Oct 28, 2015

Winners Dutch Days

2 Rituals packages - Nikolina V

Eveline's Garden - Heather S

Blond Amsterdam -  Soozle

Pip - Anastasiya K

Candy - Margaret I

Hi di Hi brown read bags - Jess M

Return to Sender - Shelly H

Delft Blue - Kat J

Rituals Ayurveda Gift Box - Christine S

Dutch Kawaii - Sarah E

Hema package - Sarah S

Stacked Book necklace - Ruth H

Crocheted Owl - Maida M

Druzy Agate necklace - Mary G

Hi di Hi handbag and wallet - Alexandra E

The Twins or The Angel Maker - Judy T

Aquamarine and orange bracelet - Jen7

Buddha bracelet - Jayne T

Wire wrapped earrings - Piroska B

Delft Blue bracelet - Colette P

Needle Heart Decoration - Clenna L

Shroomper - Judith C

Big last giveaway - Amber T

The Girl Who Wouldn't Die and The Girl Who Broke the Rules - 
Dawn O & Karl B & Rachel C & Julia B

If you are on this list and you didn't receive an email, then please contact me. 


  1. My necklace arrived today and I love it!

  2. Were Leon Day winners announced?

    1. Yes, a while ago already. But more winner announcements will follow soon, so good luck!

  3. Excited that I ended up winning those books, I really wanted them! I didn't get an email, but what's the best way to contact you??

    1. suzelavender@gmx.com You will love the books, they're fantastic!

    2. Woohoo!!!! Email sent!!! Thank you, Suze!!!

    3. Suze - I've sent two emails to you and haven't heard back yet but I'm really looking forward to receiving these books! My email address is pshteencolonna [at] yahoo [dot] com. Thanks!

  4. Congrats everyone x

  5. Congrats to all the winners! You had fantastic prices to give away Suze.

  6. I admit I'm jealous, but congratulations! ;)

  7. Congratulations to all of the winners!!! Hopefully, I'll get lucky soon too. :)

  8. I've just seen that I won the lovely Buddha bracelet, thank you so much Suze. I really liked that bracelet too, it's such a lovely colour and I love anything with Buddhas on. Well done to all the other winners xxx


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