Oct 14, 2015

Book Review: Taking on the Dead by Annie Walls

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Review by Anniek

Kansas has been living on her own since the world fell apart. She has created a place where she can stay more or less safe from the famished (zombies) outside. When she rescues a group of people she lets them in. Something that she has never done before. This turns out to be a very bad decision. Her safe place is no longer hers so she has no other choice than to take off into the world she is so desperately trying to avoid. 

Kansas finds a new sanctuary where people have to earn their place to stay. Everyone has their own skills which allow them to 'pay' for their room. Kansas has survived so long on her own that she has some problems fitting in. She doesn't agree with how things are being done, but if she wants to stay she has to keep her real feelings hidden.

If you are searching for an amazing zombie story then stop looking right now! I absolutely devoured this book. I loved how Kansas is such a badass girl. She has educated herself on how to be self sufficient and how to stay safe. Having lost everyone around her she takes on the new world all by herself and she doesn't lose her good values on the way. I loved everything about her. I want to live with her if the apocalypse happens.

Taking on the Dead is a fast page-turner with lots of unexpected twists. While I was reading there were several moments when I was holding my breath hoping that the worst wouldn't happen. It was amazing how Annie Walls managed to pull me in and then she didn't let me go anymore.

Taking on the Dead is the first book in a trilogy. The third and last book isn't out yet, but I cannot wait. When the last book hits the shelves I am rushing to the store to buy it, so I can finish Kansas's incredible journey.

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  1. I so loved this series! Love the characters, the plot, the writing, and the covers!


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