Nov 12, 2015

Review: The Boy at the Bakery by Katey Lovell

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Review by Suze

Lily likes the boy behind the counter at the bakery. She's a regular customer and it's just because she wants to see him...

The Boy at the Bakery is one of Katey Lovell's wonderful dreams. It's perfect to read in a waiting room or just before you go out and have a few minutes left to relax. It's also great cheer up material. I love the way she writes, it's filled with promise.

The Meet Cute Series is a wonderful series of short stories. What I like so much about them is that they leave room for me to use my imagination. I think that's what makes them so great. Plus of course the fact that they're very romantic...


  1. These do sound really cute, glad you enjoyed

  2. Ohmygosh this is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing this, Suze!! <3 *O*

    Fiona | A Girl Between the Pages


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