Oct 20, 2015

Giveaway winners!

Ceramic necklace red-green-brown - Karen H

Lush Hello Gorgeous - Trillina P

Lavera Sea Bucktorn set - Bube P

Blue Ceramic Necklace - Jill S

Brown mermaid bracelet - Drina C

Mermaid in a shell necklace - Kyla F

Explosion of Pink 2 - Gabbie G

Sea Weekend L'occitane - Gayle W

Dreamcatcher necklace feather - Dorothy C

3 color rose necklace - Judy S

Kawaii package Kawaii shop Japan - Carla F

Ceramic necklace - Alex R

Lush Splash Box - Ashton G

Sterling silver small 3 colored heart - Tanya P

Pink gemstone necklace - Ashley H

Sea weekend Sea glass - Yulya

Etsy blue elephant and pocket Yeti - Sarah B

Unakite necklace - Tammy D

Decodelire and L'Occitane - Jenn H

Green Villa Sorgenfrei necklace - Ruth H

Shell necklace - Betty W

The Summer We Loved & 10 x beauty lavender package - Gurdeep A

Pink bunny and carrot - Karin S

Lush All the Best - Hannah I

Red Dreamcatcher necklace - Mai T

Kawaii letter sets and memo pads - Margaret M

Blue Real Flower necklace from France - Jill O's

Blister pearl pendant - Kimberley T

Lush Rosie - Bube P

Opalite Star necklace - Jayne T

Shell Bracelet & earrings - Ines L 

Abalone and shell necklace - Pervin E

Bonne Mere Miel Bucket - Denisa I

Next Door to a Star & silver necklace  - Drina C


  1. Such an amazing prize! Thank you so much. I can't wait to receive it, eeeek! :D xx

    Ashton :: Beauty, Books and Babble

  2. wonderful!! thanks :D

  3. Not sure if it's me but if it is thank you so much ☺

  4. Not sure if it's me but if it is thank you so much ☺

  5. Suze, what ever happened to the "The Girl Who Broke the Rules" by Marnie Riches giveaway? Maybe I missed it, but I wasn't sure I ever saw anything about those winners. Thanks!

    1. I'm going to draw the Dutch Days winners in the next couple of days :). The last one has just ended and I'm going to announce them all at the same time. x

    2. Thank you so much for responding :) I'll keep an eye out!

  6. Always enter the competitions but never win

  7. Whoo I won the Esty Blue Elephant and Pocket Yeti!! Thanks!

  8. Woo hoo! :D
    Yay,so happy!
    Thank you from the heart for the fantastic prize Suzanne :)
    Congrats to all winners :)

  9. Congrats to the people who keep winning :) mai, tanya, sarah etc

    Maybe one person should only win one giveaway throughout the month, though, this way new people can be happy and win!


    1. It's because their number of entries is the largest of all, so they have a bigger chance to win a giveaway. They spend the most time promoting my blog, so then they also have a better chance in the draws. It wouldn't be fair to have daily return options and then letting people just win one giveaway each month. It's why I have smaller giveaways as well where you don't have to come back every day to do something.

    2. That's kind of you not to want to let people down, one thing though is it is true no one else at all does all the daily entries? I thought there were, so those are the ones I meant they would have a better chance then...it would be daily entrants vs daily entrants

      I guess you're right though..not the best solution, better to leave it the way it is

  10. After a year of everyday entering, never won once.... lol :D

    1. I still have more giveaways to draw, so you never know if you'll win one soon. A new post will be on my blog this week. x

  11. Thank you so much :D Congratulations to all the winners!

  12. Congratulations winners! For those who haven't managed to win yet - making an effort to do the daily entries really helps, I've won twice with Suze this year but I hardly ever win blog competitions if I don't bother doing the daily entries. Entering as many giveaways as possible also increases your chances of winning something :o)

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  14. Woohoo!!!! Awesome, I'm really excited! Especially if this is the giveaway I won: www.librarianlavender.com/2015/08/giveaway-explosion-of-pink-lush.html

    After reading many of the comments above, I have to say that I entered lots and lots of giveaways, returning every few days to re-enter them when possible. All within the limitations of my quite rare free time, of course. As with all giveaways or contests, one can't always win - but the more entries one has, the bigger the chance of winning! ;)


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