Dec 19, 2015

Agi & Suze's Christmas Countdown: Interview with Debbie Johnson & Giveaway!

About Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson is an author of women’s fiction for HarperImpulse, Harper Collins, supernatural crime for Avon, and fantasy for Del Ray. Let’s welcome the one and only and very talented Debbie Johnson – and if you want to chat to her, follow her on Twitter.


1) What’s your best Christmas memory?

There are so many lovely ones when you have children, but I especially treasure my daughter when she wasabout 3, coming downstairs all fat and cuddly, saying she’d been kept awake ALL night by reindeer hooves dancing on the roof! We live near the coast, so it could have been seagulls! I also cherish a memory of a Christmas when my mum, who died a few years ago, came down to Oxford to visit me when I was living there – she suffered poor health later in life, so recalling her at a stage when she was fit and independent enough to travel on the train alone is really nice.

2) What are your 3 favourite Christmas reads?

Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Snowman and a really good current festive romance – I’ve especially liked Carmel Harrington’s Every Time A Bell Rings this year.

3) If you could choose one person, dead or alive, to celebrate a one time special Christmas with, who would you choose and why?

From the real world, too many people – my mum and dad, my dad’s partner, and two of my closest friends, all of whom died in autumn and in the run-up to Christmas. I’d love one more conversation, one more chance to say I love you. But that’s a bit macabre – instead, maybe I’ll have a wonderfully snowy Christmas in front of a roaring log fire in a cabin in the Alps, with James Bond! There’d be lots of booze and good food and…other stuff!

4) What are your thoughts about Santa?

He seems like a cool dude – never met him though! Having played Santa for my kids for a number of years now, I really appreciate how hard his job is!

5) What are your best and worst Christmas gifts and why?

Best gifts for me are always books, but my husband and I also have a habit of getting each other very silly autographed photos. I’ve got him the cast of Lovejoy and Jeeves and Wooster, and my favourite from him is of David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth! They’s displayed in frames in our hallway, and cause much confusion to visitors! Worst gift ever…from my teenaged son, who was going through a real ‚whatever!’ phase and forgot to get anybody any gifts. So he made me a bracelet out of string with old foreign coins glued onto it, thinking I’d see it as cute…I didn’t. I saw it as him having forgotten to get me a Christmas present and having to make one from items he found on his bedroom floor!

6) Your favourite Christmas song?

Last Christmas by Wham!

7) Your favourite Christmas movie?

Bad Santa

8) Top 3 books that you’re giving as Christmas presents?

I’m giving my own away to one friend, because she’s asked for it! I’ve bought my daughter the complete Enid Blyton Mysteries set, and my middle son the latest David Walliams. There are always lots and lots of book-shaped gifts under our Christmas tree!

9) Most favourite and least favourite part of Christmas?

Favourite: spending time with family, totally relaxed and away from the stresses of work and the real world. Least favourite: the horrible bit straight after, where people go back to work, and everyone is really depressed!

10) I must ask, sorry – the best Christmas food is…?

Savouries for me – roast spuds and stuffing with the turkey!


One very lucky reader of our blogs will receive digital copies of Cold Feet at Christmas and Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Jumper, both really great books. Good luck!


  1. LOL! Yes, most people look forward to the Holidays so much, they always dread going back to work again once the weekend is over. I think it's worse for those who work with customer service! They go back to work the next day and have to deal with all the people returning gifts.

  2. Totally fun interview, and even thought it's not my fave, I have to admit to enjoying Bad Santa, too! (lol) Potatoes are great, I agree that once Christmas is over, there seems to be a big letdown that everything is over so quickly! Love the covers of the books and Merry Christmas! Hugs...RO

  3. My favorite Christmas memory: playing games together is our activity. From playing a traditional game of charades, to playing my kids' favorite board games & video games, having fun together is such a great way to spend the holiday.

  4. There is a let down after Christmas. I totally agree.

    I grew up reading all of the Enid Blyton books.

  5. I love all the Christmas food but not Christmas pudding yuk xx

  6. I love all the Christmas food but not Christmas pudding yuk xx

  7. WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER? We are going out for dinner. As there are 8 adults and 2 children who all want something different. Plus it stops everyone having to listen to my rock music (what's wrong with Foo Fighters music at Christmas lol) while I wash up. :) Merry Christmas xx

  8. This is the first year that I'm working the whole Christmas season and it's the worse thing ever!! Your memories are very sweet, one of my favorite Christmas I remember was the last Christmas I didn't know who was Santa, it was so special.

  9. Thank you for the introduction to Debbie Johnson and her books. I enjoyed your review and learning new information about the authors and their books. Have a great Christmas and a bright, shiny New Year.

  10. I've read some fab reviews for Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Jumper, Debbie! Have a good Christmas. Hope you get James in your stocking. Um... :) xx

  11. Like Debbie, it's all about the savouries for me too - turkey, pigs in blankets and roast potatoes, yum!

  12. my fave christmas movie is muppets christmas carol xx

  13. favourite christmas song is Driving home for Christmas

  14. Every Christmas I watch "Home Alone" with my children. They love it!

  15. My favourite christmas movie is a muppets christmas carol

  16. Our favourite movie is a Christmas story

  17. I love the film miracle on 34th street.

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