Nov 16, 2015

Book Review: The Snow Sister by Emma Carroll

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Review by Suze

Pearl's parents don't have much money. The holidays aren't very joyous in her family ever since Agnes, Pearl's sister, died. It's nearly Christmas and Pearl has a tradition, making a snow sister. She misses her sister dearly and still thinks about her all the time. Making a snow sister is a way to feel a bit closer to Agnes again. When Pearl's father receives a letter about an inheritance Pearl's mother sends her to the shop to buy ingredients for a real Christmas dinner. Only there things don't go exactly according to plan for Pearl...

The Snow Sister is such a beautiful story about love, kindness and family. I read it with tears in my eyes. Pearl is a sweet girl who deserves a happy Christmas. The setting is perfect and there's snow, which gives the story the right atmosphere. I love that it's old fashioned, which suits the story really well. Pearl is a wonderful main character, she certainly has the right Christmas spirit. 

The cover of this book is stunning. The Snow Sister is a festive fairy tale with beautiful drawings. Both children and adults will love this story. Everything's exactly right and that makes this amazing story absolutely perfect. The ending is wonderful and it contains a great message that nobody should ever forget.


  1. I love novels about sisters, and this one seems to be a very original Christmas' themed story...I'd love to read it as well!

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