Dec 3, 2015

Australia Days Fabulous Freebie Book Review: Lethal in Love Episode 1 by Michelle Somers

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Review by Anniek

Jayda is a homicide detective. She comes in action when a dead body turns up. She is feisty and also a bit of a loner. Jayda and her partner Chase are the lead investigators when a serial killer starts leaving victims again after 25 years of silence. They never caught him all of those years ago and now he's back. Jayda has big shoes to fill as her father was a detective before he retired. He was very well respected during his years on the force. Will Jayda be able to stop the Night Terror Killer before he takes more lives?

Chase had a little thing for Jayda. They almost had a slip-up together but in the end it didn't happen. Jayda sees this as a good thing because she wants to stay professional and she knows that Chase will always have her back. Sean is a journalist who is not happy with his current job. He is looking for the perfect story to give him the boost he needs to get better offers. Is the Night Terror case the one he needs?

Lethal in Love Episode 1 will deal with all the things I mentioned above. It reads like a television series. My number one addiction is, obviously, books but number two, television series, is not far behind. I love the fact that this story feels like this. In the evening I always want to watch a little bit of television, but a movie is usually too long, so I love to watch an episode of one of my favorite series. They take no more than 45 minutes of my time and then I can also still do other things. Often this will be reading. You can finish an episode of the Lethal in Love series easily in one evening as well.

Michelle Somers did an amazing job in writing a fast-paced story. She will keep you guessing from page one and makes you hungry for more after the ending of an episode. Since the very first lines I find myself guessing who the serial killer is. Now I have to keep reading until I finished all the six episodes to see if I am right. Like every good episode the first part of this story has an open end, so it will seduce you to come back for more. I cannot wait to be reading the other episodes. I guess I found myself another addiction.


  1. Wow, what a lovely review!
    Thank you so much Anniek for your lovely words. You've made my day!
    I look forward to hearing how you go with episode 2 :)
    Happy reading.

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