Nov 20, 2015

Book Review: Another Man's Child by Anne Bennett

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Review by Suze

Celia is used to a secluded life on an Irish farm. Her parents are strict and she doesn't go out much. When she meets farmhand Andy who's working on the farm next door she instantly likes him. Only Celia's father doesn't approve of him, because he is the second son of a farmer and therefore not the one who will inherit his father's farm. Celia's father goes quite far in preventing his daughter from seeing Andy. She's unhappy at home and because they don't see any other way to be together Celia and Andy elope. 

On the boat to England Celia meets lady Annabel, who's younger than she is and who has a problem. She's on her way to see her brother and asks Celia to be her ladies maid. That means Celia already has a job before she even sets foot in England, but it doesn't mean the months that will follow are going to be easy and carefree. There's trouble ahead for Celia and Andy and there are several tough choices they need to make...

Another Man's Child is a great story about a strong girl with a good heart. I love the way Anne Bennett tells her stories. They're always so complete and I admire her skill. I really like the twists and turns she comes up with. This story managed to surprise me plenty of times. I enjoyed reading about Celia's life, both on the farm in Ireland and in England. Celia and Andy are young when they're leaving Ireland and they have to grow up quickly. I loved the way Anne Bennett describes both of their paths and the obstacles they come across. I was completely engrossed in their story and couldn't put it down.

The main characters all have distinctive personalities. Because of how well Anne Bennett makes them come to life, I felt like I really got to know them. That also made me feel for them. The story is set in the twenties and it's just after the war which was a chaotic and difficult time for many people. I think the historical background was well researched and used in a really good way. It was like I was seeing a movie because of all the vivid descriptions. Anne Bennett is a writer who has a lot of experience and it shows. She also keeps finding new and original angles. I like that combination a lot. I think Another Man's Child is a fantastic book and I had such a wonderful time reading it. 

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