Nov 24, 2015

Book Review: The Winter Wedding by Abby Clements

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Review by Suze

Hazel has a creative job at a TV production company and is being promised a promotion. She needs the money, because her sister Lila has just moved out of their apartment and she can't afford to stay there on her own. Hazel and Lila are twins, they have always been close, but their personalities are very different. Lila is a ballet dancer who's still waiting for her big break. She has found the love of her life and she and Ollie want to get married as soon as possible. When their wedding planner cancels Lila asks Hazel if she wants to plan her wedding. Hazel loves doing something this meaningful for her sister and she does it well, so well that she's being asked to plan another wedding. And another one... She's great at looking after other couples, but what about Hazel's own love life?

The Winter Wedding is such a wonderful story. It's perfect to read on a cold winter evening. This book has everything I love; sisters, cake, creative main characters, romance, weddings and friendship. I started reading as soon as it landed in my mailbox and I read it in one sitting. The story enchanted me and I couldn't put it away. I love the way Abby Clements writes her novels, they're sweet and vivid with main characters the readers will love immediately.There's always a lot going on and the stories are fast-paced, but they also have a dreamy quality which makes them soft and smooth at the same time. 

Abby Clements writes books I really love. I've read all of her books and highly recommend each of them. The Winter Wedding is another great one. I enjoyed reading this story very much. I especially loved how Abby Clements manages to make Hazel's creations come to life and how Lila is almost dancing off the pages. It was like I could see them and it's clear there's a lot of vision behind those scenes, that's why I enjoyed that aspect of the story the most. I'm definitely going to read this book again, it's already one of my all-time winter favorites. 


  1. I have never read anything by this author but this sounds great

    1. You will love them, so you should definitely give them a try :).

  2. I love Abby's books too! Can't wait for this one to arrive ist my door! :)

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