Dec 14, 2015

Book Review: The Things We Do for Love by Alice Peterson

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Review by Suze

January raises her daughter Isla on her own. It isn't always easy to be a single parent with a daughter who isn't healthy, but January can manage. She loves her daughter very much and having Isla is the best thing that ever happened to her. January works for an estate agent. Her boss is a kind older man who's also a really good friend. Only it's time for him to leave the firm to retire. Ward, his replacement, is a challenge. He isn't as easy to deal with and there's tension between them. He isn't an open person. Will January be able to keep her finally nice and safe life or will there be too many changes all at once?

Alice Peterson is an emphatic author. She knows how to write about feelings in detail and her descriptions are always spot-on. Because of that I always feel involved when I'm reading her books. January and Isla are very close and I loved reading about both mother and daughter. They have a great outlook on life and even though a lot has happened to them they're still cheerful and open people. I liked that very much.

The Things We Do for Love is a beautiful story about love in plenty of different classifications and aspects. It's heartwarming to read about January and the people she cares about. I love how Alice Peterson writes romantic stories that have a lot of depth. There are so many layers in her book when it comes to relationships, history and feelings. The reader will read about every key moment in January's past and present and therefore gets the chance to know her through and through. That's what I liked most about this book, being able to come so close to the main character. The Things We Do for Love is a unique love story, it's special in countless ways.


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