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Jan 5, 2015

Happy Mail Project

Happy Mail is cheerful mail that brightens up someone's day. A lot of people all around the world have been sending happy mail for years. Because both sending and receiving mail is so much fun I decided to start a happy mail project. I'm sending cheerful envelopes to people on a regular basis. Of course my friends receive something from me quite often, but I also send mail to people I don't know very well both spontaneously and as prizes. Who doesn't want to receive a cheerful envelope with a nice card and/or a little, thoughtful gift? If you'd like to join me by sending happy mail yourself, please feel free. I love it when people join me, that actually makes me very happy. My happy mail project is all about the fun and doing something nice for someone else. If there's someone you think should receive happy mail from me, send me a request and I'll see what I can do.
I would love to organize swaps. You can also ask me for an address if you'd like to send random happy mail. I will only do this if I know you and with permission from the person whose address I'm passing on.

I've set up a system you can sign up for and will give you points if you've sent happy mail. You can send me a message when you've sent something and I'll keep track. Please keep in mind that I'd like to see proof of sending. Every two months I will send a prize to the person who has the highest number of points. I will also randomly send happy mail to the people who are participating.

If you'd like to participate send me a message on:

happymailproject @

---- Suzanne ----

This project is in no way intended to make money. It's something friendly and free that's done out of the goodness of people's hearts. Everything I do on this blog has been protected by copyright, please respect that.
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