Oct 28, 2015

Book Review: A Christmas Cracker by Trisha Ashley

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Review by Suze

Tabby has to go to prison and it's for something she hasn't done. Someone has betrayed her and she has to pay dearly for that. When she's allowed to go out she doesn't have a job or place to stay. Fortunately there's Mercy who has a Christmas cracker factory. Tabby can live in an apartment at her house and in exchange she'll use her artistic skills to bring the mill and the cracker business back to life. Before her sentence Tabby was on her way to be successful with her art and she loves that she has the chance to be creative again.

Living with Mercy is a joy, but there is one problem. Mercy's nephew Randal doesn't trust Tabby at all. He's displeased with the fact that Mercy has let this in his eyes thieving and fraudulent woman into her home. Tabby is happy with her new life and she needs to convince him that she isn't the woman he thinks she is. Meanwhile there's a lot of work to be done to get the crackers ready for Christmas...

Every Tabby chapter in A Christmas Cracker starts with a joke. I found them hilarious and read the entire book with a big smile on my face. Trisha Ashley knows how to write her Christmas stories. They're all fantastic. I enjoyed A Christmas Cracker very much. The story is original, festive and fun. I didn't want it to end and loved all the main characters. The setting is great, Mercy's kindness and energy are wonderful and exactly what a Christmas book needs, and there are plenty of lovely pets who each bring something vital to the story. All of these things are heartwarming.

Randal has a terrible fiance. I had to laugh out loud plenty of times because of her behavior. Tabby is happy being reunited with her cat again and she isn't looking for love, but she does have an admirer. Reading about him was also really great. There are plenty of amusing scenes and I loved the overall energy and dynamics. I also think that this isn't just a Christmas story, it's perfectly suitable for any time of the year, but it's festive at the same time. A Christmas Cracker is another really good book by Trisha Ashley and it's now one of my all time favorite Christmas stories.

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