Nov 6, 2015

Book Review: How to Stuff Up Christmas by Rosie Blake

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Review by Suze

Eve finds out her fiance is cheating on her in the most horrible way. To get away from the heartbreak she finds a pottery course and leaves London to live in a wonderful houseboat in Pangbourne. She takes her dog with her for company. Fortunately she isn't very lonely because she meets Greg, a local vet. He's teaching her how to cook and they're having a great time together. Only there's something Greg isn't telling Eve. What is it? And what are Eve's friends at home keeping from her? Eve's Christmas will definitely be very different from the one she had the year before...

Even though Eve has been hurt and is sad because of her breakup How to Stuff Up Christmas is fun. There are some fabulous scenes that made me laugh out loud. I loved reading about the difficult situations Eve manages to get herself into. Combined with the quaint setting and some wonderful, simple recipes this book has all the right ingredients to be a very enjoyable Christmas read.

Greg and Eve are both likable main characters. They have a strong connection from the start. Another fabulous main character is Eve's dog Marmite. He has such a fun personality and his actions kept making me smile. I always like it when a pet has such an important role to play in a story. Rosie Blake managed to capture the right Christmas spirit. I loved the good food, cozy atmosphere, creativity, real winter weather and plenty of heartwarming scenes.

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