Nov 1, 2015

Halloween Fabulous Freebie Book Review: David Warkentin's Death by Halloween

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Review by Anniek

This book is all about YOU. Death by Halloween is an interactive 'choose your own adventure' story. You start in the safety of your own home and from there you decide what you do and where you will go. Will you choose to stay in areas with lots of people and be relatively safe or will you be a daredevil and seek out danger? It is really is all up to you.

Of course your choices will also bring you monsters and perhaps even death if you choose the wrong course. This book promises you over 100 choices and more than 50 endings. You can also be sure about running into all kind of horrors like ghosts, zombies, demons and murderers. How will your story end?

I loved the fact that I could choose my own way. It's like writing your own book without actually having to use your pen and paper (or computer). Because of all the different choices you can create a different story each time. During the story I felt compelled to choose the more dangerous paths and couldn't stop reading to find out what my choice would bring me.

Death by Halloween will keep you busy for lots of hours. For me this was the first time I read an interactive story but it certainly will not be my last. David Warkentin's adventure got me hooked and I am in need of more. Until I find a good new interactive book this one will keep me busy until the late hours of the night.

Because of the graphic scenes and violence this book is meant for the adult readers among us. Join me with you own adventure and enjoy the horrors that will have you hiding under the covers.


  1. Sounds like a fun read, thanks for the review, loved it!

  2. Never read an interactive story sounds great


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