Oct 8, 2015

Giveaway Winners

Yellow L'Occitane & The Body Shop beauty - Lynda C

Lush Rosie - Stephanie LP

Emma's Candles -  Alexandra E

Kawaii Stationery and stickers - Maryann D

Please Release Me - Isabelle F

Villa Sorgenfrei Wood and sterling silver flower earrings - Trillina P

Pink gemstone wire wrapped earrings - Sheri D

Green sea glass sea star necklace - Julie McD

Flor Moonlight and Star necklace - Jennifer H

Box filled with Etsy Jewelry - Clare B

Next Door to a Star - Holly G.

Etsy spotlight dreamcatcher necklace, bracelet & earrings - Mai T

Felt Animals Etsy spotlight - Emma F

Birthday giveaway 6 Decodelire - Tanya

Birthday Giveaway 7: Books, L'Occitane & Patisserie de Bain Gift Sets, Bag, Soap & Necklace -
Kat J

Real flower necklace - Sarah B.

Last First Kiss, Right Wrong Guy & Book of choice - Amber T

Oker Dreamcatcher bracelet - Pervin E 

Girl From the Well & $10 book of choice  - Sandra

Etsy Weekend Flor accessories - Catia S

Blue Large Sea Glass necklace - Heather W

Birthday giveaway 5 L'Occitane - Nikki H

Real flower real leaf necklace - Carina P

Red Wire Wrapped Gemstone earrings - Karina H

Etsy Voucher  - Jill O'S

Etsy Spotlight Natalia surprise gift - Lisa B

Blue pink real flower necklace  - Shannon W

Birthday giveaway 1: going to seaside - Jayne T.

Sterling silver heart necklace - Nancy M

Star Plush  - Sid K.

Rapunzel necklace  - Marcia

Raw Crystal necklace - Jenny S

Decodelire butterfly bag - Isabelle F

Lush Celebrate  - Kate S

Birthday giveaway 3 books & Decodelire - Margaret M

Sterling silver shell pendant - Sarah B

Oker dreamcatcher necklace - Bethul E

Decodelire Sidonie - Karina H 

Rilakkuma package via Kawaii Shop Japan - Elizabet H

Lemon slice necklace - Tracey P

Small blue simple sea glass necklace - Rafunzel M

The Letter for the King and Secrets of the Wild Wood - Patricia W

Real flower leather wrap watch & earrings - Mary L

Green books & beauty - Elin H


  1. So many lucky winners! Congratulations!

  2. I won a big box of Lush! Thanks Suzex

  3. Well done winners! My turn next haha ...fingers crossed xx

  4. Wow! So many giveaways. Congrats winners!

  5. I'm thrilled for all of you! Hoping you enjoy your goodies!

  6. Congratulations to all the winners!!! :)

  7. Thank you so very much! You have such amazing giveaways, I'm really excited! Congrats to the other winners and good luck next time!

  8. Thanks very much, congratulations to the other winners :o)

  9. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    and congrats to all winners

  10. Whoooo I scored two items!!! Thank you!! Thank you! Just found it out today. Wooot!

  11. ... :'(
    congrats to all the winners!

  12. Thank you very much and a big Congrats to all the other winners!!! there was so many nice giveaways!!

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  14. A big thank you Suze for my big box of going to seaside goodies that arrived safely yesterday. It was like Christmas opening the big box, there were so many lovely things inside. xxx


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