Jan 3, 2016

Australia Days Winners

2 beaded bracelets Esperanza
Kindle copy of Caught by Fire Tammy D.
3 books by Helen Rolfe Catherine
Beyond Innocence Rose F 
A Distant Voice Tanya P.
Naked Maranda H 
Amazonite and agate bracelets Rhonda W. 
Outback Promise Jessica E.
Secret Santo Rachel G. 
Jasper necklace Keith H. 
3 necklaces Sheri D. 
3 gemstone bracelets (aquamarine & dragon) Pam H.
Leather journal cover  Esthefania
Natio 1 Lynsey B. 
Essence in Life Judy T.
Paperback by Jennie Jones Mary P.
Australian Organics Francesca F.
Seahorse necklace Melanie B.
Agate necklace Ana
Natio 2 Aaron B. 
The Near Miss Sharon H.
3 gemstone bracelets  Audra H.
Prize from The Bohemian Original Bn100 
2 macrame necklaces Alys J. 
Komorebi Dreamcatcher necklace Elin H.
Mosaic treasures  Jennifer H.
Beaded choker necklace  Nicole S.
Turquoise & jasper bracelets Ana

All the winners will receive an e-mail tomorrow.


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