Dec 11, 2015

Happy Harper Christmas: To Catch a Star by Romy Sommer

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Review by Tanya

To Catch a Star is set in Westerwald and is one of a series. This book is about Christian Taylor, an extremely famous actor who is currently in the area to film a new blockbuster. He initially meets Teresa Adler (Tessa to friends) when he jumps into her car trying to avoid some fans. She is not happy when she is forced to become his PA by her father, who was the former Supreme Court Judge and the new head of the nation’s intelligence Service. Apparently Christian was seen with a Waldburg ring. This is a ring that is only to be worn by the heirs of the Archdukes of Westerwald. There was no reason why Christian should own a ring unless it was got by illegal means. She is asked to get to the bottom of the mystery; However Christian has his own mystery that he wants to get to the bottom of. There is an immediate tension between the two characters with a lot of prejudgments being responsible for a lot of the discourse.

I don’t want to go into any more detail that that as it would give away too much of the great story. I admit at times I was confused by the hierarchy that is mentioned in the book, but as you continue to read you understand and recognise the need for it. I really enjoyed the fact that it is in modern times and shows how the media and expectations can affect different rolls in life.

The story was really good and I liked how as it continued you were made to warm to both the characters of Christian and Tessa and began to feel sympathy and understanding towards them both. I was annoyed with Stefan as who would leave his beautiful fiancée, Tessa, to plan a wedding whilst he was working away to only turn up just before the wedding. However the fact that she is working in the demanding role as Christians PA means that she has to hand over the planning of her wedding to her PA Anna and her new friend and set designer Lee. As the filming is due to finish a week before the wedding planned for the 14th February she would have time then for any last minute input.

I really enjoyed the balcony scene and was laughing at the thought of both the men in the balcony in the snow in various stages of dress. I wouldn’t have minded a peep at that! I admit I have always had a bit of a soft spot for a bad boy image and this one is of a bad boy for reason that is revealed through the book. Although I say bad boy he is a bad boy with standards and never goes after another man’s woman! I am off to buy the other books that come before this as I am sure they are just as good.


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