Oct 24, 2015

Duo Book Review: Christmas Ever After by Sarah Morgan

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Review by Suze

Skylar is an artist who makes beautiful things, but her parents don't appreciate her profession. They wanted her to be a lawyer and think her art is just a hobby. She's in London for an exhibition and things are going really well until her boyfriend shows up. Things don't end well between them, but fortunately Alec is there to help her out. Grumpy, moody Alec doesn't like Skylar and he's at the gallery because he's been sent, but he stays with her anyway. Because he can't leave Sky alone he takes her to his family to celebrate Christmas. Slowly he's starting to like her a little bit more and his family loves her. Is that enough to go from loathing to friendship? 

After the family gathering Sky and Alec return to Puffin Island, a place where they both feel at home. There they have the chance to really get to know each other. It's winter, the island is beautiful and Christmas is around the corner. They're both happy to see their friends again and they have work to do. Soon they fall into a great rhythm. It isn't supposed to last, so will they be able to have a happy Christmas or isn't it meant to be?

Christmas Ever After is such a wonderful Christmas story about two people who love what they're doing. Being an artist is in Sky's blood and Alec thoroughly enjoys being a scholar with a career on television and in writing. I liked that a lot about them. I'm a big fan of creative main characters and Sarah Morgan has done such a good job making them come to life. She describes them very well. Because of this I was reading with a constant smile on my face.

The story has two main parts. Alec and Skylar are celebrating Christmas in England together with Alec's family and then later they go to Puffin Island when it's really time for Christmas. I think that's a clever setup as it means the whole book is filled with festive cheer. The family Christmas is lively and active with many people and a lot of talking. The part on Puffin Island is more peaceful. The snowy scenery is beautiful and there aren't as many people around. Because of that combination the story is extra special. I also loved the chemistry between Alec and Skylar. It was great to read about them and to find out more about their personalities.

 I really enjoyed reading this Christmas story. It's the third book in the Puffin Island series. It can be read as a standalone, but as the other two books are great as well I highly recommend you to read all of them. 

Review by Tanya

I received this book in exchange for an honest review and wow wasn’t I pleased it was a great start to my Christmas reading. It is not a happy book all the way through and this is effective because it makes the story more realistic. I enjoyed the fact that the characters are ones that I have met in the previous Puffin Island books, but it can easily be read as a stand-alone, although knowing the background to some of the characters makes it easier to understand. Whilst I am talking about the series I recommend that you read them anyway.

This book focusses on Skylar who at the beginning of the book is having an exhibition of her jewellery, ceramics and art work in a gallery In Knightsbridge, an affluent area of London. She is very excited about the evening even though she has no support from her family, who think she is wasting her time. Events that happen during the successful exhibition throw her in the path Alex who is an acquaintance that she knows and does not get along with. He turns out to be a great support. Alex is only there because their mutual friends asked him to attend after he had given a lecture in London and happened to be there at the same time. Alex is a famous historian and many women find him attractive, but in their previous interactions Skylar and Alex have not got along. Skylar finds him cynical and rude whilst he thinks she is “princess” and not very clever. As the situation brings them together and they spend more and more time with each other things start to change.

I really enjoyed the characters of Skylar and Alex and how you learn more about them as children and as they grew up into adults. They were open and honest with each other and there was no holding back in their responses which was interesting. Although they do not like one another they still tried to stand up for what was right. 

I loved the fact that some of it was set in Britain and in areas that I know. It then went on to be set in Puffin Island where the influence and opinions of their circle of friends put another twist to the story. Of course the romance and excitement of the Island were intensified by the snowy conditions and the descriptions. 

The book makes you think about how you speak to people and the respect you should have for others as well as thinking before you try to influence your children. The story has passion in many ways throughout. Passion of lust, passion of doing what you think is right, passion of hate and passion of friends. Christmas Ever After is a great Christmas read, but is suitable for any time of the year. I am going to read it again just before Christmas as I enjoyed it so much. It's the magic of the friends and the support that gets me in these books. I'm looking forward to Sarah Morgan's next book. 


  1. I have this book but haven't read it yet, I average 2 books a day most weeks, (I read 2 at a time). Thanks for the reviews, makes me look forward to reading even more.

  2. I like the name Puffin Island.

  3. I am a fan of Sara Morgan. I actually met her at the RWA literacy signing in NY in July! She is so nice! Thanks for the reviews. I will definitely look out for this one when it comes to the US.

    1. That must have been amazing! You should definitely read this one for Christmas as it's such a great and romantic Christmas read.

  4. I love Christmas reads, thanks for the review!

  5. I love,love this book!Alec & Sky are one of my favorite book couples :)
    Thanks Suze and Tanya for the great reviews :)


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