Oct 31, 2015

Halloween Book review: Myth and Magic by Mae Clair

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Review by Suze

Breckwood Industries is an influential company, especially in Coldcreek, where the Breckwood family lives. They own several companies and a business oriented lodge. The lodge is supposed to be a place of peace and Veronica manages this retreat. When they were children she used to be best friends with Merlin and Caithelden Breckwood. Now Caith is living somewhere else. Instead of joining the family company he's a private investigator in Boston where he's living with his son. 

When strange things are happening at the Stone Willow Lodge Caith's brothers ask him to come back home to investigate the case. Even though awful memories will come to the surface again Caith agrees to help. That also means he will see Veronica for the first time after he left many years ago. Are they both ready for it and who's behind the occurrences at the lodge? It's close to Halloween and things are getting more and more creepy...

Myth and Magic is such a great romantic, mysterious story. It's the perfect Halloween read. So many mysterious things are happening at the lodge and Caith has been hired to find an explanation. That means he'll have to spend a lot of time with Veronica and he has some explaining to do. I loved the chemistry between them. I immediately liked them both. Caith has to overcome so much to be back in Coldcreek. Slowly his childhood traumas are being revealed. I was curious to find out why he and Veronica didn't end up together and couldn't stop reading until I found out what happened in the past. I felt so sad for the young Caith. Mae Clair has done a great job making the story come to life.

Both past and present are important in this book. It was definitely gripping and I read it in one sitting, because I couldn't put it down, which is always a good sign. I also loved the large family aspect. I immediately liked the Breckwoods and enjoyed reading about all of them. Myth and Magic is such a great story. I highly recommend it, especially because of the Halloween aspect. It was both fun and well developed. The combination of crimes that need to be solved and a beautiful romance works really well. If you're looking for a good thrilling read, you should definitely get this book.


  1. Oh Suze! When I saw that you were reading this I immediately wanted to know more about it. The title grabbed my attention as I thought it might be an academic study but then the dreaded 'R' word reared it's ugly head! Each to his own, I suppose, but Romance leaves me cold! I'll stick to Koontz, King and crime writers.

    1. It is a wonderful story though and the mystery and crime aspect is really good. Especially the finale.

    2. Oh, alright! If I come across it I will read it but skip the soppy bits!

    3. Oh, alright! If I come across it I will read it but skip the soppy bits!

  2. I saw on your blog that you were reading this book. The cover pulled me in immediately. Thank you for your review! this really sounds like a book I would LOVE!

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