Nov 2, 2015

Agi and Suze's Christmas Countdown

Last year Agi and I organized a wonderful Christmas event. It was a big success, so we've decided to repeat it this year, but with a slightly different angle. The feature is for both authors and bloggers. We'll start on November 29th, the official start of the advent and will count down until December 24th. We would love it if every participant could answer a few Christmas related questions and donate a small giveaway. It's a lovely way to make someone happy, but also to find some new readers for your book(s) and/or blog. If you don't have a blog, but would like to participate you'll of course be very welcome.

For me Christmas is about sharing love and happiness. The size of the gift doesn't matter, it's the thought that counts. I love reading about Christmas traditions, special gestures and wonderful food and drinks. The idea behind our event is that it's something fun and heartwarming. I hope you will join us. If you'd like to take part you can send a message to,, or you can contact us on Facebook. 

We have a giveaway for those who are taking part as well. One of our participants will receive a lovely, personal surprise gift. I can't wait to celebrate Christmas and hope you will celebrate it with us. 

Love, Suze


  1. i love this idea.. if we have a blog you want us to put teh giveaway there or to tell you about it so you have teh rafflecopter here?

    1. Have the rafflecopter here, but you can also put we can also do a duo post and have it on your blog at the same time :). xx

    2. i will try to see what i can have as idea then, thank you a lot for answering me ( but then.. for you scarf or no scarf ;)))

  2. Replies
    1. Could you contact me via email on librarianlavender @ gmail . com?


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