Nov 3, 2015

Book Review: The Sister Pact by Stacie Ramey

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Review by Suze

Leah is the star in Allie's life. Allie adored her perfect big sister. Why did she kill herself and why did she do it on her own? Allie wants to know the truth, but does she really? Allie keeps seeing Leah, but that can't be real, because Leah is dead. She lives with her mother who has her own problems. Her father isn't the kind and loving type. She has nobody who supports her, except maybe Nick. Nick is a good guy from school who's there for her when Allie needs him, but is he right for her? Will Allie be able to handle the truth about Leah and what happened the night she killed herself?

The Sister Pact is quite a shocking book about two sisters who made a pact together, only one of them didn't stick to the plan. Now Allie is left behind with a lot of questions. She's looking for comfort in the same way as her mother and sister. Does it help and is it right? I often felt so sad for her and wanted to tell her to make wiser decisions. It's up to her to decide though and I kept hoping she would see the error of her ways. Allie is traumatized and hurt and in her hurt she isn't looking out for herself well enough.

The Sister Pact isn't light reading. It's a crude and heavy story. It's moving, sometimes so much that I found it tough to keep reading. I was very much affected by this story. It's about pain, but also about hope. Stacie Ramey is a good writer, I liked her style. I also loved the artistic sides of both Leah and Allie. She uses their creativity to give them personalities. Allie communicates through her art and the descriptions of her work and use of colors are dynamic and they make her come to life really well. Because I could picture everything so vividly I felt like I could almost touch Allie's hurt. It's often connected to her sister and it's like a main character. I was certainly impressed by everything I read. What happens is horrible sometimes and Stacie Ramey makes the reader face it all. The Sister Pact is raw, terrible and absolutely amazing at the same time.


  1. "I felt like I could almost touch Allie's hurt" - that is an amazing writer if she's doing that for you!!! I saw this book but I somehow knew I would be crushed by the seriousness of the story. But man!!!! If only I could read it ;) Great review!!!

  2. I'd love to read this book, your review makes me want to read it more! Will be adding to my "To read" list, thanks.


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