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Oct 3, 2014

Cute Shopping based on Landry from True Colors & Giveaway


Miniature Patisserie
Sweetie Tiny

I love True Colors by Krysten Lindsay Hager and have done some online shopping to find you some cute things that I think Landry would wear. One lucky winner will receive this bracelet and and a kindle version of the book. If you are an adult and have slender wrists the bracelet will probably fit you as well. Otherwise enter this giveaway for your daughter, niece, or the girl next door... As usual the giveaway is worldwide.

Sep 27, 2014

Farfetch Favorite Sweaters

I've done some autumn window shopping on farfetch and selected some of my sweater favorites for you.

Sep 18, 2014

Edward's Party

Yesterday was an important night for Edward. His three sisters and brother came to stay with him and Victoria to celebrate. They were all born in September and each year one of them throws a big party for friends and family. This year it was Edward's turn. It was such an honor to be invited. Of course I had to ask Dawn for a dress. I don't own anything pretty enough for an event like this myself. I borrowed her Prabal Gurung abstract printed dress and had to promise her to be extra careful while wearing it as she wants it back as soon as possible. I was so glad she let me borrow something suitable and it helped me a lot to be less nervous. 
There were so many people! Edward and Victoria have a huge house. They needed the entire first floor and a large part of the garden for the party. The weather was great and there was plenty of champagne. This time Victoria had help with the food, but she made sure the caterer used her recipes. At some point I was sitting on a bench by the pond. I wanted to watch the party from a distance for a few minutes and was really enjoying myself. Then someone joined me. It's always nice to have company and this was really good company. Edward's nephew Royce is a handsome man with a troubled past. Edward has told me something about it, but not much. I do know that so far life hasn't been very kind to him. Even though the look in his eyes was sad he was charming and did everything he could to make me feel at ease. His clever jokes and warm character were very hard to resist, so when he asked me out on a date I said yes immediately. Now I'm not so sure if I've made the right decision. Calvin's betrayal is still fresh and I'm not sure if I can suffer a third round of heartbreak this year. I do want to meet the love of my life though and in order to do that I have to date.
 I couldn't spend the entire party chatting with Royce, that wouldn't have been polite. I've done my best to mingle and to get to know the people who are dear to my boss who is my very good friend. There were quite a few toasts, each speech a little bit less coherent and sober than the one before it. I don't know how many bottles of alcohol we consumed together, but I think the amount was really scary. In my case the result was a terrible hangover this morning. Edward didn't make it to work, he called in sick, so I had to be there. I don't know how I got through the day and the first thing I did when I got back home was finding my bed to sleep it off. Now I'm feeling a lot better and I can look back on a memorable evening. 

Sep 16, 2014

Lavender's Update

My weekend was really busy. I worked for Franka on Friday night. Her regular hostess at the restaurant has been ill for several weeks and I'm filling in for her during the weekend. It means I hardly have any free time left. I also still try to help Dawn with her household and her online shop. Her business is doing great and she starts earning more and more money. Unfortunately it isn't enough for her to quit her job yet, so she has to work as many hours as possible. When I help her out she sometimes let me shop in her closet. This time I've found this great green Joseph dress. She told me it looks better on me than it does on her, so I can keep it. I love my sister and she's such a generous person. She doesn't deserve to be so unhappy.
Today it was another school day. We need to visit each other's workplaces to learn. I think that's a great assignment and I'm really curious to see where my book club friends are working. We also need to learn how to write promotional material. Rian is teaching that class. Next week we need to hand in our assignments. I'm extra nervous now, because I know him so well. When we were sitting at a table in our regular teashop after class I told him about my insecurities and he tried to reassure me and he told me it's going to be fine. That was really sweet. Finally we had time for our regular tea and cake meeting again. It was so great to catch up. He's dating again, but he doesn't want to commit to anyone. He's too afraid to get hurt. It's such a pity as he's a really nice man. I've met his brother and I don't understand why his ex-fiancée decided to date him instead. They're going to get married and even though Rian doesn't like the idea it didn't leave him devastated. We even ordered champagne after our tea to celebrate that he's over her.
My book club meeting was fantastic as usual. I love reading with my group of friends. I'm really glad Aislyn has one of her own so we can compare experiences. She's a nice girl and we get along quite well. It's still very new for me to play the boss, but I'm sure it won't feel like I'm only acting after a while. We're planning on throwing a bookish Halloween party together. I can't wait, I love the idea.

Sep 11, 2014

Fashion Based on Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista

Because I liked Avery's style so much I've decided to select some fashion items that I love. They are inspired on Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista. Avery has such a pretty blue cashmere scarf. I found one on Forzieri. I would love to have this beautiful accessory. I'm a big fan of Paige Jeans and really like this ultra skinny Edgemont-Nottingham style.  

 Avery has a pair of over sized Jackie O sunglasses. This pair is from Prada and I found it at John Lewis. Avery uses pink lip gloss. I love Lippy's from Butter London and have used their Trout Pout shade many times already. 

Avery has a pair of ultra skinny low-rise J Brand jeans. J Brand is my number one jeans brand. They always fit me fabulously and the quality is amazing. What I have in common with Avery is that I love pink. Nothing is more fabulous than a pink dress, I've chosen this Victoria Beckham dress, because I really like the design and the color.

My First Event!

John Lewis

I needed to look smart for work yesterday, because there was an important event at the library. It was the first thing I had to host on my own and I was very nervous. Fortunately I have Aislyn to assist me now. She's efficient and I don't have to explain everything ten times. She has a great memory and she makes me very handy to-do lists. To celebrate the start of the new school year we organized several writing workshops for both adults and children. People could sign up on our website and I also advertised in our library as much as possible. Because writing is hot these days we got a lot of attention and a large local newspaper sent a journalist and a photographer to cover the event. 
Of course I could count on Rian and Celia to help me out. Edward knows a lot of authors, but this time he just gave me a list and I had to contact them myself. Which means some of them are now my contacts. I couldn't convince all of them to come, but I posted some effective tweets and facebook messages to ask authors to join us and in the end I had a full house. I also invited a few experienced bloggers to teach high school students how to set up a professional blog. Everyone could attend two different workshops which each lasted two hours.
 I organized a huge dinner at the end of the day with the help of my friends Franka and Jada to thank all the writers who participated. It was so much fun. The workshops were a huge success and several authors and bloggers are interested in doing follow-ups, which are now fully booked. I'm happy that one of those classes is a writing course for children. They were delighted and it gave their self confidence a great boost. Some of them are already really good.
Aislyn told me she loves to draw and she writes poetry. She supervised a course about writing for children, which was useful for her as well. I love it when we can interact with both authors and customers. It's nice to bring those two worlds together. We also organized a contest where people could win signed books. I've never seen so many happy faces. Working at a library is such a joy, I love my job!

Sep 1, 2014

Back To School!

I went back to school today. On my first day I wore this navy Hobbs dress. We had to start with a presentation about everything we learned during the summer. Our assignment was to do as much as we could to draw visitors to our institutions. I didn't work on it as much as I hoped because Calvin broke up with me. My long holiday with Celia was a welcome distraction though and I didn't want to miss out because of a good grade for one assignment. I did what I could and talked to my boss. I had some ideas and Edward was happy to tell some of the staff to execute them. I think I've done pretty well considering. I also passed my summer school assignments, all of them. It's a miracle, but due to my book club friends and Rian I managed. It was so good to see all of them again and to have a normal day together. 
I try to go out as much as I can during the weekend. It's a lot harder now that most of my friends have boyfriends. They often invite me, but I feel like a third or fifth wheel. I try to make as many appointments as I can and I've done nothing but helping out this weekend, so I didn't have one minute to spare to feel bored or alone. Dawn needed my help with her online shop and the kids and Franka didn't have enough staff for the restaurant on a very busy Friday- and Saturday night, so I've now got experience as a waitress to add to my resume. 
My usual Sunday morning breakfasts with Jenna and Lizzy are also still taking place. They want to talk about babies and weddings all the time, but I keep trying to tell them my own stories as well. Lizzy has asked me to go dress shopping this week. I hope she will choose a nice dress for me. I don't mind if it's pink of course, but I also don't want to look like a strawberry muffin.
My parents have talked about starting their own small holiday park. There's a lot of unused land around their house and they've decided to fill it with five luxury cottages. Retirement obviously doesn't suit them. They love each other's company, but they like to work. My mother wants to serve meals for the guests a few times a week. She's also looking forward to the decorating so much that she's asked me to browse furniture catalogs several times now. It's fun to make all the choices together and I'm having a great time. I can't wait to help out and meet the guests. 

Aug 14, 2014

Lavender's Having a Great Time

As promised, I finished helping my aunt and uncle for a little over a week at the bed and breakfast. It was hard to work while I was feeling so bad and I missed Calvin like crazy. I sent him a few texts, but he hasn't replied to any of them. I hope he's all right and even though I'm angry, I wish him all the best. I understand he wants to be with his child. What I don't get is how he could leave me behind without showing any emotion. It was like I never meant anything to him. We've spent so much time together and he didn't even seem to care a little bit about me when he broke up with me. I have so many questions, but I'll have to accept that he isn't going to answer them. I've given up and am trying to move on now.
 Celia has been there for me the entire time. She let me cry on her shoulder and at the end of the week she told me to pack my Modcloth pink party dress, a bikini and my passport. We went shopping for the rest of the clothes I needed after the arrival at our destination. Celia has booked us an amazing holiday at a great cottage near the beach. We're lounging in the sunshine, there are free cocktails and the food is delicious. I love the bright blue sea and the white sand and Celia is great company. I can't believe she actually made all the arrangements for a trip to Aruba in just a few days time. I'm still stunned. It's great to be here and everything is perfect. I'm actually having fun and I'm getting a nice tan. I'm healing and am looking forward to seeing my friends and family again when I get back. I couldn't face them after Calvin's news, because I felt ashamed that another guy had dumped me. Fortunately I'm over that. It will be a while before I'll be ready to date someone, but I am starting to get back a bit of my happy, bubbly self. Celia told me this trip is a win-win situation, I needed a holiday and she was looking for a good travel companion. It seems like we've both found exactly what we wanted.

Aug 5, 2014

The Show Must Go On

The show must go on, so I put on this fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg dress that my aunt gave me and try to think happy thoughts. Of course I cry my eyes out when I'm alone in my bed at night, but during the day I have to behave professionally. I think it's mean that Calvin has ruined my vacation, but I understand that he wants to meet Clarissa and be a father for her. I wish he could have done that with me in his life instead of without me. I haven't heard from him anymore since he left, so I don't even know if he's seen her already. His mother called me yesterday and she told me how sorry she was and she too gets why Calvin has acted this way, but she thinks he's made a mistake. She was sure Calvin had finally found the one and she thinks he will regret his decision to break up with me. I think she's right, but that doesn't change the situation, Calvin has made his choice and he hasn't chosen me.
Because I'm at the bed & breakfast I missed my Monday class from Rian. He joined us as soon as he was done and stayed for dinner. He gave me a shoulder to cry on and then he fed me lemon pie to cheer me up. It really helped and I'm glad he's my friend. He's just sent his latest manuscript to his publisher and has the rest of the week off, so he offered to help out here as well. He can aid some of the people who are taking the course and he's fun to be with. Some of them were in awe when they found out he's the writer of several famous crime novels. Rian also thought it would be nice to bring some champagne to cheer me up and he even managed to get a box of my favorite brand. I drank a little bit too much, but at least I didn't feel sad the entire time. It was good to be with both friends and family. 
I also think I've made a new friend. Her name is Carmen and she's an illustrator. She wants to write her own stories to accompany her drawings. She showed me some of them and they are stunning. She's really talented and draws beautiful fairies. She's also 29 years old and went through a break up not too long ago, so she knows what it's like. We got drunk together and moaned about men for a while. It's too bad she isn't living next door, but she invited me to stay at her place in the countryside some time soon. It sounds really good and it will be a bit like a holiday. I'm glad she's given me something to look forward to, I really needed that. 

Aug 4, 2014

Me Without Calvin

My aunt tried to cheer me up by giving me this beautiful Carven dress. It helped a little bit. I'm trying to do my work, but it isn't easy. I normally love writing classes and there's so much I can learn about children's books. I don't want to mope, I want to be able to learn something. Last night Celia invited me for a drink and she gave me some advice about men. I should be strong and make it on my own. If a man comes into my life he's an addition to the great things I already have. I should never let myself become any different because of a guy anymore, etc. It was good advice actually. I stopped doing a lot of the things I loved because Calvin liked staying in more than going out and slowly I was changing into someone else because of him. Maybe he wasn't the one for me after all. He only showed me his sweet and funny side, not the rest of his personality. I can't believe I've had my heart broken twice in one year. I know I will get through this, but I hate being sad, it's the worst emotion ever. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest and I want him to get off!
I should write about what happened now. Calvin didn't have such good news for me. I thought we were doing really well and before I went away for the weekend with Gina that was what he thought as well. He got a call from an old flame in Thailand and apparently he has a daughter there. Little Clarissa has been born two weeks ago. Calvin didn't know his ex girlfriend was pregnant. As soon as she saw her baby the mother changed her mind and wanted the father to be in her life after all, so she contacted him to tell him the good news. He's found someone to take over his business here and will start working in his own beach bar again. He told me he wants to try again with the mother. Calvin knew he was going to break up with me for an entire week, but he pretended we were all right. I still can't believe it.
 Calvin is thrilled to be a father and he talked about his ex girlfriend like she's the love of his life. He didn't even look at me anymore. It was like the light had gone out in his eyes, he wasn't the sweet and gentle guy who always had a smile for me anymore. He was cold and hard. I had no idea and I feel like a fool. I'm really sad and after he left I started crying and couldn't stop for the rest of the evening. My aunt took me in her arms and tried to comfort me as well as she could, but she had guests who needed her as well. That's when Celia offered to take me home with her. I've stayed the night at her place and she's given me one pep talk after another. I can't believe I'm single again, I actually thought I would be marrying Calvin. Celia has been a star and I will be fine again, but at the moment it really hurts.

Pink Shoes!

Alternative Footwear
The Outnet
The Outnet
Luis Aviaroma
Lane Crawford

Wolf and Badger
Lane Crawford

Pink is my favorite color and I love to wear pink shoes. Today I've done some online window shopping and I've made a selection of the pairs I really like. I wish I would be able to purchase all of them!

Aug 1, 2014

Helping During My Holidays

I received such an amazing present earlier this week. I'm now the proud owner of a P.A.R.O.S.H. dress and I can assure you it was a huge surprise. My aunt Giselle gave it to me and I love it. I've offered to help her again with an event at the bed & breakfast. Because it's summer they're having all kinds of artistic programs and some of them last an entire week. Because I have no holiday plans I've decided to help them next week. I've taken the time off and will spend the week and two weekends with them. It will be just like when I was a little girl. I visited them every summer and have a lot of fond memories from that time. I'm leaving this afternoon and will come back the next week on Sunday. Fortunately Calvin has promised to visit me, otherwise I would have missed him so much. He likes the bed & breakfast and my family, so he'll be happy to stay as long as he can.
It's market day again today, so the streets are very crowded. It usually means that we have a busy day at the library too. People are popping in to choose a few books before they take their purchases home with them. Gina and I just had lunch together. We love walking around and we often get Italian food, which we eat in a small garden. The weather is great and I just spent some time with my best friend. I'm happy and cheerful and I really like the summer. Because of the heat it doesn't matter that I'm not going abroad. Since our weekend away Gina and I have seen each other every day. She needs me right now and her company is doing me a lot of good, so it's a win win situation. Gina's love life is very interesting at the moment, so I love listening to her stories, but it's also complicated. I'm there whenever she needs a hug or when she could use a bit of fun. She'll take the girls and visit me for a day at the bed & breakfast. I'm sure they will love it there and I look forward to showing them around.

Jul 31, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Like Summer

Free download

 1) I love fresh fruit and vegetables. Until the end of September there are so many different yummy products to choose from.

Isolda Silk Summer Dress

  2) I like wearing pretty dresses and in the summer season fabrics are always so colorful and cheerful.

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3) I like cold drinks. Drinking cocktails in the sunshine with my friends is amazing!
4) I like it when the days are longer. Light evenings are perfect for a summer dinner or a lovely stroll.

Belvi Designs
5) Summer love is special. I've had some fantastic summer romances and I love reading about them as well.

6) More happy people. Summer makes people cheerful and I like that very much.

7) I really like summer reads. The Summer of Living Dangerously is a very special one.

8) Holidays are great. I love going abroad and it's great to discover new things and different cultures. I like my job, but in the summer I will happily take some time off to relax.

9) I like to swim, especially outside. There's nothing better than jumping into a lake, the sea or a swimming pool when it's hot.

10) I like watching the sunset. It's so romantic to sit down on the sand with someone you love to watch the sun set in the sea.
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