Dec 4, 2015


4000 Bloglovin Followers - Olga M.
Books tea chocolate & leather bracelet - Irina D
Owl necklace - Donna
Agate druzy necklace - Reni
Green agate bracelet - Kate S.
3 autumn colored gemstone necklaces - Vasiliki
Heart and flowers necklace Zingara Creativa - Joanne H.
Macaron bottle necklace - Cindy H.
Pouch with Benecos make up - Amber T
Key necklace - Tia L.
10.000 twitter followers - Birgit L


  1. This Donna only has Donna as her rafflecopter name. I also always send an e-mail to the winners :).

  2. Suze, thank you so much for such great news and joy it brought to me! When I received an e-mail from you yesterday, I couldn't believe my eyes and only now I understand that it's true! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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