Oct 4, 2015

French Days Beauty Spotlight: Suze Loves Florame Douches de Provence Essence d'Amande

Florame is a fantastic bio brand from Saint-Rémy de Provence. The products are based on essential oils from natural origin. This Douches de Provence based on lavender, almond essence and mandarin ylang-ylang is one of my favorite shower gels. It doesn't contain any parabens or sillicones and the bottle is recyclable.

The scent of the product is delicious. The shower gel smells like macaroon and this gives me a feeling of great comfort. It's like it comes from my grandmother's kitchen. It's gentle for the skin and leaves it soft and smooth after using it. It easy to rinse as well. I love everything about it and highly recommend this product.

There are quite many Florame products and I'd like to try them all. Because of this shower gel I purchased several other beauty products to try as well. Everything is reasonably priced, which is really lovely, especially since the quality is so good. I like that Florame strives to make their products good for both the customer and the environment. I think this is a beautiful philosophy.


  1. These sound nice. Love that they are natural

  2. These sound nice. Love that they are natural

  3. Packaging is plain, but if it smells awesome then i will give a try. thank you for the post

  4. Mmm almond! I can smell it already.


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