Dec 8, 2015

Australia Days Book Review: Naked by Eliza Redgold

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Review by Suze

Lady Godiva is the woman who rode naked on a horse through Coventry. She rode through the town only covered by her beautiful long hair to make sure her husband, Lord Leofric, would lower the sky high taxes he demanded of the people of the town. 

Lady Godiva meets Lord Leofric when her people are in danger. They form an alliance, but it will cost her more than she'd ever thought it would. Lady Godiva is fierce, she isn't afraid to fight and she loves her people. She wants to rule them fairly and kindly. She's strong willed and stubborn and also absolutely stunning. Lord Leofric is dangerous, but also handsome and intriguing. Lady Godiva has a lot to lose, including her heart...

I can't even begin to express how much I loved Naked. It's a story that went straight to my heart and it will always remain there. I can and will reread this book over and over again. I love Eliza Redgold's beautiful writing, her heroic main character and her vivid descriptions. This story is special in so many ways. Eliza Redgold has made Lady Godiva come to life in such a fantastic way. She's strong, she's powerful, she can stand up for herself, she's passionate and she stands for what she believes in while at the same time she's vulnerable and is looking for love just like everyone else. In other words, she's a great example and a lady to love. 

If you like an intelligent story that has a good flow and is pleasant to read you will love this book. It's one of those rare gems you only come across every now and then. Naked is a book to love and cherish. I hope that Lady Godiva's life was exactly like Eliza Redgold describes. It's romantic, raw and pure. I fell in love with this book from the first sentence and am very sure you will as well.


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I am so glad you love Lady Godiva as much as I do!

  2. I have also reviewed this book for and indeed it's very interesting and I really like the author's writing style and the way she expresses the heroine's feelings and thoughts


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