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Jul 31, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Like Summer

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 1) I love fresh fruit and vegetables. Until the end of September there are so many different yummy products to choose from.

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  2) I like wearing pretty dresses and in the summer season fabrics are always so colorful and cheerful.

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3) I like cold drinks. Drinking cocktails in the sunshine with my friends is amazing!
4) I like it when the days are longer. Light evenings are perfect for a summer dinner or a lovely stroll.

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5) Summer love is special. I've had some fantastic summer romances and I love reading about them as well.

6) More happy people. Summer makes people cheerful and I like that very much.

7) I really like summer reads. The Summer of Living Dangerously is a very special one.

8) Holidays are great. I love going abroad and it's great to discover new things and different cultures. I like my job, but in the summer I will happily take some time off to relax.

9) I like to swim, especially outside. There's nothing better than jumping into a lake, the sea or a swimming pool when it's hot.

10) I like watching the sunset. It's so romantic to sit down on the sand with someone you love to watch the sun set in the sea.

Jul 28, 2014

Facts About Lavender

Tea Cuppa

1) I love rose bud tea. I love the way it looks and the taste is great. I think it's a romantic drink and that is probably why it suits me so well.


2) I love browsing crafts books. It's inspiring to watch someone else's creative projects. Maybe one day I will find the time to make my own mail art book as well.

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3) I have an owl pillow family. I like these Sass & Belle cushions so much. The owls all have been given their own name by the manufacturer and somehow that makes them even more special.

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4) I make to do lists, because I need them. I'm not organized and keep forgetting about things. Unfortunately I also forget about my cute piece of paper with reminders, so it doesn't really work.


5) I love looking at engagement rings. They are so special and pretty. I can't wait to have my own, but it will take a while because Calvin and I have only officially been together for three months. It isn't forbidden to dream though...

Jul 13, 2014

Things that cheer me up!

 1) Bentos. I love Japanese lunch boxes, their bentos are amazing. I'm especially fond of the pink strawberry designs. A lot of Japanese people are food artists and they make the most fantastic cute food designs. I'm not very skilled at that, but putting regular lunches in a cheerful package is already a good start. This set is from ebay.

2) Fantasy art. It's something that I can keep looking at for hours and it will never bore me. I'm a big fan of Ching-Chou Kuik.

3) Beautiful mugs. I love this floral Cath Kidston range!

4) Sticker sacks and other Japanese stationery items. This one comes from Kawaii Shop Japan.

5) Amigurumis. Who wouldn't love this cute amigurumi? This beauty is from Knittingdreams on Etsy.

6) Postcards. This cutie is from Artbox and I love it!The color is gorgeous and I like the mushrooms.

Jul 9, 2014

Facts about Lavender

1. I've got a sweet tooth. I could eat candy all day. I love traditional sweets and even though I have my favorites I try to vary in what I'm buying, because it's all so delicious and I don't want to miss anything. I like these heart shaped sweets a lot and I'm glad I'm living in the Netherlands as they make great sweets here.

2. The last thing I bought is Anna Sui berry hand cream from Asos. It's no secret that I love beauty products and I often try new things. I can't wait to find out what this Anna Sui cream is like!

3. Yesterday I bought Night Owl by M. Pierce after someone recommended it to me. I look forward to reading it! When someone tells me I should read a book I often buy it straight away. Because of this I've read a lot of great books that I would never have come across otherwise.

4. I like dark chocolate. Raw chocolate is delicious as well! I want my products to be as friendly for humans and the environment as possible. I'm all for slave free chocolate that is good for the farmers as well as for me. 

5. I like pocket mirrors. I have quite a few of them and am always looking for a gorgeous new design. I use them in my home, but will also never leave the house without one. This beauty is from La Marelle.

6. I gave this book to someone today as part of my Happy Mail project. It's a fabulous read and I hope my friend will like it.

Jul 4, 2014

Facts about Lavender

1) My latest book purchase is Ivy Lane part one by Cathy Bramley.

2) I'm easily distracted and I can't sit still. I'm a very chaotic person.

3) My latest purchase is a box with all the HibisKiss colors from Ecco Verde.

4) This is the third Custo top that my mother has given me on my birthday.

5) I often buy books that I already have by accident. I'm not good at remembering titles and usually only know what the cover looks like. That isn't a very good idea, because they change regularly.

Jul 2, 2014

Lavender versus Suzanne

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1) Lavender's favorite color is pink, Suzanne's is blue.

2) Lavender is extrovert while Suzanne is introvert.

3) Lavender finds new friends everywhere she goes. Suzanne has a few very good ones.

4) Lavender and Suzanne both love ice cream. Lavender's favorite flavor is strawberry while Suzanne's is lime.

5) Lavender works as a librarian while Suzanne only writes.

6) Lavender has been in a relationship for two months while Suzanne has been in one for almost eighteen years.

7) Lavender is a light and easy person while Suzanne is a bit more serious.

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8) Lavender collects owl pillows and Suzanne loves Japanese cute characters.

9) Lavender has an older sister and brother. Suzanne has a younger brother and no sister.

10) Lavender is living in an apartment, Suzanne is living in a house.

Jun 29, 2014

Suzanne's Birthday Facts

1) Last year my parents gave me a box filled with 35 books! A Night on the Orient Express by Veronica Henry was one of them.

2) My birthday is on September 4th. As I love the summer and Lavender is a cheerful and sunny person I thought I would give her a June birthday. The last day of the month, in the middle of the year. It suits her very well.

3) My star sign is Virgo, but I'm not serious and organized at all. I'm very chaotic actually.

4) I always put clothing on my birthday wishlist, because I love wearing something new on my special day. My mother gets me something nice every year!

5) I like to give myself a birthday present. A friend gave me the idea and I loved it. It's wonderful to spoil myself with something I don't need, but really like. 

6) One time I had a disastrous birthday. I was on holiday and my husband forgot to bring the decorations and my present. We made reservations for lunch and the restaurant hadn't put us in their book and was completely full, so they sent us away. My husband made up for it as soon as we came home by making sure I could celebrate again on another day with lots of champagne. My present was a beautiful jewellery set.

7) I've been ill on my birthday several times. Fortunately I've been able to postpone the celebrations and haven't missed anything because of it. Once I had a delicious meal, prepared in the kitchen of a restaurant and picked up by my husband, in bed.

8) My friends often buy me presents together. For example to give me a complete series of books.

9) My husband likes to congratulate me in public places. Even, or maybe especially, when it's not my birthday. I've received lots of good wishes from strangers and even though it embarrasses me very much I do think it's kind of funny.

10) I celebrated my 30th birthday with a large dinner party. It was such a lot of fun!

Jun 23, 2014

Facts about Jada

1) Jada loves to read about food. Her favorite book is Chocolat by Joanne Harris.

2) Jada and I are close friends now, but our friendship started in a weird way. We both dated the same guy named Oliver who was her long term boyfriend. They were engaged, only he didn't care about that when he started to date me. When she found out she was heartbroken. I was mainly angry at the guy. Jada and I have gained more than we lost from this nasty situation as I think this will be a friendship for life.

3) Jada loves unique jewelry and she often wears this ring. You can find it on Etsy.

4) Jada lives in a mansion. Her parents are loaded. She isn't a spoiled brat though, she's actually very down to earth. 

5) Jada loves to cook. Her mother taught her most of the things she knows, but she also likes to try new recipes. She's a big fan of the Pioneer Woman and this is one of her favorite cookbooks.

6) Jada sleeps in a four-poster bed together with at least a hundred stuffed animals. She's been collecting them ever since she was a little girl.

7) Jada loves Sanrio and her favorite character is My Melody.

8) Jada likes being outdoors. She often goes on a hiking trip. She's met our mutual friend Stella on a forum. Stella was looking for a survival buddy to bring along on a week long trip in the mountains and Jada replied to her post. They decided to go as soon as they could and have been friends for years now.
9) Jada has a lot of eye shadow palettes. This one from Cargo is her latest purchase.

10) Because her ex-boyfriend Oliver didn't want her to work Jada hasn't got much work experience. She now has a job as an executive secretary, but she's quite old fashioned. If a man would sweep her off her feet and there is enough income for her to stay at home, she won't hesitate to do so. Her biggest wish is to have at least four children.

Jun 19, 2014

Facts About Lavender 6

1) The last thing I bought is this La Marelle valise. I love La Marelle, their designs are amazing and the quality of the products is great. I also really like the jewelery. Keep an eye on my blog, because I'll be posting more about La Marelle in the next few days and there might be a giveaway involved...

2) Blame it on Texas by Amie Louellen is my latest book purchase. I can't wait to read this story, it sounds really great!

3) I love iced tea and my favorite flavor is peach. If you want to make your own, you can find a recipe on Curtis Stone's website.

4) I'm currently reading Love, Lies and Lemon Cake by Sue Watson. I love the cover! I also really like the book!

5) I love lollipops, especially when they're pink. It might be strange for a grown up to eat them, but I don't care. I eat one several times a week. Preferably when I'm on my own while reading a book. You can find this particular example on Hammond's Candies.

Jun 13, 2014

Facts about Lavender 5

1) This is my newest dress. I just bought it on Aspire Style. I think it's very clear that I love dresses. This classic polka dot dress is perfect for my figure and I can't wait to wear it!

2) My latest book purchase is Little Beauty by Alison Jameson. It's been recommended to me by several people and I can't wait to read it!

3) I'm taking my Crazy Rumors Mint Bubble anywhere with me. I love it!

4) I love strawberry ice cream. I wish I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

5) The last present I bought is this Jamie Oliver's Food Tube The Family Cook Book.

Jun 9, 2014

I'm a book nerd: 10 reasons why

1. I've always enjoyed reading difficult and complex stories.

2. I read classics for fun.

3. I can never spend enough time reading.

4. I don't care which genre I read as long as I have a book in my hands.

5. Whatever the weather is like as long as I have a book to read I'm happy.

6. I prefer books over films.
7. I can't go on holiday without a suitcase filled with books and an e-reader as my back up plan.
8. When I meet an author I'm star struck, but when I meet a television- or a movie star I don't even recognize them.

9. Every night I go to bed way too late because I want to finish my chapter. Then I start another to do the exact same thing. That happens over and over again.

10. I often dream in prose which is absolutely wonderful.

Jun 7, 2014

Facts about Lavender 4

1. Today I purchased this Zoya goes pretty Shea and cocoa butter. I love beauty products and am always looking for cool new (for me!) brands to try.
2. I bought a present for my mother today, which is this Benecos natural mascara.

3. The last book I've bought is Me Without You by Kelly Rimmer. A lot of people have recommended it to me and I want to know why they're loving it so much.

4. I love cocktails. My favorite one is the mojito. It also tastes great without alcohol which is really handy if I need to get up with a clear head or when I need to drive home after an evening out.

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