Oct 6, 2015

French Days Book Review: Someone I Loved by Anna Galvada

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Review by Suze

Chloé's husband has left her for another woman. She's heartbroken, but still has their children to care for. To help her out her father-in-law, Pierre takes her to the family countryside home. There they talk about life and love. Pierre tells Chloé about the love of his life. He's a silent and distant man and while he talks Chloé finally gets to know him. He tells her his secrets while she is getting through the worst stages of her grief. Will it help her to make sense of the situation she's in? 

Someone I Loved is an impressive story about life and love. I could review this book with only one word, wow. I read this book in one sitting. The story isn't very long, but it doesn't have to be. It has all the right ingredients and the result is fantastic. The story is philosophical. I'm not sure if the book gives the answers or raises the right questions which is something I really liked about it. I felt like it was about so much more than a woman and her father-in-law and that made it such an interesting read for me.

Someone I Loved is a story to read between the lines. I think Anna Galvada is a brilliant writer and Catherine Evans's translation is excellent. I could picture the house, the cold and loneliness and the heartbreak while at the same time there was warmth and safety. Someone I Loved is fast-paced, which gives Pierre's story a bit of a feverish quality. It's also what I feel like when discussing this story. I want to let people know how much I liked it and want to tell everyone to read it. Get this book, it's really, really, really good!


  1. Sounds like an awesome read. Thanks for the review

    1. It is, it's definitely one of my books of the year.


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