Dec 7, 2015

Book Review: Greedily Yours Episode 1 - Taste Test by Emma Hamilton

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Review by Tanya

Mia Maxell is a food lover and she has used her love of food to help her career and runs her own food PR consultancy. She also writes her own blog “Culinary Confessions of a Greedy Girl”. She is very good at her job and helps to organise festivals with lots of food stands and food themes. Her blog is fun to read and she often benefits from the travelling that she does with her long term boyfriend Paul.  

Mia’s passion for food is obvious in the way that she enjoys and describes it and this makes this book ideal for some fantastic recipes with amazingly tasty if not low fat food. In fact Mia writes in her blog “in my humble opinion it’s not money but food that makes the world go around”. Mia’s best friend and flatmate, Lizzie, is also a great cook and owns her own café where she makes her own cakes which sound outstanding (Lavender Dream). She also has pop up store in some of the food fetes that Mia helps to organise.

Lizzie is an amazing support to Mia and they spend all their time together talking and trying to solve problems, mostly discussing Mia’s love or lack of love life. They also like to eat and cook together with Mia being the chopper and prep chef with Lizzie being the cook. The combination and friendship that they have is fantastic and nothing is out of bounds for them to discuss. 

Mia is really struggling to understand where her relationship with Paul is going and is not sure if he really is her future. He often seems aloof and spends more time exercising and in work than with her. He does not like to be close and hold each other or often show affection. He doesn’t not ring her or answer text messages regularly and she is worried that this is not what a proper relationship should be like. Maybe the yearly break of a trip to Cornwall to organise a food festival for Lord Trelawney would be what she needs so that she could have a think. She loves visiting Cornwall and specifically the manor where she is comfortable with the company and enjoys the home cooked food and environment.

However unknown to her Lord Trelawney has had a medical scare and was not there to pick her up. This was the beginning of a change to the normal easy events when the rude Tom picks her up and lets her know he has far better things to do than look after a London City Girl that does not know her way around the countryside. They hardly had a conversation during her stay that was pleasant but she could not get him out of her mind. I really enjoyed how they rubbed each other up the wrong way but could see that there is some tension there that was good for both of them.

The end of the novella left me wanting more and I immediately started reading the next even though it was 2 am. 


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