Nov 5, 2015

Book Review: Something Only We Know by Kate Long

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Review by Suze

Jen and her sister Helen are both still living with their parents. Jen works for a local newspaper as a trainee and has a horrible boss. Her sister Helen is the beautiful one of the two who's always getting the attention. Helen isn't healthy and everyone is always looking after her. She has a lot of secrets though and Jen wants to find out what they are, but being let into Helen's world also has a price...

Jen isn't lucky in love. She has a boyfriend who's in politics and he's always there for everyone. When he has a special guest Jen isn't happy with, it's putting a lot of pressure on their relationship. She wants what her sister has. Helen has Jen's dream boyfriend. Someone Jen can never have...

Something Only We Know is a beautiful story about two sisters who are very different from each other. They still live at home and their parents play an important role in their lives. Jen's mother constantly worries about Helen and that doesn't leave Helen much freedom. The family dynamics are making the story really interesting. I could immediately picture what it was like at their home and that made me want to keep reading. The story is interesting and moving. It enchanted me from the beginning, I couldn't stop reading. 

Kate Long has written about Helen's illness in such a sensitive way. It makes the reader understand the situation very well. Reading this story was like looking into a house, being allowed to see what's happening behind a door that's normally closed. What I also enjoyed was reading about Jen's work. It was great to see what kind of articles she had to write and the way she writes them. There are so many aspects that are making this story very special, I can't praise this book enough. I liked it a lot and it's a novel I will definitely read again. 

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