Nov 22, 2015

Book Review: Crow Mountain by Lucy Inglis

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Review by Suze

The English Hope and her mother are staying on a ranch in Montana. They're guests of the family who's running it and Hope's mother has work to do in the area. The ranch has been in the Crow family for several generations. Cal is the youngest family member and he's showing Hope around. In the 19th century an English girl named Emily also traveled to Montana. She's there to marry an American man, but meets someone special to her on the way. His name is Nate. Hope finds Emily's diary and reads it together with Cal. There are plenty of similarities between the lives of the two girls even though they lived in completely different times...

Crow Mountain consists of two stories, one set in the past and the other in the present. I found them both equally fantastic. I loved reading about Emily's life and her adventure. It was great to learn some more about Montana's history. I also really liked reading about Hope and Cal. They have quite a lot of issues to deal with and they're both strong people. I would really like to visit the ranch. Lucy Inglis describes it so vividly that I wanted to go there immediately and the idea of traveling to Montana at some point is still in my head. I fell in love with the landscape just by reading about it in this book. Lucy Inglis chosen such an impressive area for her story, I really enjoyed finding out more about it.

 Life isn't without sorrows and Lucy Inglis describes them in a beautiful way. I loved how she takes the time to get into the heads of her main characters. It makes the story both extra believable and very good. What surprised me the most was the ending of both stories. I found them equally strong and I shed a few tears. I love it when I'm feeling so much while reading a story. Everything is exactly right and as it should be, I especially enjoyed the amazing setting, the excellent writing, the thorough research and the romance of both stories. I highly recommend Crow Mountain, it's a brilliant read.

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  1. I found the cover of this book simply lovely. Too bad I'm with a row of books to read 103 books!


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