Oct 14, 2015

Book Review: The Bell Between Worlds by Ian Johnstone

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Review by Suze

Sylas is living with his unkind uncle. His mother died and he misses her terribly. She was the light in his life. When one day he stands in front of a new shop in town he's being introduced to a world of magic. It immediately changes his life completely. Soon a bell is calling him and reaching it isn't easy. There are plenty of obstacles on his road to get to it. The bell will take him to the Other, a geographically similar world to his own, but otherwise very different. Here Sylas learns about magic and how to use it. He has a mission and with the help of several new friends he's trying to accomplish it. It isn't an easy task as they're being hunted and they constantly have to be on the run. Sylas has to succeed, otherwise it could mean the Other will completely fall into the hands of an evil force.

The Bell Between Worlds is a fantastic adrenaline rush. I could hardly keep up with my eyes as I constantly wanted to read faster and faster. I had to know what would happen next. I enjoyed this book very much. The world building is really good, the main characters are both fun and interesting and Ian Johnstone knows how to write. There are so many action packed scenes that there is hardly any time for the reader to breathe, which worked really well for me as it felt like I was running with the main characters. It made me want to go on and on until the end of the story. I liked the magical creatures, the way the magic works and the philosophy behind nature and the essence of things. 

I admire Ian Johnstone's cleverness, he's definitely a skillful writer. Every word is right and all the scenes are well thought through. I could picture everything that happened in the story so well that it sometimes felt like I was watching a movie. I'm happy there is a second part as I'm not ready to say goodbye to Sylas and his friends yet. If you like fantasy I think this is a must-read. It's been a long time since I've read such an amazing book about magic. I can't recommend this story enough, it's a true gem and a wonderful read for both children and adults.  


  1. WOW your review is awesome! Sounds like a really great book. I will put this one on my wishlist.

  2. Sounds like a great read, I will add it to my list of to buys!


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