Dec 12, 2015

Book Review: Midnight at Tiffany's by Sarah Morgan

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Review by Suze

Matilda's dream is to be an author. Being a waitress pays the bills, but she writes whenever she can. She's living in New York, the city where anything is possible. When one night she has to work at a party hosted by Chase Adams things aren't going the way she planned. The beginning of the night is a disaster and the end of it is like a fairytale... Only, it's a dream, isn't it?

Midnight at Tiffany's is such a lovely romantic story. It's great cheerful reading material. Matilda is endearing. I liked the fact that she's writing and also that she's chasing her dreams even though she's scared. Chase has forgotten how to be a person instead of a money making machine. The only thing he still does is work, but deep down the real Chase is still there. It was fun to see him change. 

Sarah Morgan always writes great love stories. Midnight at Tiffany's has that typical sweet Sarah Morgan quality that makes you fall in love with the story and the characters. It doesn't matter if her stories are long or short I always feel better after reading them. I highly recommend this amazing novella.


  1. It's not for sale at the moment :( It looks really good!

  2. Great review Suze! Looking forward to this one :)

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  4. Midnight at Tiffany's was a best short story and a great way to start a new series. I can see myself in Matilda, so I can feel how awkward she was at times. I realize it is just a introduction to the series yet I am still not that into the entire insta-love thing. It was extremely adorable consideration. Custom Assignment -

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