Dec 16, 2015

Agi & Suze's Christmas Countdown: Interview with Sheryl Browne & Giveaway

About Sheryl Browne

Sheryl Browne writes edgy, sexy, heart-wrenching fiction and has seven books published. Sheryl says:

„After a tumultuous few years, I am at last feeling proud of my writing endeavours. However, none of this would have been possible without the wonderful support of readers, book bloggers and reviewers, without which I would have given up. I can’t thank those people enough.

Information about my books, together with snippets from reviews, can be found on this site , so please do take a look around. Please also feel free to contact me – I’d love to hear from you, or take a peek at my blog to see what I’m up to. You can also find me on Facebook or Twitter.”


What’s your best Christmas memory?

Getting a proper bicycle with a bell on it. Please see ‘best and worst gifts’ below.

What are your 3 favourite Christmas reads?

Fairy Tale in New York by Nicky Wells, The Art of Christmas by Jane Lovering and One Wish in Manhattan by Mandy Baggot. All beautiful books to curl up with, Christmas chocs and mulled wine to hand.

If you could choose one person, dead or alive, to celebrate a one time special Christmas with, who would you choose and why?

My mum. I lost her when I was young. She had seven children. Yup, seven. Remembering how hard she worked, I’d love to give her a beautiful Christmas where she didn’t have to lift a finger.

What are your thoughts about Santa?

They really ought to give him an all year round job.

What are your best and worst Christmas gifts and why?

Best: A bike! I was all grown up at the time, but I so wanted a traditional ladies bike. My partner bought one for me. He hid it in a neighbour’s garage and presented me with it after dinner, a proper bicycle with a bell and a basket and little roses on the frame. Worst: A peg bag. Say no more.

Your favourite Christmas song?

A Winter’s Tale by David Essex. I challenge you to watch the video and not drool.

Your favourite Christmas movie?

My fave would have to be Finding Nemo (don’t tell anyone, but my partner’s eyes welled up!). How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey ranks up there too.

Top 3 books that you’re giving as Christmas presents?

Ahem. I have to admit they’re all by one author: John Donoghue’s, Police, Crime & 999, Police, Lies & Alibis and Shakespeare My Butt. I badly needed something to cheer me up after my partner’s cancer diagnosis and his undergoing various surgeries (he’s doing fabulously now, btw!). You can probably guess then that this author had his work cut out. He succeeded. I laughed until I cried. Anyhow, long story short, my partner nicked my print copy of his latest, Police, Arrests & Suspects and now he wants the rest. The books are just sidesplittingly hilarious and, as you can gather, made my partner hoot too. Job done!

Most favourite and least favourite part of Christmas?

Fave: Watching my foster dogs open their pressies.

Least fave: Knowing there are people who are lonely, hurting or frightened who will never now the luxury of Christmas.

I must ask, sorry – the best Christmas food is…?

Christmas pud! It wouldn’t be Christmas without it.


One very lucky reader of our blog will receive an ebook by Sheryl Browne, winner's choice. Good luck!


  1. I love all these interviews. My favourite Christmas food is my hubbys homemade stuffing yum xx

  2. My favorite Christmas memory: My family open presents in the evenings. It's a tradition that impatient uninitiated boyfriends and girlfriends have had to cope with over the years. After lunch, my grandfather would take his overexcited grandchildren out to walk the equally overexcited dogs. This was always an extra long route to admire the village lights allowing everyone to wash up. Returning home the family would spread out over two rooms and my grandfather would, as head of the family, hand out presents. So the ceremony would begin, but only when he had found his reading glasses and the labels so the ceremony went on for hours. One year we tested my loving grandparents patience by dressing up as the nativity with my newly born cousin playing baby Jesus. To her credit my wonderful grandmother found blue and white sheets and tea towels. The dogs did remarkably well as stand in donkeys. I don't have a picture but I can close my eyes and remember me, my brother and my cousins now. My grandfather is much missed now but we still carry on the tradition of opening the presents in the evening. My dad still loses the labels.

  3. I love Stuffing, as much as possible, with yorkies and gravy, of course :)

  4. A bike is a great gift. I received a fishing tackle box once, but I think the peg bag even beats that.

  5. WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR CHRISTMAS? Sister and brother-in-law are coming over from the USA (and staying until just after the New Year) and we are all going out for Christmas dinner. We are then going to look for a new dog (when the rescue centre opens) as we lost ours in April and have decided it's too quiet without one. :)

  6. Nice interview and I like both those movies too.

  7. favourite christmas song is Silent night and Driving home for Christmas by Chris Rea :)

  8. I love Yorkshire puddings with gravy

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