Nov 22, 2015

Book Review: The Cherry Tree Café by Heidi Swain

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Review by Tanya
Lizzie finds herself returning to her old village of Wynbridge where she lives above a cafe that her best friend and her husband, Jemma and Tom is trying to set up. She finds returning hard especially as it means the possibility of bumping into and interacting with her mum who is not an easy person to be around. Being in the village also means seeing Ben Fletcher again, a man she secretly had a crush on in her teenage years, as he is also helping with the setting up of the cafe and is living with her best friend and her husband. However the relationship between them does not get off to a flying start and things are strained.

The Cherry Tree Café starts of quite depressing with Lizzie expecting an exciting proposal on her birthday and the anniversary of her meeting her partner Giles. He sends her to an exclusive spa for the day where she is spoilt and arranges to meet her in one of their favourite restaurants where he drops a clanger which changes things completely. 

The characters in the book, well the majority of them, are lovely and I really found myself warming to them and wanting to meet them. I also want to go to the cafe and go to the craft classes as they sound up my street. It is always something that I wanted to set up for children and parents myself, except I cannot cook and I am also not that great at crafts. I got upset for the characters when they had a fallout or when they weren’t open with each other but I also found myself shouting to forgive. I loved the change in the character of her mum and how they learnt to develop a surprising friendship and understanding. 

There were enough twists and turns that kept you hooked and these influenced the characters in different ways. I was really glad with the ending of the story and how it worked out. Well done Heidi. Heidi also posts encouraging daily posts on Facebook and is a pleasure to chat with. This is the debut book of Heidi Swain and it is a great one that has me waiting for the release of her next book. 

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