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Dec 12, 2015

Australia Days Guest Post, Book Review & Giveaway: The Near Miss by Fran Cusworth

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Guest post
Fran Cusworth

Thanks for inviting me!

Why write? This is a question I ask myself sometimes, and I thought I’d write about it here. People talk about having a book inside them that they have to get out – I have always felt like this, at some stages of my life more than others. From childhood, writing for me was an itch that needed scratching, and I always kept journals. As I grew older and became an avid reader of novels, literature became like part of conversation where I had listened to other people for long enough, and I was bursting to have my own say. As a young adult who was not always articulate or confident enough to verbally express myself, writing became another, better way to get things out. As a new mother, writing novels took on a sudden urgency – I could keenly sense time passing, and felt that if I didn’t do it now, I would never do it. Writing time became ‘me’ time; thinking and dreaming, non-baby time. 

After my first novel was published, I hit a bit of a wall – the dream had always been to Publish A Novel. Now that was done, why was I writing? I had not spent 35 years dreaming of Publishing A Second Novel ... this didn’t have half the weight of motivation behind it. However, as I, my husband and two small sons had just moved to a mining town in the heart of the mining boom, my motivation grew to capture the crazy uniqueness of a modern boomtown; the relationships between the wives of the workers, and the old-town/new-town people, the pressures of international monetary forces on this small and beautiful place. After this came a third novel written within a PhD, and some of the motivations for that one sat a little uncomfortably with me; writing to fulfil the requirements of a scholarship. As much as I could I wrote to capture women’s lives and realities, as I always have done.

Along the way, I accepted I probably won’t make fame nor fortune out of writing, but I have loved the act of writing, and I love it when individuals make contact to tell them a book moved them, or meant something to them. The Near Miss, my recent novel, was really written from a place of fun and pleasure, having discarded ‘great expectations’, and it is telling that it is my favourite of all four novels. I will probably always write to make sense of the world I live in – it’s as good a way as any to do so.

Review by Suze

When Grace's daughter Lotte walks onto the street in front of a car she's being saved by Melody. Melody has a son, Skip, who's Lotte's age. Because she's so relieved Grace invites both Melody and the driver of the car, Eddy, for dinner. Grace and her husband are both hardworking people who don't like their jobs, but they are slaving away to be able to afford their mortgage. Melody is a hippy, a single mother who has just left a community. Eddy's a risk analyst who only has one goal in life and that is to marry his girlfriend Romy. She's unfaithful to him and isn't very keen. Because of the accident the paths of Grace, Melody and Eddy cross and then things start evolving and there's no turning back...

Grace, Melody and Eddy are all very different, but friendships are being formed. That is something I loved about The Near Miss. They're all struggling. Grace because her husband wants to be an inventor. He has done it before and wants to quit his job again to works on projects he loves. Only Grace is afraid that won't pay the bills. Skip and Lotte become good friends, they're an unlikely duo, but they get along wonderfully. Melody's main worry is money. How will she be able to pay the rent and where will the food on her table come from? Eddy is unlucky in love. He wants to keep Romy whatever it takes, but she doesn't want to be kept. All of these stories work. They're interesting, they're fascinating and moving from time to time as well. I couldn't put this book down and loved it from the first page.

A Near Miss is a story with several main characters. I liked that angle. They all have good and bad sides and Fran Cusworth is not afraid of showing them. I think that's a huge strength. It made me love this story even more. It's honest and it's realistic while it's also clearly fiction at the same time, a good combination. Especially since Fran Cusworth knows how to keep her balance. The story is wonderfully chaotic and so much is happening that it sometimes made my head spin, which is something I loved. It's fast-paced, but the story is also easy to follow. I can't express how much I enjoyed reading The Near Miss. it's absolutely brilliant.


One very lucky reader of my blog will receive a kindle copy of The Near Miss. Good luck!

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Dec 10, 2015

Australia Days: Suze Loves Komorebi Handmade! & Giveaway

Komorebi Handmade is a fantastic shop that focuses on gemstone jewelry and head chains. 

I've featured the Etsy part of this shop before and love the gorgeous pieces.

Jessica, the owner of Komorebi Handmade, is expanding her head chain range.

As you can see the brides are all looking stunning and the head chains complement their dresses and hairstyles so beautifully.

I love the variety of the stones and the attractive designs.

Jessica's jewelry is well made, the stones are fantastic and the head chains on her website are all made of sterling silver. That means they're meant to last and they will keep their beauty for a very long time.

Jessica does everything she can to make her customers happy. She's kind and she's talented.

I purchased several things from Komorebi Handmade and love them all.

Jessica has a great, informative website where you can see the beautiful head chains she makes. 

On the website you can also find a fantastic competition. The winner will receive $200 towards one of Jessica's headpieces. That's such a generous and amazing prize! You can enter until January 31st. If you're going to be a bride next year or if you love to wear beautiful headpieces you will love this contest.

There's something lovely for every bride-to-be and for their bridesmaids.

Jessica also has an Etsy shop.

There she sells silver plated jewelry and head chains.

The metal is nickel free.

She uses fabulous gemstones.

The quality of her work is absolutely amazing.

Enjoy browsing and have fun shopping!

One very lucky reader of my blog will receive a fantastic prize:

This very pretty dreamcatcher necklace will be for the winner of the giveaway. Good luck!

I will contact the winner via e-mail. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international, you can find the official rules here.

Dec 9, 2015

Australia Days Book Review: Wild Chicory by Kim Kelly


Review by Suze

Brigid's grandmother Nell is sad. She's lost her husband and misses him terribly. Brigid wants to distract her and tries to cheer her up by asking about the past. Nell loves telling her granddaughter stories about her family. She was born in Ireland as the only daughter in a large family. They all went to Australia and life changed drastically because of it. 

Kim Kelly writes about Nell's life and she does that by telling a different story in each chapter. I fell in love with Wild Chicory from the first page. I couldn't put it down and know I will read it again as this novella is too good to read only once. I loved the beautiful, honest and heartwarming stories. Life wasn't always easy, but the closeness of the family and love managed to heal a lot of wounds. 

Kim Kelly's writing is magnificent and her stories are always interesting. It was great to read about Ireland and Australia, about many generations of people and about different kinds of relationships. Wild Chicory managed to move me from the first page. It's obvious that these stories mean something to the author. That makes them extra special. They went straight to my heart and are there to stay. I highly recommend this brilliant novella.

Expected publication: January 2016

Dec 8, 2015

Australia Days Double Book Review: What Rosie Found Next by Helen J Rolfe

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Review by Suze

Rosie combines her new job with house sitting. She temporarily moves to Magnolia Creek and instantly falls in love with the area. Rosie has a boyfriend, someone who's safe and secure. She wants a stable, dependable future. Only her boyfriend is working abroad, so her dreams can't come true yet. Rosie expects to be on her own in the house she's supposed to take care of, but Owen, the son of the owners, wants to stay at the house as well. He's searching for something and it's important he's doing that while his parents aren't there.

At first Rosie and Owen don't really get along, but soon they become good friends. Rosie loves her job and her surroundings. She's dreaming about a beautiful house and everything that comes with it. Owen needs to discover what happened in the past, something that has everything to do with him, but he isn't allowed to know what it is. Will both of them find what they are looking for?

What Rosie Found Next is a lovely, sweet story about two people who haven't had the easiest childhoods. Rosie has been through something very sad and she could use some more cheerfulness in her life. Owen loves to travel, he's a free spirit and he's a tough guy who rides a bike. Underneath he has a heart of gold and I immediately liked him very much. Rosie is kind and caring and she has a lot of love to give. I really liked that about her. I enjoyed reading about their friendship and interaction. I love how Helen J Rolfe lets food play a vital part in her stories. What they like and how they prepare it reveals so much about people, about who they are and what's important to them. She uses it to make her characters come to life and it works.

Magnolia Creek is prone to fires. It's a beautiful setting, but the area isn't risk free. It was interesting to read about the firefighters. They're doing such a meaningful and brave job. The story taught me more about what they do and how they do it. Fire plays a key part in the book, something that's being revealed bit by bit. 

For me the best part of this story was the interaction between Rosie and Owen. I read the book in one sitting as I kept being curious. Something else I really enjoyed reading about was Christmas. It was fun to read about the way both Rosie and Owen were celebrating the holiday and even though What Rosie Found Next isn't a Christmas story it definitely has enough Christmas magic in it to make me feel festive. I love Helen J Rolfe's writing. All of her books are amazing and I highly recommend them.

Review by Tanya

What Rosie Found Next is a fantastic book set in Australia during the Christmas period. It was very strange to read about a very hot climate that was used to experience bush fires compared to the cold and often raining that we get here in the UK.

Rosie is a house sitter and just starting a new job in Magnolia Creek house-sitting and working part time in a local hotel that holds weddings. She is slightly unnerved by the prospect as it is in a place that is prone to bush fires and there is a lot of maintenance needed to combat it. She also has other reasons, but it’s a while into the book before you find out why. Whilst house sitting she is surprised with the appearance of Owen Harrison, the son of the couple who owns the house. He is there to try and find what secret his parents are hiding from him.

There is a definite fizz between the characters even though Rosie currently has a boyfriend named Adam. He is overseas working and tends to turn up and unsettle the apple cart at various times. 

I loved how Rosie became so much stronger through the book and started to make decisions for herself. Owen helped her to find her confidence and was there for her in some very dark situations. The other characters in the town, including the owner of a local cafe who serves the most amazing sounding scones, are friendly and caring. It makes the little town sound like an ideal place to live. It all starts to grow on Rosie and she finds herself looking at a dilapidated house with the idea of living there.

The book is very well written with lots of twists and turns and the insight as the onlooker to the full story is great. I certainly enjoyed the story and even though it was a different Christmas the meaning is still there. 

Australia Days Book Review: Naked by Eliza Redgold

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Review by Suze

Lady Godiva is the woman who rode naked on a horse through Coventry. She rode through the town only covered by her beautiful long hair to make sure her husband, Lord Leofric, would lower the sky high taxes he demanded of the people of the town. 

Lady Godiva meets Lord Leofric when her people are in danger. They form an alliance, but it will cost her more than she'd ever thought it would. Lady Godiva is fierce, she isn't afraid to fight and she loves her people. She wants to rule them fairly and kindly. She's strong willed and stubborn and also absolutely stunning. Lord Leofric is dangerous, but also handsome and intriguing. Lady Godiva has a lot to lose, including her heart...

I can't even begin to express how much I loved Naked. It's a story that went straight to my heart and it will always remain there. I can and will reread this book over and over again. I love Eliza Redgold's beautiful writing, her heroic main character and her vivid descriptions. This story is special in so many ways. Eliza Redgold has made Lady Godiva come to life in such a fantastic way. She's strong, she's powerful, she can stand up for herself, she's passionate and she stands for what she believes in while at the same time she's vulnerable and is looking for love just like everyone else. In other words, she's a great example and a lady to love. 

If you like an intelligent story that has a good flow and is pleasant to read you will love this book. It's one of those rare gems you only come across every now and then. Naked is a book to love and cherish. I hope that Lady Godiva's life was exactly like Eliza Redgold describes. It's romantic, raw and pure. I fell in love with this book from the first sentence and am very sure you will as well.

Dec 7, 2015

Australia Days Etsy Spotlight & Giveaway: Suze Loves The Bohemian Original!

I love The Bohemian Original, it's a fantastic shop filled with beautiful gemstone jewelry.

I like the vibrant colors very much.

The owner, Angela, has a great, unique style.

I love her designs and the materials she uses.

Everything looks cheerful and wonderful.

I asked Angela a few questions to find out more about her and her shop:

1) Where did you learn your craft?

I worked at a bead store many years ago and picked up some basic necklace stringing skills from my co-workers, every technique I have picked up since then has been self taught by watching tutorials, reading lots of books and magazines, and bucket loads of trial and error at my work bench! These days I am venturing into metalsmithing and I can't wait to create more beautiful pieces in precious metals.

2) How did your Etsy adventure start?

I discovered Etsy in 2012 and opened my first little online store with only a few items. I got really busy with my studies (fashion design) and a day job and sadly stopped making jewellery for a while. When I moved to Western Australia a few months ago I started creating again and did a major overhaul of my Etsy store with tons of all new designs, and there are still loads more to come!

3) How would you describe your style?

I create in a distinctly bohemian/gypsy style. I love making jewellery that inspires a feeling of whimsy and wanderlust, and using natural elements such as cotton and hemp cords, seashells, crystals and gemstones. My creations are intended to be transitional pieces; they can be styled both casually and formally, so you get more versatility from your jewellery.

4) What inspires you?

A lot of my designs are inspired by colourful and vibrant cultures around the world - lately I have been especially influenced by Mexico and the stunning patterns and colours of Native American culture. 

5) What is your signature piece?

I have a few signature styles, my macrame crystal pouch necklaces and tassel necklaces are just a couple. I prefer to make each and every piece of jewellery a one of a kind design so even though I employ the same techniques in a lot of my pieces, each one has its own distinct style. I believe everybody should have at least one piece of jewellery that is completely unique to them!

6) What are your plans for the future?

I plan to expand my label, collaborate with more bloggers and stylists to create some amazing media, and to continue my online sales with vision to open a boutique in the near future!

I love the combination of techniques and materials.

Everything in this shop looks amazing.

There's also a really good international shipping rate.

The gemstones Angela uses are stunning.

Don't forget to visit her fabulous website for more information and wholesale inquiries.

Check out this fantastic Etsy store.

Enjoy browsing...

And have fun shopping!

One very lucky reader of my blog will receive a fantastic prize:

This gorgeous lapis lazuli macrame necklace will be for the winner of the giveaway. Good luck!

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Australia Days Book Review & Giveaway: Called by Fire by Delwyn Jenkins

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Review by Anniek

Kamryn Vale is a fire witch who lives with her roommates at the Collegium. This is an academy for Dhanan witches where they can learn to control their power. After a witch graduates she will have her full powers and will return to her home in the world below. Kamryn and her roommates are a very powerful group of witches. Containing all the elements earth, fire, air and water.

When one witch has been murdered and another one is missing the primus witches who rule the school have no choice but to bring back the Knights of the Watchtower. They were banished from their grounds hundreds of years ago but now they have to come back to take their rightful place again  beside the witches.

Alex is a Knight of the Watchtower. Knights are trained to protect the Dhanan witches and to increase their power when needed. When he lays his eyes on Kamryn he knows that she is his and his alone. Can he protect her against all the darkness that lies ahead?

When they work together, 4 witches and 6 knights, they are the most powerful group to come across. They will certainly not go down without a fight to reclaim their missing witch from the tentacles of the most dark sorcerer of all times...

Sometimes you start reading a book and it just grabs you from the very first line. Called by Fire is one of those books. It is fast-paced and it will keep you on the edge of your seat. I loved the characters. The witches are all feisty women who hold their ground against the knights. All four of the witches are women who you don't want to have as an enemy. They are resourceful, sparkly but also very sweet and loving.

What about the knights... I must say I fell in love with the knights. These men are exactly what a knight should be like. Big, gorgeous and manly but also very loving, caring and protective of their own. They see the witches as family and will protect them until their very last breath.

To make sure that all of you readers out there will understand how blown away I am by this book I wrote a little chant myself.

Because of the fact that my zodiac sign, Capricorn, is an earth sign I gave myself the same element.

Goddess of the earth here my voice
for reading this story I had no choice
reveal it's greatness for all to be
this is my will so mote it be

Of course I want to end my review in the style of this story:

Go in Safety and in Love

Merry we meet
Merry we part
and merry we meet again

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Australia Days: Jasper Macrame Necklaces Giveaway

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win two beautiful jasper gemstone necklaces. These macrame necklaces are nickel free. Good luck!

I will contact the winner via e-mail. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international, you can find the official rules here.

Dec 6, 2015

Australia Days: Interview with Carla Caruso

Australia Days interview – Carla Caruso, 

About Carla Caruso

Carla Caruso lives in Adelaide and loves fun, frothy reads. Check out her author blog (pretty please) or her other one,The Un-Italian Wife. Alternatively, peruse herbio. The choice is totes yours. (Yes, sadly, the word, "totes", was used...)


6 Questions by Tanya

1) Could you tell the readers a bit about yourself? 

Sure! I’m a romantic comedy (and sometime cosy mystery) author from Adelaide, Australia. My background’s in print journalism – magazines and newspapers. These days I write fiction whenever my two-year-old twin boys nap (only a few hours a day now!). I also love running, fashion, horoscopes, pop/R&B music, and trashy TV. Oh, and my rescue cat, Luca. 

2) What do you like about Australia? 

It’s home! Family, friends, and all that. Plus, sometimes I like the fact that it’s quite isolated from the rest of the world when scary things happen internationally! I think being one big island also means we’re naturally more casual, laidback kind of people. And I quite like the heat in summer. (Although it’s 38C as I’m writing this and that’s pushing things a little.) 

3) How do you find living with dangerous spiders? 

Haha. There are not that many crawling around in the ‘burbs thankfully. But whenever I spot one, I usually point it out to my husband and get him to dispose of it, ha. Though, I only let him kill it if it’s a nasty, dangerous one. Funnily, the bigger and scarier looking they are, the more harmless most often.

4) Have you ever wanted to live anywhere else? 

New York! I still haven’t got there yet. I’ve lived in Australia’s equivalent of a big city, Sydney. And it actually kind of put me off the big-city thing, though that’s what I’d always dreamed about as a kid. (Adelaide, where I’m from, is a small city – some say more like a big country town.) I’m hoping the Big Apple, when I get there one day, will live up to my movie-like expectations. I also dream of ‘summering’ in Italy or France’s south with the kids, but the long-haul flights are not so fun.

5) What writing process do you use?

 The ‘just keep writing’ process, ha! Having little ones has really made me focused about knuckling down and typing when I have spare time (which is not often enough, unfortunately). I try to write every day if I can manage it – a scene at a time. My background’s in journalism, as I said before, so I can be a bit impatient about working on long-term projects like novels. I want everything finished yesterday. And recently I’ve only been doing one edit of my books before sending them on to a publisher. But I think I need to slow down a little, refine the words some more. What’s the rush? Who am I trying to keep up with? It’s just working out what works best for you. Writing’s a continuous learning curve.

6) What advice do you have for anyone trying to write? 

I think just try to be yourself and don’t think about the market too much when you write or you’ll come across like a phony. Sometimes I’ve tried to fit into that ‘traditional romance/Mills & Boon’ style, because that’s what sells and is so popular, but I don’t feel like I do the emotional angst as well. I’m more of a chick-lit/rom-com kind of girl. I can’t really do serious, so I should leave it to the professionals!

Amazon USA Amazon UK Amazon Au

7 Questions by Suze

1) The female main characters in Pretty Shore are very different, what are the 3 things you like best about Celeste and what are the 3 things you like best about Flip? 

Good question! Hmm… I like that Celeste is a little bit neurotic (because it makes me feel normal!), hates clutter (me, too), and is kind to her friends and family (when they deserve it). Flip is her younger, sometimes surly assistant. I like her rebelliousness, her creativity (she doodles fashion illustrations in her spare time), and the fact that she’s dating a gorgeous polo player/model in book two! Who wouldn’t? 

2) Pretty Shore is set in a glamorous world, where did you get the idea? 

I live in a leafy, prestigious sort of area in Adelaide. But I’ve only spent half my life here, so I still feel like an ‘outsider’ sometimes and find the locals’ quirks amusing – the posh mums’ penchants for white jeans, their inability to drive their Hummer-sized SUVs, and so on. Astonvale’s based a bit around that! In a previous life, I also worked as a newspaper gossip columnist and fashion editor, so I’ve dealt with people from all walks of life who’ve proved inspiring. ;) 

3) Where did you get the inspiration to create the Astonvale series? 

As a writer, you often have little ideas for future stories whirling about in your head, and for some reason, I’d always wanted to do something involving a professional organiser (the kind who de-clutter people’s homes and offices for a living). My mum is also a super neat-freak, and hence, my parents’ house permanently looks like a magazine spread. So, when I read a feature article on local professional organisers, an idea about a clean-freak professional-organiser-turned-amateur-sleuth started clicking into place in my head. I think a TV series here, Mr & Mrs Murder (about a couple who run a crime scene-cleaning business and wind up solving the mysteries), also gave me a creative nudge! 

4) What are your 3 favourite Australian books? 

1. Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta – it’s about an Italian-Australian girl trying to find her place in the world, and really resonated for me as an Italian-Australian teen! (It’s since been made into a movie, starring Pia Miranda.) 

2. Mad About the Boy by Maggie Alderson – Maggie is a former magazine queen turned novelist, and this is a comfort read for me. A little bit of mystery and romance, my two loves! 

3. I recently read that Zoe Foster’s The Wrong Girl is being turned into a TV series here and I’m so inspired (and ultra-jealous). 

5) Mystery and intrigue are themes that are always part of your stories, what do you like so much about them? 

I do like my ‘cosy’ mysteries haha, particularly the TV variety! So long as there’s no blood or gore, and laughter at the end, I’m there. I think it was growing up on series like Murder, She Wrote and Columbo. As a writer, I also like that, by having a mystery or secret running throughout, it keeps a reader hanging on until the thing’s solved. It naturally drives the story forwards and keeps people turning the pages (hopefully). 

6) You write about the rich and famous, what do you like about them? 

My younger sister, Daniella, often buys celebrity-weekly magazines and passes them on. (Actually Daniella’s quite a cool fashion illustrator, like Flip, mentioned earlier – I can’t help devouring the glossies when she hands them over, though I try not to buy them myself or I’d never get anything done! Who wouldn’t want to be sunning themselves on a yacht in Barbados like BeyoncĂ©, or wearing some frothy gown on the red carpet, or being torn between, say, Zac Efron and Tom Hardy? It all looks good from afar. It’s aspirational. Although as a journalist, having done many celebrity interviews, I’m definitely more comfortable hanging out with ‘normal’ people. But I like the idea of the celebrity perks. And the private jets!

7) What are your plans for the future? 

Well, there’s a third in my ‘Astonvale’ series now out, dubbed Pretty Famous – Celeste’s nemesis, interior designer Imogen Karmel, gets her day in the sun alongside Celeste. I also have a short tale, Six-Star Weekend, in a new ebook anthology, Hot Stuff: Surfing Love – And I’m waiting to hear back on a manuscript I’ve written, which draws on my Italian ancestry and market gardening heritage. In the meantime, I’ve been blogging about the research that went into the novel here: Thanks so much for letting me ‘crash’ your lovely blog today!

Australia Days Book Review & Giveaway: Secret Santo by Carla Caruso

Amazon USA Amazon UK Amazon Au

Review by Suze

Holly is a book blogger who works at a bookshop during the day. She's invited to a big publishing party and she can't wait to meet her favorite author there, AJ Ruffo. His thrillers are fantastic and she secretly dreams about this mysterious writer. At the party she meets Santo. He looks exactly like the AJ Ruffo from her dreams, but she can't be sure it's actually him. He tells her he's the author of the book she hated intensely and slagged off completely on her blog earlier that day. Holly really likes Santo, but will he still like her when he finds out what she wrote about the book?

Secret Santo is a sweet and romantic Christmas novella. I loved the fact that Holly is a blogger and that she's going to an event. She has a great time with Santo at the party and they immediately have a wonderful click. I really liked the flirty way they talk to each other. I especially enjoyed reading about how and where they would spend their Christmas. A party is already festive and Carla Caruso's vivid descriptions made it come to life straight away for me.

Secret Santo will definitely get you into the right Christmas mood. It has lovely main characters, it has a great setting and a merry atmosphere. Holly and Santo both have sparkling personalities and I liked their chemistry. This novella is fun and it made me cheerful. I think it's a fabulous Christmas read.

I will contact the winner via e-mail. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international, you can find the official rules here.

Dec 5, 2015

Australia Days Etsy Spotlight & Giveaway: Suze Loves TJBsimplebeauty

I love TJBsimplebeauty's stunning gemstone jewelry.

Everything in this shop is simple and well made.

I love that the jewelry is so stylish and elegant.

The gemstones the owner, Bianca, uses for her jewelry are beautiful.

The quality of her jewelry is amazing.

Everything is affordable.

And it looks fantastic.

This shop is the perfect place to find a lovely gift.

Bianca's photography is fabulous. I like her photos very much and they're realistic too as her pieces are just as nice in real life.

I also like that the bracelets can be stacked. They can all be combined in different combinations.

For every outfit there are matching bracelets in plenty of different colors,

I love the bracelets and the earrings and I'm a big fan of the gemstone necklaces. The stones are gorgeous.

I highly recommend Bianca's shop. She's kind, the shipping is fast and everything she sends looks really good.

Check out this amazing Etsy store.

Enjoy browsing...

And have fun shopping!

One very lucky reader of my blog will receive a fantastic prize:

This beautiful agate necklace will be for the winner of the giveaway. Good luck!

I will contact the winner via e-mail. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international, you can find the official rules here.
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