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May 30, 2015

Giveaway Rules

Giveaway rules

1) Please don't cheat. A lot of people have worked very hard to give you these prizes and it's not a kind thing to do. Cheating is deliberately giving the wrong information, just filling out your name when I ask for links, filling out the same link of one tweet you've sent days ago, using the link of someone else's tweet instead of your own, not doing what is required in the rafflecopters on a structural base, using an extra e-mail address to have another chance, not signing up with your name, etc. We all make mistakes and it's often easy to see if someone is honestly entering, but has done something wrong or if there's cheating involved. I don't guarantee I catch ever cheater each time, but I try to do my very best to give all the prizes to people who have entered my giveaways in an honest way.
2) The winner of each giveaway will receive an e-mail from me and I'll post the winners on my website. If you think you've won and haven't received a message, please check your spam folder.
3) I will do my best to send my prizes as quickly as possible, but sometimes it can take a few extra days (for example I need to have something made, or have to get a special way of packaging, I also have a life, etc.). Please be a little patient as I will send them and you will get what you've won.
4) If after five weeks you still haven't received your prize please contact me. I usually send things by registered mail, so I can track your prize. For some countries shipping takes longer, if you live in such a country be aware that the prize might be late. I will always use registered mail in this case, so you will get your package.
5) If I'm giving away a paperback of choice, please make sure there's a website where I can buy the book with free shipping. If the Bookdepository doesn't ship to you and you have no local Amazon or something similar you'll receive e-books.
6) My giveaways are international, anyone can enter. Please be aware of your country's customs/import restrictions, if customs will send me back my package I've spent a lot of money on shipping and you don't have a prize. If there's something in particular I should add to the box or envelope before sending something to you, please let me know.
7) Be polite, rudeness won't be tolerated. If you are rude I won't send you your prize. My blog is a happy place, it isn't for people who don't treat me with respect.
8) If your prize is being sent via a third party please also contact me if after five weeks your prize still isn't there. I can contact the person who's supposed to send it and see if something went wrong.
9) If you've e-mailed me your address you've done everything you're supposed to do get your prize. I get a lot of e-mails, I can't always send you a confirmation.
10) Send your address to my e-mail address (the one I use for prizes), not to my Facebook page, twitter or other social media. It's easy to lose information there.
11) Be supportive, your turn will come, just be patient and you will probably win a really nice prize at some point.

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