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Nov 4, 2014

After the Holidays

After a week of holidays I've now started studying again. Mondays are fun, but we have a huge workload. Every time the teachers are giving us a little bit more to do. I've tried to do as much studying as I could during the weekend. Fortunately my friends and family were a big help. They brought me food and refreshments, they came in for a chat when I needed a break and they left me in complete silence when I needed it. I made a lot of progress and managed to make my deadline. Today I had to hand in an important paper. I had to do a literature study about library marketing which is the first stage of my thesis. It will take a while before I have to write the entire thing, but by dividing the work in smaller assignments our professors are hoping that we'll all be able to graduate without having to choose between our studies and our job.
Edward loves to get updates about my progress. He tries to teach me as much as he can and I've started to see him as my mentor. He's a bit of a father figure. I'm still getting invites to all of his parties, but now I'm also being asked to join him and Victoria when it's just them. They've been a huge support when Calvin left me and then again after Seth passed away. If my sister's ready for some good company they will welcome her with open arms. I've asked her a few times if she wants to go out with me, even if it's just for tea, but she isn't ready yet. I'm giving her all the time she needs, but am making sure that if she's ready I'll be there. I don't think I would have been able to help out as much if it wasn't for Edward. He doesn't mind if I come in late when I have to comfort Dawn or take my nieces and nephew to school. He lets me leave early when there's nobody to pick them up and he gives me a hug when he thinks I need one. He also told me to relax every now and then, because he thinks I'm doing too much.
I took Edward's advice and since today my weekly tea meetings with Rian have resumed. He's taught me so much about writing and the process of submitting a novel. He's preparing me so I know what to expect when I send in my manuscripts. He's a best selling author now, but it took him a while to get there. He's also told me more about his inspiration and where he gets his ideas. Since he's less sad he also isn't serious all the time, he's joking and goofing around and it's great to see that side of him. He had a rebound relationship, but he's back to being single now. He's enjoying his freedom and I'm dreaming of a relationship. That's life I guess. I know I will find mister right some day, but I'm sure it won't be Rian. We get along very well, but we're just friends.

Oct 30, 2014

Lavender is back!

I'm back. It's been a while since I've told you any stories about my life. When my sister's husband suddenly passed away I needed to be there for my sister. Jason came back from Australia and we've been supporting Dawn as much as we can. She's moved in with my parents, so my mother can watch the children when they get home from school. Dawn is back at work and is trying to carry on, but I can see how heartbroken and devastated she is. She didn't want to stay in the house where she built so many memories with the love of her life. I spend many nights sleeping in her room, because she doesn't want to be alone. As a family we're strong, but grief is such a mean thing. There's nothing we can do to make it go away. The same goes for her three children who have lost their father.
Besides taking care of my sister I've also been busy with Lizzy's wedding. We found her a beautiful dress and I think she's going to be the prettiest bride I've ever seen. It will still be a couple of months before they will say yes to each other as they're getting married on Valentine's Day. We've booked the venue, ordered the invitations and went dress shopping at at least ten different bridal shops. I loved all the different dresses and can't wait to get married! I need to find myself a potential husband first and that's not my strongest point. Maybe someone else should select my boyfriends from now on. My brother and Sandy want to get married as soon as possible as well, but they don't dare to tell Dawn yet. I'm so happy for them. Life can be great and unfair at the same time and having both a heavy and a light heart is such a strange feeling.
I love working together with Aislyn, she's such a sweet girl. I'm still not completely used to being someone's boss, but I'm improving. Soon I will have another staff member to guide. They've hired an intern, who's going to do some research and together we have to come up with a plan to improve our marketing strategy. Events clearly help to get more visitors and we want to organize several small things every week. It's great to come up with plans and I'm enjoying the buzz and the new attention as well.
I've been on two dates. They were all right, but nothing special. I think my musician friend Roy will be back from his world tour soon. I can't wait to see him, but I don't want to get my hopes up. We've been keeping in touch via Skype and it's been so much fun to find out more about his life and his personality. My brother has been to one of his concerts and afterwards they had a beer together. I didn't know it, but they've met before at soccer matches, so it was no coincidence they ran into each other. He would love to see us together as he thinks Roy is a great guy. I'm not sure he's ready for any commitment though. He loves his freedom. To be honest I'm quite enjoying mine as well. It's great to go out with friends and to read a book when I want to. With Calvin I stayed in too much, I love going out and my life changed into something that didn't suit me when I was with him.
Tomorrow one of my new author friends will have a talk and signing session at the bookstore on the floor below the library. I can't wait to go. Afterwards she will also come upstairs to talk about her writing and she's promised that ten aspiring writers will be allowed to attend a special master class. I bet the lines are going to be really long. Fortunately I'm the lucky person who has to supervise it. I have to make sure everything goes according to plan and when it does I can sit down and join the class.

It's nice to be back. As you can see I'm sharing a picture of myself with you. It was nice to share a face with Suzanne, but it's time to have my own. I think it's showing my best features and I love my bright green eyes. This is the real me and I'm proud of it.

Here you can find out more about the artist:

Sep 1, 2014

Back To School!

I went back to school today. On my first day I wore this navy Hobbs dress. We had to start with a presentation about everything we learned during the summer. Our assignment was to do as much as we could to draw visitors to our institutions. I didn't work on it as much as I hoped because Calvin broke up with me. My long holiday with Celia was a welcome distraction though and I didn't want to miss out because of a good grade for one assignment. I did what I could and talked to my boss. I had some ideas and Edward was happy to tell some of the staff to execute them. I think I've done pretty well considering. I also passed my summer school assignments, all of them. It's a miracle, but due to my book club friends and Rian I managed. It was so good to see all of them again and to have a normal day together. 
I try to go out as much as I can during the weekend. It's a lot harder now that most of my friends have boyfriends. They often invite me, but I feel like a third or fifth wheel. I try to make as many appointments as I can and I've done nothing but helping out this weekend, so I didn't have one minute to spare to feel bored or alone. Dawn needed my help with her online shop and the kids and Franka didn't have enough staff for the restaurant on a very busy Friday- and Saturday night, so I've now got experience as a waitress to add to my resume. 
My usual Sunday morning breakfasts with Jenna and Lizzy are also still taking place. They want to talk about babies and weddings all the time, but I keep trying to tell them my own stories as well. Lizzy has asked me to go dress shopping this week. I hope she will choose a nice dress for me. I don't mind if it's pink of course, but I also don't want to look like a strawberry muffin.
My parents have talked about starting their own small holiday park. There's a lot of unused land around their house and they've decided to fill it with five luxury cottages. Retirement obviously doesn't suit them. They love each other's company, but they like to work. My mother wants to serve meals for the guests a few times a week. She's also looking forward to the decorating so much that she's asked me to browse furniture catalogs several times now. It's fun to make all the choices together and I'm having a great time. I can't wait to help out and meet the guests. 

Aug 21, 2014

Summary: Family

 My family is wonderful and we see each other quite often. My parents are retired. They have a big house with a fancy barn where they throw parties and besides that they travel and spend as much time together as they possibly can. My grandma and grandpa are still alive, they're really old, but they love life and follow as many new developments as they can. I visit them from time to time and if they have a good day they still come over to the house. 
I have two siblings. My sister Dawn is the eldest. She has three children and they are named Phoebe, Marcy and Robert. My nieces and nephew are wonderful and I love spending time with them. I see those kids a lot, because Dawn's husband, Seth, is very ill. He's got a strange kind of virus and the doctors don't know how to treat it. They've transfered him to a special care unit where he's been for the past two months. My parents can only do so much and I'm trying to do my best to help my sister. She's the head of a large department store and she's running a successful online shop. She sells cosmetics and I love packing orders and trying her new products. 
My brother Jason and his girlfriend Sandy are currently traveling the world. They've bought a house together and wanted to make one more trip before starting a family. I think they will come home for Christmas and that might be the end of their adventures abroad.
My uncle Peter and aunt Giselle have a bed & breakfast. They also have a cultural center where they organize all kinds of seminars. I sometimes go there to learn something new and to help out. It's a great combination of the two. They have no children and because they are my godparents we have an extra special bond. 


Aug 5, 2014

The Show Must Go On

The show must go on, so I put on this fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg dress that my aunt gave me and try to think happy thoughts. Of course I cry my eyes out when I'm alone in my bed at night, but during the day I have to behave professionally. I think it's mean that Calvin has ruined my vacation, but I understand that he wants to meet Clarissa and be a father for her. I wish he could have done that with me in his life instead of without me. I haven't heard from him anymore since he left, so I don't even know if he's seen her already. His mother called me yesterday and she told me how sorry she was and she too gets why Calvin has acted this way, but she thinks he's made a mistake. She was sure Calvin had finally found the one and she thinks he will regret his decision to break up with me. I think she's right, but that doesn't change the situation, Calvin has made his choice and he hasn't chosen me.
Because I'm at the bed & breakfast I missed my Monday class from Rian. He joined us as soon as he was done and stayed for dinner. He gave me a shoulder to cry on and then he fed me lemon pie to cheer me up. It really helped and I'm glad he's my friend. He's just sent his latest manuscript to his publisher and has the rest of the week off, so he offered to help out here as well. He can aid some of the people who are taking the course and he's fun to be with. Some of them were in awe when they found out he's the writer of several famous crime novels. Rian also thought it would be nice to bring some champagne to cheer me up and he even managed to get a box of my favorite brand. I drank a little bit too much, but at least I didn't feel sad the entire time. It was good to be with both friends and family. 
I also think I've made a new friend. Her name is Carmen and she's an illustrator. She wants to write her own stories to accompany her drawings. She showed me some of them and they are stunning. She's really talented and draws beautiful fairies. She's also 29 years old and went through a break up not too long ago, so she knows what it's like. We got drunk together and moaned about men for a while. It's too bad she isn't living next door, but she invited me to stay at her place in the countryside some time soon. It sounds really good and it will be a bit like a holiday. I'm glad she's given me something to look forward to, I really needed that. 

Aug 3, 2014

Calvin's Shocking News

I was so happy to spend time with my uncle and aunt at their bed and breakfast. I arrived on Friday at the beginning of the evening, just in time for a big barbecue. My uncle and aunt always organize one on the final evening of a course. This time there was a group who came there to learn how to paint. The mixed company amazed me. Most of the students were eccentric and they dressed accordingly. I loved all the unusual styles. I've met some great people that evening and went to bed with a smile plastered on my face. 
On Saturday a new group arrived. These course members are here to learn how to write for children. It's a group of ten people. Some of them can draw and want to learn how to write stories to go with their illustrations and others want to write for older children. Of course Celia Daniels was there to welcome them. Celia's living next door and she's a successful novelist. I found out she also writes children's books under a pen name. It was great to see her again and chatting with her about books and writing is great. 
I really like this group of people and I was looking forward to having a week of fun. Calvin arrived yesterday evening. I couldn't wait to see him again. I gave him a hug and wanted to take him to the living room where everyone was waiting for desert after a great meal together, but Calvin asked me if we could have a moment in private so we could talk. I didn't like the sound of that at all and immediately there was a huge lump in my throat and nerves were fluttering in my stomach. I started crying even before he delivered his news. He looked so serious and he was distant. I knew something was very wrong and I feared that he was going to break up with me.

Aug 1, 2014

Helping During My Holidays

I received such an amazing present earlier this week. I'm now the proud owner of a P.A.R.O.S.H. dress and I can assure you it was a huge surprise. My aunt Giselle gave it to me and I love it. I've offered to help her again with an event at the bed & breakfast. Because it's summer they're having all kinds of artistic programs and some of them last an entire week. Because I have no holiday plans I've decided to help them next week. I've taken the time off and will spend the week and two weekends with them. It will be just like when I was a little girl. I visited them every summer and have a lot of fond memories from that time. I'm leaving this afternoon and will come back the next week on Sunday. Fortunately Calvin has promised to visit me, otherwise I would have missed him so much. He likes the bed & breakfast and my family, so he'll be happy to stay as long as he can.
It's market day again today, so the streets are very crowded. It usually means that we have a busy day at the library too. People are popping in to choose a few books before they take their purchases home with them. Gina and I just had lunch together. We love walking around and we often get Italian food, which we eat in a small garden. The weather is great and I just spent some time with my best friend. I'm happy and cheerful and I really like the summer. Because of the heat it doesn't matter that I'm not going abroad. Since our weekend away Gina and I have seen each other every day. She needs me right now and her company is doing me a lot of good, so it's a win win situation. Gina's love life is very interesting at the moment, so I love listening to her stories, but it's also complicated. I'm there whenever she needs a hug or when she could use a bit of fun. She'll take the girls and visit me for a day at the bed & breakfast. I'm sure they will love it there and I look forward to showing them around.

Jul 29, 2014

Glamping With Six Children!

I recently bought these wonderful sunflower dungarees from Asos. I decided to bring them when I went glamping with Gina during the weekend. I thought it would be a great idea to bring Marcy, Robert and Phoebe, so they could have a holiday. Gina took Brenda, Audrey and Iva. The two of us needed to look after the six of them. We did challenge ourselves, but I still think it was a great idea. Fortunately Robert didn't mind spending a long weekend with five girls. He found friends to play soccer and netball with soon enough and he liked being the wise big brother. We went to a beach town so we could build sandcastles and swim in the sea. It was great to spend time with Gina again. After all she's been through lately I was glad to see she could relax. We behaved like two little girls every now and then. It was wonderful to be young and carefree again. 
We made two kites and tried to make them fly. Most of the time we all got tangled in the ropes and laughed until our stomachs hurt. There was a food festival that lasted from Friday until Sunday, so meals were very easy. We got ourselves a lot of tickets and tasted a bit of everything three days in a row. We allowed the girls to have several deserts, those kind of things should be possible when you're on a holiday. Robert felt like he was too old for that, but I sneaked him some treats as well, because I know how much he actually likes them.
Sleeping was a bit of a nightmare. The days were fabulous, but the nights were awful. We all slept in the same huge tent. There were several beds, but there was just one sleeping area. Robert and Iva snore and I'm a light sleeper, so that didn't work very well. Gina and I had to share the queen sized bed, but found Brenda, Iva and Marcy between us every night. I hardly had any space to sleep and turning or changing position was out of the question. Fortunately I brought books, so I could tell a lot of stories. We also played a running game with them before going to bed, to make them all tired. Exhausted kids can still be too excited to go to sleep though. We heard a lot of chatting, giggling and snorting. Audrey and Phoebe couldn't stop talking and they never seemed to tire. I was so happy to see my own bed again on Monday night. I think I need to sleep for a week before I'll be able to function properly again.
All in all the holiday was a huge success. It was exactly what we needed. For Gina and me it was the perfect opportunity to spend some time together and after so many difficult weeks, the kids could use a bit of fun. I never thought it would be so hard to keep an eye on six enthusiastic and active children. We did a great job though, we brought them home in one piece. There were a few tears, but we didn't have any major crisis situations. We only needed two bandages and those were for minor scrapes. Maybe we should do this again in a few weeks...

Jul 6, 2014

My Week!

I love this cheerful Asos dress. It's perfect for the summer! I've decided it's my dress of the week. I love the combination of the two fabrics and I can never resist a nice floral garment.
It has been a busy week and because of my birthday celebrations I haven't blogged about my other days. There wasn't much to tell this week either. We postponed our Monday Night book club meeting, because it was my birthday. As Jada helped me preparing for the barn & garden party we also decided to have a Tuesday evening off. On Wednesday Calvin and I spent a lazy evening together. We drank a glass of prosecco on my balcony and talked about our relationship and how happy we are that things are going so well. On Thursday Victoria and Edward often host a party, but this week they went out for dinner together for their anniversary. Calvin and I sent them flowers and they had a lovely night. I hope we will still be together when we will be their age.
On Friday evening I went to Dawn to help her. Seth isn't doing very well. He isn't getting any better, but he's also not getting worse. Dawn tries to visit him every day and preferably with all of their children, so they can see their dad. I see they are getting used to the situation a little and slowly they're developing a new routine. 
I've heard something from Stella. I was a little worried about her, because in the region where she's been stationed there have been some disturbances. She's all right though. Stella called to wish me a happy birthday and I've given her an update about Gina and how she's doing in the apartment. As far as Stella is concerned she and the twins can stay a while longer, because she won't be there for a while. They've just prolonged her stay. 
I'm not used to evenings on my own and having lots of me time. I like the company of others. Calvin has spent most of the nights at my place, but he often works until late. I used my time to write and I hope some good will come of it. I'm getting more confident each day which is making me happy. I don't know if I'll ever be a great writer, but at least I'm a cheerful one.

Jul 3, 2014

My Birthday! Part 4

 My birthday clothes came from Custo Barcelona. I love their cheerful and summery shirts and my mother bought me several. They sent my present in a pink box, which made me fall in love with the brand even more. My new clothes are really amazing and I'm sure I'm going to wear them a lot. 
The party was in the barn and the backyard. My parents had invited Jim and my uncle, aunt and grandparents. Naomi and Louise were there, my book club friends came and Angie showed up. When Angie's there the party is great. She has that kind of magic and good things are always happening to her and the people around her. She started dancing and singing and all of a sudden everyone was in a merry mood. She brought Cameron, Jenna's soap star. I don't know how they've met each other, but they are a cute couple.
  I asked Rian if he wanted to come and was surprised he actually showed up. I'm glad that he had Jim to talk to. They're both authors and they talked about books the entire time. It was great. Even Franka left her restaurant for an hour to wish me a happy birthday. Aunt Giselle and uncle Peter got along very well with Edward and Victoria. Some new friendships were made at my party, that's exactly how I like it.
I had the weather gods on my side this year. It was a clear, warm day. Fortunately my parents have a lot of garden chairs. Someone had brought five cocktail shakers, so we also drank mojitos, cosmopolitans and plenty of self invented strawberry cocktails. The champagne was rose, especially for me, because I think it has something extra festive. Everyone stayed a lot longer than I expected. Fortunately my mother had counted on it and there was a lot of barbecue food. I think I've never had a birthday like this before. I did miss Jenna and Lizzy a little bit, but other than that it was perfect. 
Gina brought the twins and a girl their age named Iva. Dawn's children were there too. They could play in the garden and they jumped on the trampoline until they were completely exhausted. Calvin joined them and loved it, he couldn't stop showing off. He's like a big child with the children and he made everyone laugh with his jokes and his stupid tricks. He never tires and has unlimited patience too. He had a kind word for everyone and was definitely the star of my party.

Jun 29, 2014

Sister Time!


I try to spend my Saturdays with my sister. That's also what I've done this weekend. I went there to do the usual. I cleaned, did some jobs for the website and I made dinner for an entire week. My sister has found someone to help her with the website. It's going so well and I'm glad she's making enough money to hire a woman who can do some of the work for her, because she's clearly exhausted. 
I brought a bottle of wine and we finally had the time for some sister talk. We chatted about Seth of course and how busy Dawn is. She also told me that she's slowly saying goodbye to her husband, because she doesn't think he'll be all right again. That's so sad. Fortunately Dawn has a few very good friends and several helpful neighbors. And then of course there's her family. My parents often help out and at work she has some nice colleagues who are very friendly too. Even Seth's new regular nurse has taken her out for a drink and a chat. She's sad, but all the love and care she's getting is making her happy.
A few months ago Seth was all we talked about, but now there was room for a few jokes, work talk, gossip and family news as well. I told her about Calvin and how well things are going. I'm glad my sister likes my boyfriend. She thinks we're great together. Since I've met Calvin I've changed. I think about life more and I try to enjoy every good moment. That's how Dawn tries to live as well. Of course she also showed me her new clothes, they're gorgeous. Dawn is always looking fantastic. I make an effort and she succeeds, that's the difference between us. She's the typical successful older sister and I'm the baby. These days I'm also mothering her though, so only the success is still lacking.  

Jun 23, 2014


On Friday evening I went to see Dawn. I wore this Opening Ceremony sweater as I know how much children like Disney. I wanted to catch up with my sister and help her out a little, so I did a few household chores and I prepared some dinners for later that week. I also put the children in bed and made sure my sister went to sleep at the exact same time as she was completely exhausted. When it was peaceful and quiet in the house I started to do some work for her online company. She has a crazy amount of orders as the kind of cosmetics she's selling is getting more and more popular each day. I can imagine she can't do it all on her own. I'm pretty sure she will be able to afford someone to do some of the work for her very soon.
Success isn't everything though. You can be great at what you do and have a wonderful career, but if your personal life is a mess it all doesn't matter very much. I'm sure Dawn would trade her beautiful house and all the money she's got in the bank to have a healthy husband again. Things don't work that way, but who doesn't want to make a bargain sometimes, promising that what's very dear to you in exchange for something even more important?

Jun 17, 2014

A Family Sunday!

When I saw the name of this Library Lecture dress I just had to have it. On Sunday I normally meet my friends Jenna and Lizzy for breakfast, but this week we all went to our parents. It was a strange Father's Day for my dad, because I was on my own. Jason and Dawn both couldn't be there, but they donated money for the gift and they wrote a message that I copied on a card. I decided to make reservations for a special dinner for my father and mother. It isn't easy to buy gifts for my dad, because he doesn't have many wishes. I often ask him what he wants to have and his standard reply is that I don't have to buy him anything. That's why I usually give him something he can do, so he can make another good memory.
Because uncle Peter and aunt Giselle don't have children they came over too. Of course I bought uncle Peter a gift as well. Several different types of flowers for in his garden. He spends so much time there that it wasn't difficult to come up with something suitable for him. It was nice to see my uncle and aunt again and to have everyone's undivided attention. They listened to my stories, were very interested in my writing and they asked a lot of questions about Calvin. Everyone really likes him. I spent a lot of time with my mother and aunt in the kitchen. It was the perfect moment for baking and girl talk. I had a lovely Sunday and enjoyed spending time with my family very much.

Jun 15, 2014

News About Seth

I went to work in this Jane Norman jumpsuit on Friday. I really like jumpsuits. I made this one a bit fancier with a bolero and heels, but made sure I had a pair of sneakers with me to change into as soon as the day was over. I promised Dawn to pick up my nieces and nephew from school. We're living in a beach town and the weather was gorgeous, so we went swimming together. We also built a huge sand castle and we ate extra large ice creams.
Dawn needed me to be there for her children, because she had to go to the hospital Seth is in now for a doctor's appointment. It was requested by the physician they've appointed to his case. After going to the beach we went to the farm to have dinner with my parents. Dawn joined us as soon as she was back from her visit and she didn't have good news. They've been in touch with several of their colleagues abroad and they've all confirmed there isn't much they can do for Seth. He will either improve and get better on his own or he might not survive. They will monitor him and they are going to make his stay as comfortable and safe as possible by giving him painkillers, sleeping pills and anything else he might need. Dawn was really upset by this news. She kept hoping they would have a cure. I've never seen my sister so devastated and she has to remain strong to keep things going. I can't imagine how hard that is going to be for her. The only thing my parents and I can do now is helping Dawn with some work and a few household chores and by keeping our fingers crossed that Seth's going to pull through.

Jun 10, 2014

A Summer Barbecue

I needed something cheerful to wear to my parents' first summer barbecue. I chose this Oliver Bonas dress because I love the colors. It was a strange event. I couldn't bring Calvin because he had to work. Jason is traveling the world and Dawn was with Seth, so I felt a bit alone and uneasy. Of course it was great to see my family again and my parents invited Gina to surprise me. It was a great opportunity to let her twins run around a little. That was very thoughtful of them. Of course Jim was there again, he never misses a family gathering. And this time my mother also invited Edward and Victoria, who were delighted to meet my family. There were quite many bottles of champagne, because my parents went to France to get them especially for this occasion.
I love barbecues, they're always so festive and cheerful! My parents know how to throw a good party. They had colored fairy lights placed between all of their trees in the back yard and there was a small stage where everyone who wanted to could dance and sing. My parents even bought a karaoke machine which they put outside. They used wine barrels as tables for the drinks and long picnic tables for the food. It would have been absolutely perfect without my sister's obvious problems and her three sad children, but we tried to make the best of it for them. Robert was my dance partner for the evening and Marcy and Phoebe love Gina's twins, so they spent every minute together. This gave Gina and me some time to chat. I love that my parents are going through so much trouble to host parties and to organize something perfect for everyone they know.

Jun 8, 2014

Dawn's Distress

When we came back from the amusement park on Friday I went to see my sister straight away. She needed some help to prepare for a party on Saturday. I don't know how she does it, entertaining those ladies while running the entire household and being with Seth as often as she can. I stayed the night and then made everyone breakfast in the morning. Then the hospital called, they were planning on placing Seth in the specialized facility later that day. Which meant I had to do the party. 
I was the afternoon entertainment for a couple of girls on their hen weekend. It meant they were drinking already when I arrived there at eleven. The bride to be received a huge basket filled with goodies from Dawn's shop and the rest could place an order for whatever they liked. They were on a tight schedule, so I only could stay for an hour and a half before I had to leave again.
Dawn was at the hospital to make arrangements for her husband. My mother and I took Marcy, Phoebe and Robert to the beach. I wore this gorgeous White Stuff dress which is perfect for a hot summer day. I could see that the kids were really stressed and that they worry about their father. There wasn't much my mother and I could do. We gave them a hug and a huge ice cream, which temporarily put a smile on their face, but it doesn't really make things better.

Jun 2, 2014

Skipping Sunday Morning Breakfast? No Way!

I brought this Cyberjammies PJ jumpsuit with me in my overnight bag. When Dawn finally got home from the hospital it was already past midnight. Calvin didn't stay the night and left as soon as she came in, because he had to work on Sunday. I let Dawn sleep in a little bit, as she was exhausted. Visiting hours wouldn't start until the afternoon. When I called Jenna to tell her there would be no breakfast at my place she decided to come to my sister's place. She and Lizzy brought breakfast for all of us. They certainly did their best to make my family happy as they baked loads of muffins. Phoebe, Marcy and Robert really enjoyed them and of course I did as well. I love muffins for breakfast! We even managed to get Dawn to eat something.
After breakfast Dawn took the children to the hospital. I went a few hours later. First I did some work for her together with my two friends. It also gave us the chance to exchange some gossip. Lizzy has been making arrangements for her engagement party which will be later this month. Jenna and Dan are very happy together. She loves living with her boyfriend. She's been promoted at work and she's pregnant! I was a bit shocked to hear it as she and Dan haven't been together that long, but they started trying as soon as he moved in. Jenna has only been pregnant for a very short time, but she wanted to tell us anyway. I feel honored to be among the first people who are allowed to know.
Later I went to the hospital to see Seth. Everything was still the same. They've given him some blood because he was severely anemic. That's all they could do. He's now on the waiting list for the center and as soon as there's a free bed they will move him there.

Jun 1, 2014

A Family Emergency

I wanted to get myself an overnight bag for when I'd stay with Calvin or one of my friends. I found one on This Is Pretty and I needed it straight away this weekend. On Saturday I went to help Dawn as usual. I had my bag with me, because I had plans with Calvin for the evening. The day turned out differently though. Seth was feeling quite poorly and when he dragged himself out of bed for a bathroom visit he fainted. We didn't manage to wake him up. I called an ambulance while Dawn stayed with him. After ten minutes he regained consciousness, but he remained very confused. Of course Dawn went to the hospital with him. I stayed at her house to wait for my nieces and nephew to come home. I promised to take them to the hospital. 
When we got there Seth was in a room by himself. He was looking so pale, a lot worse than usual. They've done more tests and if the situation doesn't improve they're going to send him to a special center where they treat people with rare, chronic illnesses. I really hope there will be a cure for him, but things aren't looking good to be honest.

May 26, 2014

Saturday Night Dinner!

On Saturday night we finally had a family dinner again. Since Jason and Sandy have started their big trip we haven't been together anymore. Calvin was invited too and because of Seth we decided to go to Dawn's place. That way he could join us as long as he was able to. Of course I was allowed to shop in Dawn's closet for something to wear. I chose this floral Max Mara Weekend dress, because I really like the colors!
I won't allow Dawn to help when I'm at her place on a Saturday. While she chatted with my father, my mother, Calvin and I prepared dinner. My parents have met Calvin only once while we were roommates. He used to work nights and weekends and I already worked during the day, so we hardly ever met each other's guests. Fortunately so far everyone seems to like him. It was an easy and enjoyable night. Very different from my normal Saturday evenings, but I didn't mind that at all.

May 24, 2014

Breakfast with my mother in law

I love yellow and was very happy to discover this And Many More Dress on ModCloth. This morning I got up quite early, because Calvin had to work. He took me with him to one of his tea shops and there his mother was waiting to have breakfast with me. Something they had previously arranged without telling me. It was a nice surprise and I was happy to see her again! His mother is such a sweet woman. Her name is Marie and she's originally from Brussels. When Calvin brought us both a piece of chocolate cake we started to talk about baking and pies. She loves it as much as I do. Being from Belgium baking with chocolate is her absolute favorite. I think I'm going to take some lessons from her too.
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