Oct 14, 2015

Book Review: Kissing Her Crazy by Kira Archer

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Review by Suze

Lena's brother Oz is getting married to the love of his life, Cher. To celebrate Cher's wealthy parents have given everyone a holiday in the luxurious resort where the wedding is going to take place. Lena is a single mother and she loves her son Tyler more than anything in the world. Even though there are wedding preparations going on the family still has a lot of time to enjoy themselves. When Lena can't get Tyler out of the pool Elliot, Cher's brother, helps her out. She doesn't want Tyler to get too attached to him, because that means he will get hurt when it's time to go home again. They keep running into each other though and Lena spends a lot of time with Elliot. She instantly likes him and they have much more in common than she initially thought. Only Elliot isn't relationship material and he's a man she thinks she should stay away from. 

Elliot wants to change his life. He's working for a charity owned by his parents and he wants to get more engaged. He also wants more commitment on a personal level. When he meets Lena he knows he never wants to let her go again, but does he have a chance? Tyler comes with the package and he doesn't know anything about kids. Will he be able to learn and does he really want to?

Kissing Her Crazy is a sweet novel about two wonderful people who are trying to find themselves. Both Lena and Elliot haven't been able to do what they're good at. They click on both an emotional and a professional level. The descriptions of their plans for the charity are based on a real charity and the book might be more about the love story than business, but it's a really nice aspect nonetheless. What I liked most about this book is Tyler. He's so sweet and I loved the way he talks. I think this story is fun and it put a smile on my face. It's the perfect book for when you're looking for something fun, lovely and light.  

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