Dec 3, 2015

Australia Days Book Review: Heir to Greyladies

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Review by Suze

Harriet's father dies at the worst possible moment. Unfortunately that leaves her in the care of her greedy stepmother. Her stepbrother is evil and he has awful plans for and with Harriet. Instead of continuing her education Harriet has to go into service which means she can escape him as long as she's employed. She finds a job at the big Danton House. The owners have a crippled son, Joseph. Soon Joseph and Harriet are becoming friends. When Harriet's situation is about to change again Joseph is there to accompany her. but will she ever be able to feel safe from her evil stepmother and stepbrother?

Heir to Greyladies is a wonderful story about a very sweet girl who hasn't had much luck in life. That might change because of Greyladies. Harriet is such an amazing main character, she's kind, loving and helpful and she doesn't deserve to be treated appallingly. Joseph is equally lovable, but his family doesn't see it. I constantly felt for him as he has so much to offer. It was such a joy to read about their friendship. They've been brought to life so well that I had the idea I could see and hear them which made me love this novel even more.

Anna Jacobs knows how to write a story. I enjoyed reading this book very, very much. I'm glad there are more Geyladies books. I highly recommend this heartwarming and romantic novel. It ends with a great cliffhanger which, given how good the rest of the story already is, is the cherry on the cake. I can't praise this book enough, I liked it a lot. 


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