Dec 28, 2015

Winners Cupcakes, Cake & Cookies

Cupcake and tea earrings - Louise

Bio beauty - Cristina P.

Notebook, Book, Stickers, Mug, Letter Set, Necklace & Tags Giveaway - Arian M.

Cupcake & Cookies Book + Surprise Jewelry Giveaway - Iris W.

Mug Cake, Notebook, Jewelry & Tin Giveaway - Jinger M.

Lush Sugar Sugar - Rhonda G.  

Cookies, Caramels, Tea, Mug, Teaspoons & Chocolate Giveaway - Ana B.

Books, Letter Set & Macaron Jewelry Giveaway - Janine A.

Bio beauty 2 - Ashleigh A.

Diary, Books, Candy & Tea Giveaway - Lisa M

Lush, Cookbooks, Apron, Notebook, Tin & Napkins Giveaway - Ada H


  1. Enjoy the prizes, lucky winners, these giveaways were very fun to enter.

    Thank you for having them Suze.

  2. Thanks for the prize, Suze!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Congrats to everyone. Happy New Yeaar!

  4. Congratulations winners! I'm already missing you Suze, I hope you have a healthy and blessed New Year!

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