Winners

2 beaded bracelets Esperanza
Kindle copy of Caught by Fire Tammy D.
3 books by Helen Rolfe Catherine
Beyond Innocence Rose F 
A Distant Voice Tanya P.
Naked Maranda H 
Amazonite and agate bracelets Rhonda W. 
Outback Promise Jessica E.
Secret Santo Rachel G. 
Jasper necklace Keith H. 
3 necklaces Sheri D. 
3 gemstone bracelets (aquamarine & dragon) Pam H.
Leather journal cover  Esthefania
Natio 1 Lynsey B. 
Essence in Life Judy T.
Paperback by Jennie Jones Mary P.
Australian Organics Francesca F.
Seahorse necklace Melanie B.
Agate necklace Ana
Natio 2 Aaron B. 
The Near Miss Sharon H.
3 gemstone bracelets  Audra H.
Prize from The Bohemian Original Bn100 
2 macrame necklaces Alys J. 
Komorebi Dreamcatcher necklace Elin H.
Mosaic treasures  Jennifer H.
Beaded choker necklace  Nicole S.
Turquoise & jasper bracelets Ana

All the winners will receive an e-mail tomorrow.

Dec 28, 2015

Winners Cupcakes, Cake & Cookies

Cupcake and tea earrings - Louise

Bio beauty - Cristina P.

Notebook, Book, Stickers, Mug, Letter Set, Necklace & Tags Giveaway - Arian M.

Cupcake & Cookies Book + Surprise Jewelry Giveaway - Iris W.

Mug Cake, Notebook, Jewelry & Tin Giveaway - Jinger M.

Lush Sugar Sugar - Rhonda G.  

Cookies, Caramels, Tea, Mug, Teaspoons & Chocolate Giveaway - Ana B.

Books, Letter Set & Macaron Jewelry Giveaway - Janine A.

Bio beauty 2 - Ashleigh A.

Diary, Books, Candy & Tea Giveaway - Lisa M

Lush, Cookbooks, Apron, Notebook, Tin & Napkins Giveaway - Ada H

Dec 11, 2015


Rapunzel Necklace - Natalie B.

Lush Bella Fruita - Sarah B.

Green kawaii package - Valentina B.

With a Friend Like You - Joanna B.

3 Christmas books + surprise - Mary Rose B.

The Christmas We Met - Tanya P. / Irma J. / Ruth H.

Unicorn - Janet L. 

I Wish For You - Emma F. 

$15 to spend on books - Mandala 

The Sister Pact + release of choice - Megan S.

2 pink rose necklaces - Heather B.

Yellow Jade necklace - Michelle d.

Green book necklace - Sheri D.

Cat sundaes - Shannon W.

4 beautiful bracelets - Jessica E.

Strawberry Daiquiri bracelet - Erika C.

Mixed gemstone bracelet by Flor - Trillina P.

Shifting Colours and book of choice - Stacy T.

10,000 twitter followers - Alexandra N.

Lapis Lazuli necklace - Heidi B.

L'Occitane + Sarah Morgan - Kelly P.

Dec 4, 2015


4000 Bloglovin Followers - Olga M.
Books tea chocolate & leather bracelet - Irina D
Owl necklace - Donna
Agate druzy necklace - Reni
Green agate bracelet - Kate S.
3 autumn colored gemstone necklaces - Vasiliki
Heart and flowers necklace Zingara Creativa - Joanne H.
Macaron bottle necklace - Cindy H.
Pouch with Benecos make up - Amber T
Key necklace - Tia L.
10.000 twitter followers - Birgit L

Dec 3, 2015

Winners French Days

Parisian earrings - Jennifer S.
Coquette en Papier - Sarah S.
Meeliki surprise package - Nathan L.
Yozocraft package - Ruth H.
Savonnerie de Bormes & lavender soap - Erika B.
Dianthusa earrings - Solvita
Decodelire cat & L'Occitane - Tracy S.
Surprise gift from a French Etsy shop - Julie M.
French bio package - Ines L.
Avril - Judy T.
Decodelire L'Occitane & Macaron - Monika S.
Big L'Occitane Verveine box - Jill O
Filled L'Occitane suitcase - Elizabeth V.
Filled Decodelire bag - Silvy

Nov 21, 2015


Villa Sorgenfrei & 3 books - Melissa S.

Books Made Into Movies - Ana

Amethyst & Mixed beads - Rafunzel B.

Butterfly bracelet - Rosemary M.

Flower bracelet/necklace Zingara Creativa - Jeanna S.

Blue seed and turqoise bracelet (Flor) - Catharina P.

Prehite necklace - Leocadia 

Red flower necklace - Sherry H.

Scrapping Cop surprise - Ines L.

Fragolina DarKawaii - Lisa M.

Turqoise and howlite bracelet - Adriana T.

Under the Stars - Cass R.

By My Side and blue flower necklace - Barbara T.

Striker - Laura P.

Pentagram necklace - Annaloa

Yozocraft Pink package - Pervin E.

Speak and a YA book of your choice - Kaitlyn A.

Filled pink tin - Martina E.

The Songbird and the soldier and book of choice - Szelina B.

Two books, two bracelets, two necklaces, earrings, a bag, a pouch filled with L'Occitane products, L'Occitane hand cream and more - Kathy

4000 Bloglovin followers - Mai T.  

Tattooed Hearts - Jessica R.

Every Time a Bell Rings - Jen R. 

The Rose Master - Michelle D.

Warm Hearts in Winter - Clare B.

October New Release Hop - Tanaz M.

Harriet Evans - Angel B.

Nov 15, 2015

Giveaway Winners Bookouture Christmas

One Wish in Manhattan & Butterfly necklace - Letty P.

Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake + bauble - Veronika

Snowflakes on Christmas Cove & 12 Christmas decorations - Joanne H.

Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses & Lisa Angel decorations - Natasha M.

Christmas at Lilac Cottage & crystal heart necklace - Victoria K.

The French for Christmas and real flower necklace - Tanya P.

Bella's Christmas Bake Off & mug - Donna

One Wish in Manhattan and scarf - Tracy S.

Coming Home for Christmas & coin necklace - Ellie D.

A Christmas to Remember & snowflake necklace - Megan

 Signed copy of Christmas at Lilac Cottage and Lush Box - Catarina P.

Oct 28, 2015

Winners Dutch Days

2 Rituals packages - Nikolina V

Eveline's Garden - Heather S

Blond Amsterdam -  Soozle

Pip - Anastasiya K

Candy - Margaret I

Hi di Hi brown read bags - Jess M

Return to Sender - Shelly H

Delft Blue - Kat J

Rituals Ayurveda Gift Box - Christine S

Dutch Kawaii - Sarah E

Hema package - Sarah S

Stacked Book necklace - Ruth H

Crocheted Owl - Maida M

Druzy Agate necklace - Mary G

Hi di Hi handbag and wallet - Alexandra E

The Twins or The Angel Maker - Judy T

Aquamarine and orange bracelet - Jen7

Buddha bracelet - Jayne T

Wire wrapped earrings - Piroska B

Delft Blue bracelet - Colette P

Needle Heart Decoration - Clenna L

Shroomper - Judith C

Big last giveaway - Amber T

The Girl Who Wouldn't Die and The Girl Who Broke the Rules - 
Dawn O & Karl B & Rachel C & Julia B

If you are on this list and you didn't receive an email, then please contact me. 

Oct 20, 2015

Giveaway winners!

Ceramic necklace red-green-brown - Karen H

Lush Hello Gorgeous - Trillina P

Lavera Sea Bucktorn set - Bube P

Blue Ceramic Necklace - Jill S

Brown mermaid bracelet - Drina C

Mermaid in a shell necklace - Kyla F

Explosion of Pink 2 - Gabbie G

Sea Weekend L'occitane - Gayle W

Dreamcatcher necklace feather - Dorothy C

3 color rose necklace - Judy S

Kawaii package Kawaii shop Japan - Carla F

Ceramic necklace - Alex R

Lush Splash Box - Ashton G

Sterling silver small 3 colored heart - Tanya P

Pink gemstone necklace - Ashley H

Sea weekend Sea glass - Yulya

Etsy blue elephant and pocket Yeti - Sarah B

Unakite necklace - Tammy D

Decodelire and L'Occitane - Jenn H

Green Villa Sorgenfrei necklace - Ruth H

Shell necklace - Betty W

The Summer We Loved & 10 x beauty lavender package - Gurdeep A

Pink bunny and carrot - Karin S

Lush All the Best - Hannah I

Red Dreamcatcher necklace - Mai T

Kawaii letter sets and memo pads - Margaret M

Blue Real Flower necklace from France - Jill O's

Blister pearl pendant - Kimberley T

Lush Rosie - Bube P

Opalite Star necklace - Jayne T

Shell Bracelet & earrings - Ines L 

Abalone and shell necklace - Pervin E

Bonne Mere Miel Bucket - Denisa I

Next Door to a Star & silver necklace  - Drina C

Oct 8, 2015

Giveaway Winners

Yellow L'Occitane & The Body Shop beauty - Lynda C

Lush Rosie - Stephanie LP

Emma's Candles -  Alexandra E

Kawaii Stationery and stickers - Maryann D

Please Release Me - Isabelle F

Villa Sorgenfrei Wood and sterling silver flower earrings - Trillina P

Pink gemstone wire wrapped earrings - Sheri D

Green sea glass sea star necklace - Julie McD

Flor Moonlight and Star necklace - Jennifer H

Box filled with Etsy Jewelry - Clare B

Next Door to a Star - Holly G.

Etsy spotlight dreamcatcher necklace, bracelet & earrings - Mai T

Felt Animals Etsy spotlight - Emma F

Birthday giveaway 6 Decodelire - Tanya

Birthday Giveaway 7: Books, L'Occitane & Patisserie de Bain Gift Sets, Bag, Soap & Necklace -
Kat J

Real flower necklace - Sarah B.

Last First Kiss, Right Wrong Guy & Book of choice - Amber T

Oker Dreamcatcher bracelet - Pervin E 

Girl From the Well & $10 book of choice  - Sandra

Etsy Weekend Flor accessories - Catia S

Blue Large Sea Glass necklace - Heather W

Birthday giveaway 5 L'Occitane - Nikki H

Real flower real leaf necklace - Carina P

Red Wire Wrapped Gemstone earrings - Karina H

Etsy Voucher  - Jill O'S

Etsy Spotlight Natalia surprise gift - Lisa B

Blue pink real flower necklace  - Shannon W

Birthday giveaway 1: going to seaside - Jayne T.

Sterling silver heart necklace - Nancy M

Star Plush  - Sid K.

Rapunzel necklace  - Marcia

Raw Crystal necklace - Jenny S

Decodelire butterfly bag - Isabelle F

Lush Celebrate  - Kate S

Birthday giveaway 3 books & Decodelire - Margaret M

Sterling silver shell pendant - Sarah B

Oker dreamcatcher necklace - Bethul E

Decodelire Sidonie - Karina H 

Rilakkuma package via Kawaii Shop Japan - Elizabet H

Lemon slice necklace - Tracey P

Small blue simple sea glass necklace - Rafunzel M

The Letter for the King and Secrets of the Wild Wood - Patricia W

Real flower leather wrap watch & earrings - Mary L

Green books & beauty - Elin H

Aug 21, 2015


Sea glass and sea shell necklace - Alayne S

 Japan weekend kawaii owl necklace - Joelle AA

Macaron necklace and earrings - Alba

 Blue leaf necklace - Allyson B

Amethyst bracelet - Amanda

A new release of your choice and one of my choice - Amber M

Kawaii package from Kawaiishopjapan and Modes4u - Angela M

Pink rose necklace - Angela C

L'Occitane verveine bucket and sea themed bracelet - Annaloa H

Two L'Occitane pouches, three books and a summer candy bracelet - Anniek W

Ceramic heart necklace (brown oil diffuser) - Alison O

L'Occitane Verveine pouch and brown macaron keychain - bilqees b

Under The Stars, Quintessentially Yours & amethyst necklace - Darlene C

Rainbow ceramic necklace - Tammy D vS

Kawaii shop Japan package 1 - Amber

2 sea glass necklaces - Judith C

Shell bracelet - Shelly H

3 books, L'Occitane hand cream and body lotion and a lovely ceramic heart necklace - Bube P

4 x Villa Sorgenfrei - Carol

Sea glass in a bottle necklace - Casey W

L'Occitane lip balm and hand cream and macaron in a jar necklace - Charlotte P

2: Books, tea, chocolate, hand cream, cookies and a necklace - Clare A

Mermaids money earrings - Coline t

Explosion of pink - Emma C

Heart shaped onyx pendant - Daphne M

The Little Book of Lost Hearts, Four Sides to Every Story and earrings - Dawn C

L'Occitane, 3 books + sun necklace - Doreen L

Green sea glass necklace with turtle charm - Drina C

Shell necklace - Elizabeth H

Kawaii - elena k

To Catch a Dream - Elin H

Kawaii Package from Kawaii Shop Japan 2 - Elizabeth H

Flor necklace and 3 bracelets - Emma R

Glass bottle shell necklace - Kelly G

Aqua sea glass necklace (round one) - Gabbie

Purple: two necklaces, a mirror, five pairs of earrings, 2 x eye shadow, soap, hand cream, perfume, 2 x lip gloss, lip balm - Rachel G

Green sea glass necklace - Kathryn M

Sterling silver magic topaz pendant - Helen P

Japan Weekend: 2 kawaii rainbow brooches - Jess M W

Blue flower window locket necklace - Bri W

Something nice - Jaina

The rest of my life and roses jewelry - Miki

L'Occitane Bonne Mere Miel - Jennifer D

Set of 2 Druzy Dreams bracelets - Judy T

Green bag, L'Occitane pouch with hand creams and bath cubes - Julia D

Balm Balm - Kate S

Silver heart circle necklace - Katy B

Yellow: 3 books, 2 L'Occitane pouches, 1 L'Occitane suitcase - Kerryn S

Sunflower necklace - Mai T

Round sea glass necklace - Katie S

Green ceramic necklace - Aprille S

Etsy: Mushroom necklace - Lauren H

Beach - ana

The Rest of my life and roses - Giovanna S

Modes4u kawaii Japan Weekend giveaway 1 - Gaby

L'Occitane Bonne Mere Peche - Margaret B M

Shell earrings - Kathleen C

Yellow rose necklace - Emma D

Shell necklace wooden beads - Natalie C

Polymer clay jewelry mix - Lauren S

Surprise gift - Gurdeep A

Beach reads in August hop $15 to spend on beach reads - Carmel L

First Time in Forever and book of choice $12 - Luisa O

Origami necklace  - Kelly P-C

4 books + weekend en provence pouch - guiltlessreader

L'Occitane suitcase - Aloi

Sand dollar necklace and earrings - Dee BD

Purple rose necklace - Karen R

Real flower necklace - Shyanne T

Japanese girl surprise necklace - Crystal C

Stolen journeys + embroidered pouch - Amber T

owl necklace, shell earrings, shell bracelet, sea glass necklace and 2 rose necklaces - Stephanie V

Leon Day surprise gift - Tanya P

Etsy - Kaitlyn

Each & Every One - Emily C

2 bracelets (owl and stars) - Tina C

Agate, onyx and silver necklace (green) - Kerry O

Pink agate slice necklace - Alys J

Frosted glass necklace - Ann L

Filled beauty bag, a book and necklaces - Wendy J

L'Occitane hand cream, body milk & eau de toilette, 3 books & a flower necklace - Sofia T

Jul 28, 2015


Giveaway winners:

Green leaf necklace - Nathan L

L'Occitane hand cream and lip balm and macaron necklace - Eun C

Me & Mr J - Bárbara T

Red Flower bracelet - clair d

Candy Necklace and earrings - Jayne T

L'Occitane tin with hand cream and bath cubes and macaron earrings and necklace - Denisa I

L'Occitane lip balm + hand cream and yellow macaron necklace   Diana D

L'Occitane Iris Bleu Pouch, 3 books, Pacifica roll-on, Benecos eye shadow and lip gloss - Angela G 

Two books, a polymer clay jewelry set, a Lush Tutti Fruity gift set, a L'Occitane gift set, a ceramic necklace, Body Shop lip gl - Jess M  

Layla Amber Bird Necklace - Stephanie LP

Sterling silver magic topaz pendant - Annaloa H 

Lush Hello Gorgeous - Filomena R

Lush Rosie - Isma M

Green ceramic heart necklace - Angel G

Blue flower necklace - Susan P

Green glass beaded bracelet - Heather H

Sun and moon necklace - Lori B     
Pink Rose Necklace - Marjorie T 
Human + Kind and chick lit - Sheryl P   

Purple flower necklace - Jennifer  
Smoky topaz sterling silver pendant - Miki  
Brown ceramic owl necklace - Mel O    
Blue Ceramic necklace - Alessandra V 

Ceramic Necklace - morag P

The winners will all receive an e-mail in the next two days.        

Jul 23, 2015

Winners - Freebie Weekend & Chocolate Weekend

Freebie weekend

Fabulous Freebie Weekend L'Occitane bags beauty and samples -Jessica E

Fuchsia Braided leather bracelet - Danielle C

Fabulous Freebie: Rose L'Occitane and Body shop - Victoria D

Body creams and shower gels - Irina D

Bodyshop package + keychain - Courtney B

Post Card London bag, pouch and mirror - Leocadia 

White/pink flower bracelet - Tina I

Hand cream lip balm and flower brooch - Chantelle K

Owl necklace - Trillina P 

L’occitane basket - Becky Z

Chocolate weekend

Chocolate books - Emily H

Chocolate, Fan Girl, etc. + pencil case - Thea G W

Chocolate colored necklace and earrings - Julie M

Chocolate, tea and books - Alba

Choc lit ebooks - Gaby

Chocolate cupcake pendant necklace - Ailla

Chocolate cupcake necklace - Sarah B

Pink chocolate cupcake necklace - Lindsey S

Chocolate, books, shower gel and pencil case - LUCY I

Jul 16, 2015

Winners Australia Week

These winners will receive an e-mail with instructions from me tomorrow:

Natio Creams, Moon necklace and book of choice - Alexandra E

Orange-bellied parrot bracelet - Laura Anne F

Boho Bird Earrings - Liz H

Simplicity in Silver cats eye cabochon earrings - Aaron M

Jojoba Company hand cream - Alexia H

Disk and flower necklace - Bube P

Australian Organics hand cream, body lotion and shower gel - Sarah S

Allegria wombat necklace and Wilber the wombat postcard - Holly L

Moon with tree of life necklace and koala earrings - _Sandra_

2 Bohemian necklaces - Jayne K

Natio Mascara, eyeshadow and lip balm - Arian Y

Paper daisies paperback - Alison O

Yesterday tomorrow today necklace for a friend - Ola

Oz Aboriginal necklace brown - Maryann D

Polymer clay necklace and earrings - Birgit L

Flight to Coorah Creek - Cass R 

Pairs of Baubles Earrings - Felicity S 

Gorgeous Bohemian Wrap bracelet - Oxana Z 

Natio Chocolate make up set - Dália A 

The Friendship Tree e-book and a tree of life bracelet - Carol B

Australia Week Pink bird brooch made by Deepa - Joana V 

I Love you to the moon and back bracelet - Mai T

Tropical earrings - Verena S 

Infinity bracelet - Ada H 

Colorful wooden bead necklace - Cassidy-Rae D 

The Dandelion Years paperback + earrings - Bethany C 

Amethyst pentagram necklace - Louisa Fae D 

Dreamcatcher necklace - Angela M 

Australian Organics body lotion, hand cream and shower gel - Anna 

Saving Francesca - Ashley 

Delft Blue and Lapis Lazuli bracelet - Susan P 

Natio red, mascara and earth goddess eye shadow - Anniek W

Zora black dangle Earrings - Stephanie V 

Jilted - Ilonita U 

Bags set - Iris W 

Handle Me With Care and a new release of choice worth $15 -Zaira F 

Necklace Keringke OzAboriginal - Gaby I 

The intern paperback - Thais P 

Leather butterfly keychain - Tanya P

Sarong - Starla B 

Australian organics shower gel, hand cream and exfoliating - claire S

Steampunk ring - Alicia R 

Natio beauty package with lip shine, eyeshadow and mascara - Egle 

The chocolate apothecary - Kristen J

Raw blue - Mary Lewis S

Australia Weekend tree of life necklace - Winnie L 

OzAboriginal necklace green - Tanya P

Love at first flight - Ann B 

Amethyst necklace with hand pendant - Karina H 

Miracle in March - Reyhana C

Jun 25, 2015

Winners Welsh Weekend!

Five Honno Press Books - Sofia M

Personalized spooning in frame - Judy T

Blue moonstone sterling silver earrings inspired by Lake Trywern - Nikki H

Fairy tote bag and wish bottle necklace - Marcia

Aromatherapy diffuser locket necklace - Kate S

Charm bracelet with charms of your choice - Colette P

Kindle copy of Breathless and Something Wicked - Lisa M

Signed copy of Elen’s Island - Sophie H

Laughing Bird beauty package - Anastasiya K

Sterling silver bespoke charm necklace - Mai T

The Medium Path ebook - Diane E

Bird on a branch earrings - Sarah B

Beautiful silver mussel necklace - Shannon W

Felt kindle sleeve - Soozle B

The Territory paperback - Ellie D

Silver Rain ebook - Sheila R

Silver shell necklace - Andrea B

Jun 11, 2015


Steampunk book necklace - Coline T.

Le Couvent Des Minimes hand cream - Anastasiya K. 

Books and natural beauty products - Jessica E.

Dark pink rose necklace - Stephanie C.

Purple rose necklace - Jamelah A.

Blue rose necklace, surprise gift and book of choice - Alicia R.

Blue and yellow rose necklace - Petra H.

Book of choice and happy mail - Lynne A.

Silver and quartz pendant - Shamara C.

3 pairs of earrings - Pervin E.

Surprise gift - Kate C.

Iolite pendant - Haley B.

Yellow flower necklace - Jill O.

Summer books and beauty - Alisa J.

L'Occitane - Judy T.

K.S. Jewellery silver flower necklace - Pat B.

Kawaii stationery and stickers - Sarah B.

Molly creations - Daria

Books, tea, chocolate - Carmel L.

Neve - Mai T.

L'Occitane - Alexia H.

By My Side, Blackfin Sky, Fallen - Katarzyna

Books and Beauty - Hilda W.

Pink bag and beauty giveaway - Tandi C.

Vintage happy mail - Joanna L.

Blue rose necklace - Barbara T.

Scarlet Gown - Helen B.

Blue green happy mail - Angelita

Jun 8, 2015


Here's the first list of winners, I'll post the second one tomorrow.


Baba Studio - Lisa M.

L'Occitane, Benecos and pouch  - SJ F.

Yellow rose necklace - Angela K.

Blue glass beaded bracelet - Tanya P.

Kawaii stationery and stickers - Natalie B

L'Occitane basket, L'Occitane pouch, bookmarks and books - Alexandra E.

Rituals package - Trillina P.

Green rose necklace - Oxana Z.

Coming Up Roses and a May new release - Chittajit R.

Jarka's beautiful earthy earrings - Karina H.

Villa Sorgenfrei jewelry - Samantha T. 

Purple glass beaded bracelet - Mai T.

It Started at Sunset Cottage - Shelly H.

Sterling silver heart pendant - Coline T.

Long gemstone necklace - Sarah B.

White rose necklace - Anniek W.

May 6, 2015

Winners Welsh Week

Aromatherapy locket necklace - Jurgita A.

Soaps - Tracey P.

Dragon jewelry set - Barbara T.

Oilcloth bag - Kimberly R.

Angelic hen - Angelita
Angelic hen - Claire G. or A.
Angelic hen - Amber Y.

A C.S. Lewis mug, a Hamlet bag charm and a Gatsby pendant and earring set - Beatrix

Earthbound (Avocado Night Cream, Honey Mud Mask and Comfrey Hand Cream) - Ana Paula S.

£15 Ty Siriol voucher - Trillina P.

A Lovely Cake Card - Catarina P.

Lovely Joma Bracelet - Ellie D.
 Elen's Island - Mayra B., Tanya P., Mai T. & Sid W.

Japanese Enamel Sterling Silver Necklace with Japanese Traditional Edo-komon 'Shippo-tsunagi' Motif in Black & Ivory - Kasia

The Wicked and the Just (paperback) - Lisa R.
Love Me Tender - Tracey H.

£30 Ragged Robyn coupon - Nuala R.

Custom Gadget Case -Tatiana R.

A signed copy of We That are Left - SJ F.

A Signed copy of The Spirit Guide - Carina P.

Anyone can hug and cuddle, but only the Welsh can Cwtch plaque - Fiona K.

Beautiful surprise ceramic necklace - Chel A.

High priestess Illuminati Tarot pendant - Jayne K.

Beautiful butterfly necklace - Catarina P.

Silver butterfly necklace - Kate S.

Faery Dance print, card and toadstool/faery earrings - Kathryn L.

Something Wicked + Louise Marley Book Bundle - Marta R.

 A Mother's Duty - Ruth H.

Jaimie Admans book bundle - Tearsa K.

 Once Upon a Winter and The Little Book of Lost Hearts - Nikki G.

Blackfin Sky - Laura P.

Welsh Dragon leather coasters - Coline P.

Flower enamel necklace - Miki

Bunny earrings - Jill O.

Butterfly necklace - Daria

£ 12 Days in Design voucher - Lily R.

  Earthbound Organics small organza bag - Ines L.

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