Nov 2, 2015

A Little Bit of Sunshine in November

About Suze

Several of my friends have issues with the month November. Even the themes of a lot of my review books are sad. For many people November is the worst month of the year. The days are getting shorter, the weather is often grey and the winter isn't there yet, so there are many sad days to come. I wish I could swap continents sometimes for constant summer weather. November can also be a lot of fun though. For me it's usually a good month. I'm going to make my blog as cheerful as possible and am starting with this post. Her are some tips to make your November better:

1. Start your preparations for Christmas at the beginning of the month. Read a lovely Christmas book to get in the mood, get yourself some of your favorite Christmas candy and allow yourself some fun and festive music each day. It really helps.

2. Thinking sad thoughts always makes you feel worse. It's easier said than done to get rid of them, but being aware of this fact already helps a little bit. Try to change your sad thoughts into happy ones or find a distraction when you start to feel down.

3. Make sure you sing and dance for at least five minutes every day. Be as silly as you can. It helps to give you a boost.

4. Choose a book instead of watching a television show. Books generally make you happier than television. If you really need some cheering up reread your all time favorite story. It will definitely make your evenings better.

5. Treat yourself. Of course this doesn't mean you have to empty your bank account or eat everything in your cupboards, but do something nice just for you. Give yourself an early Christmas gift, buy a luxurious beauty product or get yourself that book that has been on your wish list for months. You can also bake a cake or get some delicious desert.

6. Go out and meet friends, your loved one(s) or family. Make sure your November is as social as possible. Meet people who make you feel loved and cherished and spend quality time with them.

7. Go to the cinema instead of watching a movie on the sofa like you usually do. Go to the theater to see a musical, visit a concert or go bowling or paint balling with your friends. A change of scenery often works and day or night out is the way to do it. 

8. When you feel good on the outside you'll feel better on the inside. Take good care of yourself. Go to the hairdresser, have your nails done or get that beautiful eye shadow, pamper yourself. Wear your best clothes and spend time on your appearance. It will help.

9. Stay away from too much comfort food. It will make you feel worse instead of better. Instead eat fruit and vegetables and if you want something sweet make sure it's worthwhile. 

10. Surround yourself with colors. Make sure your days are as bright as possible. Don't let the grey win. 


  1. some great tips but..; i do need my dose of comfort food^^;; ( i do eat fruits as well).. that's my treat to me i guess
    as for preparing gift... i'm fulling into that process... so far i'm completing the list of what i need to do so i'm waiting Suze asnwer then i can get into work

  2. We've just chosen & ordered the headstone for Dad's grave. This hit me hard; it's so final, I finally had to face up to the fact that I'd never see him again, never share jokes or be exasperated by his stubborness. I went to the grave yesterday to put fresh yellow roses on it and it was beautiful; misty, autumnal and so peaceful. I said my proper goodbye to him and walked home (we live in a tiny village). When I got back I wanted to lift my mood so I put on a diamanté tiara and earrings, got out the vacuum cleaner & went a bit mad around the house while singing my head off! Works for me!

    1. Sending you love and hugs to help you through this. And don't forget your dads love will always live on in your heart. xxx

    2. Ah, thank you Jayne, that's very kind of you.

  3. Some very hand tips there, thanks for these. I agree reading is much better than TV. Wishing you a lovely November. xxx

  4. Awww love you Suze for sharing these wonderful tips to make my Nov awesome! xx


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