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Sep 26, 2015

Dutch Days Etsy Spotlight & Giveaway: Suze Loves Hippe Haaksels!

I love Hippe Haaksels, a shop filled with beautiful crocheted dolls and amigurumi. 

I think the handwork is amazing and the colors are stunning.

Everything is really well made and the quality is great.

I asked Dana, the owner of Hippe Haaksels, a few questions to find out more about her and her shop:

When and how did you start crocheting?

I'm Dana, a 44 year old mother of three, now adult, children. I work full time and crocheting is my super out of control hobby. About three years ago I picked up knitting again. I used what I've learned earlier under the watchful eye of a strict teacher in elementary school. I began equipped with a variety of scarves and soon all my family and friends received one.

How did you learn the technique?

Two years ago a friend asked me if I wanted to join the CAL. This is a crochet along project for which you receive a number of goals every week. The result, after almost a year, is a beautiful blanket. Of course I immediately said no because my old crafts teacher had told me that I was not very good at it. My girlfriend has nonetheless convinced me and I enthusiastically embarked on the "Cal blanket" ... but I found it a bit boring to keep working on an endless lap, so I started another challenge for myself. Which is Amigurumi, a technique where you hook around a circle to make animals, stuffed toys, dolls etc.

What kind of items do you sell?

Currently, my greatest fun is making stuffed animals and dolls with cheerful colors for children. After doing this for a while I started to sell some of them on Etsy and I also hook on request.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I want to keep doing it as just a hobby because it gives me great satisfaction. In the near future I am launching a unique pattern that I'm currently designing. I can’t be more specific yet, because it's quite time-consuming and I want to get it all exactly right.

Check out this amazing shop with the most beautiful crocheted dolls. Every child and amigurumi lover will like this shop a lot.

Enjoy browsing...

And have fun shopping!

One very lucky reader of my blog will receive a fantastic prize:

This super cute crocheted owl doudou will be for the winner of this giveaway. Good luck!

I will contact the winner via e-mail. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international, you can find the official rules here.

Dec 26, 2014

CS Literary Jewelry is Etsy Seller of the Week! + Giveaway

My Etsy Seller of the Week is CS Literary Jewelry. I'm in love with the jewelry in this shop, it's so special.

The owner, Kerry, makes jewelry inspired by classic books, poems and literature. Her jewelry isn't only pretty, it's also the perfect gift for any book lover.

I've asked Kerry a couple of questions to find out more about her and her shop.

When did you start your Etsy shop and how did the adventure begin?

I started my Etsy shop 2 ½ years ago. I had just recently been laid off from my corporate job as an Executive Assistant – the second time I had been laid off from the same company – and decided that it was time to make a change. I started taking some college classes with an eye towards becoming a high school English teacher. At the same time, I opened my Etsy shop, originally selling beaded jewelry and hand-knit accessories, as a way of earning some extra money while I went to school. Pretty soon, the books and poems that I was reading in class started to find their way into my jewelry. I was really excited about this new direction to my work so I dropped the knitting and decided to focus my energy on my literature inspired jewelry.

 What inspires you?

I’ve been an obsessive reader and writer ever since I could remember so I find most of my inspiration from books, poems, and the beauty of the written word. I am also inspired by history, culture, theatre and Broadway musicals.

Where did you learn your craft?

 I learned the foundations of jewelry design and beading from some great local teachers and then went on to learn other skills, like working with resin, on my own. 

 Your jewelry is about books. Are there any particular books / quotes from authors you’d love to use for your work?

 Most of my work revolves around classics like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and the works of William Shakespeare – partly because of how much I love them and partly because they are in the public domain and I can work with them without worrying about copyright issues. However, if I could work with any book / author in the world, I would love to design jewelry inspired by The Catcher in the Rye, the poetry of Dorothy Parker, almost anything by Neil Gaiman, and The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle. 

What are your favorite books?

 It’s hard to narrow things down to just one or two books but here are some of my favorites: Pride and Prejudice, (and Persuasion) by Jane Austen, The Anne of Green Gables books (and everything else written by Lucy Maud Montgomery), Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle. 

In terms of poetry, I love Billy Collins, W. B. Yeats. Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Shel Silverstein (who taught me to love poetry in the first place). I am also totally obsessed with the T. S. Eliot poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.”

What are your plans for the future?

 I plan on continuing to grow my business. I am looking to learn a few new techniques that will open up new design possibilities. I just introduced child-sized literary necklaces ( for kids who love to read books like Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Alice in Wonderland, etc. and I am hoping to expand that series. I also am looking on getting my jewelry into some bookshops, tea rooms, and other brick and mortar business where it can be discovered by a wider audience. 

 Could you tell a little bit more about the tea in your jewelry?

 I come from a family of tea drinkers. Whenever my grandmother, mother, and aunts would get together, the tea kettle was always on and I grew up having tea parties with my sisters and cousins while the older ladies in the family chatted over cups of tea. When I was little, my grandmother introduced me to her favorite childhood book, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, and I remember having a tea party with her and talking about which of the March sisters were our favorites while I poured tiny cups of tea out of my miniature teapot. This memory of talking books and drinking tea inspired my Novel Tea Necklace series, (, and especially my Tea with the Little Women necklace. (

I also love curling up with a great book and a cup of tea and agree whole-heartedly with C. S. Lewis when he said “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

Lastly, I am just very charmed by the idea of being able to slip into some of my favorite books and have tea with great fictional characters like Mr. Darcy, Sherlock Holmes, Anne Shirley, and Jane Eyre and my Novel Tea Necklaces were the closest I could get to being able to do that.

Is there any other information you'd like to share?

 I am really blessed to have a great community of customers and friends who encourage and support C. S. Literary Jewelry. From great chats on Facebook to an online book club - we are currently reading Dickens' A Christmas Carol ( - I find so much joy and inspiration in talking to and getting to know my fellow book lovers and I would like to invite you all to come join in the fun on:

Website / Blog -
Etsy Shop -
Facebook -
Twitter -

 Kerry has very kindly offered a coupon code for my readers:

Enjoy shopping!

There's also going to be a surprise giveaway. One very lucky winner will receive a wonderful bookish gift. Good luck!

I will contact the winner on twitter or via email. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international.

Dec 19, 2014

Lavender Loves Lilli Rose Creations! & Giveaway

I love Lilli Rose Creations, because of the happy colorful jewelry.

The owner, Jennifer-Louise, loves kitsch and retro jewelry which is what you can find in her shop.

 What I really like about this shop is the very cute designs.

The jewelry has been made from many different materials. This cake pendant has been made from clay for example. Jennifer-Louise also sells resin and cabochon items.

The items are a nice mix of kawaii and vintage.

Your purchases will be shipped very quickly. When I bought a gift from Lilli Rose Creations it arrived within just a few days.

Another great thing about this shop is that you can see that Jennifer-Louise has a lot of fun making the jewelry.

Enjoy shopping in this lovely Etsy shop!

It's perfect for finding adorable and affordable gifts.

Jennifer-Louise has kindly donated a lovely item for one lucky reader of my blog. Win these super cute cupcake earrings by entering the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

I will announce the winner on twitter or via email. If I don't hear anything within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international. 

Dec 17, 2014

Lavender Loves NThandmade! & Giveaway

I love NThandmade. In this shop you can find beautiful jewelry. 

There's a lot of gorgeous real flower jewelry. I love the choice of flowers and the vibrant colors.

I like every piece in this shop. NThandmade isn't only an Etsy shop, there's also a webshop where you can order your items.

I think this leather wrap bracelet is amazing. You can find several in the shop and all of them are really nice.

NThandmade incorporates nature's beauty into jewelry.

The flowers are pretty and the selection of moss and grass jewelry is great.

Besides necklaces and bracelets you can also buy earrings in this shop.

 Every NThandmade item has been made with precision and care.

NThandmade loves making custom orders. If you have a request you can always contact them via their website or Etsy shop.

There's the option to make a customized photo or name necklace. 

The wood wall art made with a burning technique is stunning!

There's a lot of choice and you're definitely going to love all of these items, enjoy shopping!

NThandmade has a wonderful prize for a reader of my blog. One lucky winner will receive this beautiful spring flower necklace! You can win it by entering the rafflecopter below. Good luck...

I will contact the winner on twitter or via email. Please reply within 60 hours, otherwise the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international.  

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