Oct 30, 2015

Halloween - Book Review: Dead Stop by D. Nathan Hilliard

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Review by Anniek

Welcome to the Textro Truck Stop. Here you can eat, drink coffee and just come together. Because of a football match in Masonfield the Truck Stop is not packed with customers. The fact that most people are at the match maybe is their salvage. In the nearby cemetery the dead have come to life and are slowly crawling out of their graves. The lights of Textro are showing them where they can fill their need. The need to feed.

Who will be able to fight the living dead? The people at the Truck Stop are all very different. Marisa and Stacey are the waitresses. There's Harley who just came back to town after serving in the army and old grandpa Thomas who is a trucker. Deke is Harley's friend. Rachel is the town veterinarian and Gerard and Holly are just having a rest stop. There is a storm coming which will make things even more difficult to find a way out. Can they outlast the zombies long enough until dawn? Who will live and who will fall into the hungry hands of the dead...

Dead Stop gave me the creeps. I absolutely loved the way D. Nathan Hilliard built it up. He tells the story from different angles. Even the side of the zombies isn't forgotten. Some of the chapters I read after dark and I wouldn't recommend that... When I'm walking my dog on our last walk of the day I feel a lot less at ease than before. This book really stuck with me.

I love a good zombie book and this one definitely qualifies. You will be scared and intrigued at the same time. What I also found a big plus is that the writer even gives a somewhat logical explanation of the dead rising. This made it even more creepier, because it is not that far out there. If you are looking for a good scare and are willing to lose some hours of sleep then you have found your book!

I have looked at the other books of D. Nathan Hilliard and he really looks my kind of writer. Don't be surprised if you find more reviews in the future of some of his other books.

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