Oct 17, 2015

Book Review: A Load of Old Bones by Suzette A. Hill

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Review by Suze

Reverend Oughterard thinks he's finally found his ideal place. He loves peace and quiet and he's starting to enjoy life in his new parish. He likes being on his own and in Molehill he's found something he didn't think he'd actually need. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long and he isn't prepared to give it up so easily. Elizabeth Fotherington really likes the reverend and she does everything she can to spend time in his company. Something has to be done, he can't let her spoil the daily life he's grown so attached to...

Francis Oughterard is a reverend, but he's mainly one out of convenience not because of a calling. He's quite impulsive and isn't very clever, but fortunately there are two loyal companions who are trying to correct his mistakes. Maurice is a cat and Bouncer is a dog. They think Francis is an easy boss and because of that they'll do anything to remain in his company. I loved that Suzette A. Hill made two animals main characters of her book, next to Francis, and their voices are fantastic. I especially liked the haughty voice of Maurice, it's perfect for a cat. 

A Load of Old Bones is a witty story. It's cleverly written and I think it's really funny. This is an absurd story in serious words. The combination worked for me and I was instantly hooked. I had such a good laugh and really enjoyed the story. I quite liked the lack of empathy and the selfishness of the characters. Because it's all bizarre it makes sense in its own way. This book is definitely something different and for me it really worked.

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