Oct 7, 2015

French Days Book Review: The President's Hat by Antoine Laurain

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Review by Suze

It's 1986 and Daniel Merçier wants to treat himself, so he goes to a Parisian brasserie for a seafood dinner. He can't believe his luck when president François Mitterand has his evening meal at the table next to him. Daniel dreams of being part of his meeting, but he's already quite happy listening in. Then the president leaves and forgets his hat. Daniel finds it and instead of returning it to him he decides to keep it. Only there's something very special about the hat. It actually changes his entire life. 

The hat influences Daniel's future. All of a sudden his career improves and he feels like a different person. Only he doesn't manage to keep the hat, he loses it. He's devastated as he was so happy with his hat. Now it's in the hands of someone else. Fanny picks it up when she's on the train. And the hat changes her life as well. It has only just begun its journey...

The President's Hat is a fabulous story about a hat that changes people's lives. It makes them bolder and it enhances the qualities they already have. I love the idea and really enjoyed reading this book. Antoine Laurain has a great sense of humor and his stories are sparkling. Several people possess the hat and it keeps making things better for them. I really liked to read about their characters and wishes. They all have different stories, but they share the hat. I think this book is a perfect fairy tale for adults and it put a big smile on my face. It is really wonderful and magical, I highly recommend it.

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