Oct 22, 2015

Book Review: Merry Mistletoe by Emma Davies

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Review by Suze

Appleyard Farm is Freya's home. She loves working there and her high quality mistletoe is famous. She sells it at fairs and she always gets really good prices for it. Unfortunately she can't keep the farm going any longer. She doesn't have the money to continue and needs to sell her beloved home. There is a potential buyer and accepting his offer would mean financial freedom, but is she really happy with it?

Freya's relationship is quite impossible, Gareth doesn't want to help out on the farm and he doesn't contribute anything to the household. He wants Freya to sell the farm as soon as possible. He also isn't happy with Amos, the man Freya has hired to help her out with the work. He does it for a place to stay and some food on his plate. Amos is determined to help Freya, only he isn't sure what he should do. Freya's situation seems impossible, but maybe there's a way out after all...

Merry Mistletoe is a sweet and light Christmas romance. I loved reading about the farm and about the fairs. Freya could use some love and happiness in her life. Slowly her past is being revealed and that also influences her present. She wants to keep the farm, but because of her financial problems she can't run it on her own. I kept wishing things would be all right. She's absolutely wonderful and the same goes for the other main characters. This story lifted my spirits and I think it's a great festive novella.


  1. love reading holiday stories thanks for sharing will be looking for this book

  2. Sounds good! I will check it out.


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