Nov 23, 2015

Book Review: French Kissing by Lynne Shelby

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Review by Suze

Anna and Alexandre have been penfriends ever since they were teenagers. They met once when they were thirteen and kept in touch ever since. Fifteen years later Alex is coming to London to work there for a couple of months. He's from France, but he has an English mother. He's a photographer and needs a change of scenery because of a bad breakup. When Anna sees him again she's amazed as the geeky teenager Alex has grown into a very handsome man.

Anna and Alex are very close, but they're just friends as Anna has a boyfriend. She an Nick have been together for a while now and while everyone else around her is idolizing Alex Anna sees him as just a friend. A good looking one, but still the friendly guy she exchanged letters with for years...

French Kissing is a sweet and fun story about two people who mainly know each other through numerous letters. I love books about letters and really liked the idea behind this one. I enjoyed the story which is lovely and flirty. Lynne Shelby knows how to build tension and how to keep it. French Kissing is a light and entertaining read, the perfect cheer-up-reading-material. 

Alex is a lovely guy both on the outside and the inside. I liked how women were all battling for his attention. The type of man he is suits the story very well. His English is perfect, but he's still noticeably French, which is a clever achievement of Lynn Shelby. Anna is kind, loyal and generous. Having Alex in her life makes her think about what she wants and where she's going. That was something I really enjoyed reading about. There was one minor detail that could have been better and that was that the editing should have been a bit tighter here and there. The book is absolutely wonderful, so it didn't really bother me, but I did notice. I had a smile on my face after reading this book and loved the ending. I highly recommend this story. Especially if you're a fan of penpalling or used to have a high school pen friend, like me. 

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